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Worth Fighting For; CH 6: Almost
Posted By: DevilsInjector<mj-power@hotmail.com>
Date: 1 May 2009, 12:55 am

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1305, December 11, 2545 (Military Calendar)
UNSC Industrial Compound 56095-C, Delrey Building,
Planet Reach

      Delrey cocked his head and spoke, "Now please, I'd appreciate it if you lowered, better yet, dropped your weapons." Charlie shifted, not lowering his rifle. Next to him Arther placed his SMG on the floor, his hand came back up, to rest near the grip of his pistol. Charlie gave a hesitant glance, upon seeing Arther nod for him to drop his as well, he too dropped his SMG.

      "Now that we are more... comfortable... I think I have to introduce myself. My name is Roger Delrey. But of course you know that already seeing as your here to kill me," Arther started to speak, but was cut off, "Oh yes, I know. Don't think I didnt see this coming. But where are my manners, sit," Shifting his feet, Arther stood still, as did Charlie. Delrey slammed a fist on the table and stood up, "I said sit!"

      Moving forward, Arther and Charlie sat down in two plush chairs in front of the desk. A crackle in Arthers helmet made him start. "It's okay, its me Leonidas. This is encrypted, you have nothing to worry about." Arther settled down into his seat. Behind him, he sensed two men move the SMGs. "Tim is still up in the Pelican. Tell me when and he'll make the shot." Arther grunted an acknowledgement.

      Lighting a cigar, Delrey leaned back in his chair. "Now, I'm assuming your wondering as to why I am selling to these rebels. Its a simple matter really. Freedom. A world, without government. A world without constriction. They wont control how many children we make, what jobs to take. Think of it like this. If we were free we could be sitting in our homes right now. Not at this table, with guns pointed at each other." He chuckled to himself, for some reason he found this funny.

      Before he could speak again, Arther cut him off. "Well, I don't seem to think you or your men have guns pointed at you," he said glancing around, "But I get the point."

      Delreys eyes flashed. "Don't get smart boy."

      A round tore a divot out of the wood next to Ashleys head, and she dove for cover. Sliding another clip into place, she popped up and shot two rounds into the mans chest, he sprawled back and landed in a heap. She stood and motioned for Andrew and Raphael to follow.

      One of the men on the ground reached up and brushed Raphaels leg. He looked down. "Y'know, being a medic and all... this doesnt look to serious. Think we should take him in?"

      Peering around a corner, Ashley looked back. Glancing at the man, she shook her head. Cocking his head Raphael stated, "Well, he wont bleed out."

      In two strides Ashley had walked over and pulled out her pistol. She pulled the trigger and the round thumped into his chest. Looking up, her eyes cold, "Now he will."

      "Touche." Raphael reloaded his SMG and moved next to Ashley. "C'mon Andrew, haul ass." Clambering past a mail trolley Andrew fumbled with the charging lever on his weapon. He slammed against the wall, his bulk cracking it slightly.

      Pulling a fresh magazine out of her chest pouch, Ashley slid it into place with a satisfying clack, she peeked around the corner. Dropping to a knee she leveled her SMG at the top of a cubicle. A man slowly looked over the top of the cubicle and she squeezed the trigger twice. His head popped apart.

      "Raphael, Andrew. Clear that office." The heavy thud of boots reverberated around the deathly quiet floor. A crack of an SMG and the sound of a door splintering. "Clear." Called Andrews voice from inside the room.

      They walked out reloading their weapons. A crackle on the radio, "Ashley its Leonidas. Delrey has Arther and Charlie at gunpoint in his office. Arther wont let me tell Tim to take the shot. Scans say there are five guards. Two on either side of the door, one behind Delrey to the left and two behind Arther and Charlie. Get up there, now."

      Havin' a god damn field day up here, Tim thought to himself, Half the fuckin' industrial park are knockin' on the doorstep. The Pelican circled the front of the building, and Tim caught sight of Arther again.

      Delrey was still talking, and Tim was gauging his reaction – heated conversation – and it didn't look to be much of a hazard. A round pinged off the airframe of the ship and Tim sighted in on a guards chest. Pulled the trigger. The round tore in, leaving a growing dark stain on the fabric.

      Fuckin' bullshit this is. Pulled the trigger again. A round cracked through a mans shin. He sprawled forward. Tim scowled, Why not send the whole damn regiment in. Make it easier for us. Another squeeze and the man stopped writhing.

      Squeezing against the frame of the Pelican, Tim slapped another magazine into place. His COM crackled on, "Its me, Leonidas."

      "Whats the situation Leo?"
      "Ashley, Andrew and Raphael are headed to the top floor. Arther still won't let you fire. I was in contact with howe. He said once Ashley, Andrew and Raphael breach the room to take out Delrey and the guard behind the desk. Don't call me Leo."

      "Why not."
      "Because I said so. Do you acknowledge your orders."
      "Its a nice name though. Yes I do."
      "No. Okay, I'll send conformation to Howe."
      "Thanks Leo."

      A high pitched wail broke through the COM. Tim slammed the COM button so hard he split his chin open. What a fuckin' JACKASS.

      "Brandy?" Delrey held out a glass of amber liquid. It sloshed in the low set glass. Arther didn't move. "Don't worry, I didn't poison it."

      "I wont take any chances." Arther shifted slightly; so his pistol was a bit easier to grab. "Delrey, I hope you realize you wont be getting out of here alive. Even if you do, they'll just send someone else to do this." His faceplate cleared., and he glared at Delrey. "What your doing, your not fighting the good fight. Your killing innocent people everyday. Every fucking day. And you want to know something else?"

      Delrey chuckled, "What might that be my friend?" He leaned forward in his chair, his elbows resting on the table. "Are you going to cliche this? Maybe tell me your here to kill me, jump up and put a thirty two caliber slug through my brain?"

      The hairs on the back of Arthers neck tingled, and sweat dripped down from his nose. Looking Delrey in the eyes he said, "Do it."

      Delreys eyebrows knotted. He tilted his head, "Do wha–?" Tims rifle sounded. The round cracked into his forhead and his chair tipped backwards. Arther pulled his pistol from its holster and pulled a bead on the guard behind the desk. A pull of the trigger and blood blossomed from his neck, to splatter along the wall.

      A quartet of rifle cracks sounded through the office. The two guards behind Arther dropped, victim to Tims expert shooting. Arther bellowed into his COM, " Ashley, Rafe, Andrew. Get the fuck down to the manufacturing plant and take out those machines. Delreys dead."

      Charlie pushed his chair backwards and rolled over to his SMG. He flipped it up and drilled five rounds a peice into the guards by the door. They dropped like stones. Turning around he saw Arther sprinting to the balcony. He jogged out and helped Tim down from the Pelican. "Welcome to the party."

      Tim grinned back, "Hell, you guys dont know what you've been missin'." He switched his rifle to automatic and drilled a three round burst into a writhing guard. "God damn I hate this."

      Arther turned and grimaced in a we-all-do kind of way. He motioned for the door and they jogged out to the hall. "Okay, looks like were almost done here. Lets go."