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Worth Fighting For; CH 5: Mr. Delrey
Posted By: DevilsInjector<mj-power@hotmail.com>
Date: 19 March 2009, 2:04 pm

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1100, December 11, 2545 (Military Calendar)
UNSC Military Reservation 01478-B, AKA "Painland",
Planet Reach

      Arther stood stark at the firing range. Slowly, methodically drilling bursts into the 30 yard target. The sight on the BR-55 established an automatic uplink to his HUD. This addition makes for much more efficient targeting, and a bigger overall killzone by not limiting his view to that of the basic sights.
      He felt a snap on the side of his head, someone had pulled on his ear muff. He slowly took them off.
      "Howe wants us in for briefing." said Ashley as she turned away. He started to speak, but shrugged, placed the battle rifle on the counter and walked out after Ashley.
      "Why would he want us for briefing, we get out of here in a week. Surely he doesn't have another training mission for us." This was less of a question, and more of a statement. Ashley let out a humorless laugh, "Yeah sure, and pigs fly."

      Howe flicked off the lights, and the projector snapped on. Within seconds, the AI Leonidas flickered into existance next to the table. He was as much a shadow of his person of choosing as any sculpture or painting. Sword strapped to his waist, red cloak clasped neatly around his neck, and a shield upon his back. If any AI were to pick such a noble figure, it would have to be Leonidas. Howe walked to the front of the room and turned towards the squad, "Now, I know your getting out of here in a week. So your probably wondering why I have you in the briefing room. Well, consider this mission – if completed – an early graduation."
      "Seems like the UNSC Office of Naval Intelligence has a little job for you. After constant monitoring of your progress, they have chosen you and you only for this. Seems that Delrey Weapons and Armour are selling their wares to an Innie group, situated somewhere on Reach. We don't know the exact location, so we're going for the next best thing. We need you to take down Delrey," they all sat a little straighter, " We also have very little information on the builiding itself, which may strike you as odd, but I'm sure its just those ONI spooks keeping it out of our hands."
      "The objectives are as follows; Infiltrate and eliminate Roger Delrey, destroy the manufacturing equipment of all weapons and armour, and eliminate all threats. You are under strict orders to harm no civilians and take prisoner those that surrender, if they put up a fight... neutralize 'em."
      "As for your loadout... well you get to chose that. Arther, come here. You've been promoted to Corporal, congratulations. As for the rest of your squad, its Private First Class. Corporal, your to take Leo," the AI scowled at the mention of his shortened name, "Consider him your on the spot information station." Arther stood stark straight, "Attention." The squad jumped up and saluted. Howe looked them over. He nodded. They were ready.

      Arther adjusted the gloves on his battle armour. For this mission, they were outfitted with the standard UNSC Marine Issue Battle Gear, with a few improvements. A fusion cell battery fitted into the back plate of the armour, encased in a double layer of polymer alloy, needed to run the crystaline layer housing Leonidas. The helmets were upgraded to UNSC ODST standard issue (coloured grey), for better protection, with "basic" hardware to run the processing for the AI, and a slot in the back to insert the chip. The plating covering the body was also thickened by 1 cm, now efficiant enough to stop a battle rifle round.
      Tim hefted a matte black sniper rifle. An upgraded version of the C44 long barreled semi automatic sniper rifle, with firing settings for single shot and full auto. A established link to his HUD gave him a choice of scope view or reticle. He also chose a extended barrel HE Pistol.
      Charlie picked up a SMG and a grenade belt. To his left, Ashley took a SMG as well and being efficient with explosives had slung over her shoulder a Det Pack. This would be used to destroy the manufacturing materials. Raphael, Andrew and Arther took SMG as well. "Everyone but Tim bring extra .45 caliber rounds so we can swap if need be. Lets hope we don't, a firefight that big would pretty much end the mission anyways." They all nodded. With a nudge Arther clicked the chin button on his helmet, and a COM link established to the squad. "We all ready?" Again, they nodded. Arther turned and walked out towards the Pelican. He sat down, strapped himself in. The squad followed suit. Timothy however, latched his load-bearing harness to a latch on the floor, and positioned himself at a crouch near the hatch. Arther keyed the COM again, "Tim, you see anyone on the roof, you drop 'em. Is that clear?" He gave Arther a thumbs up and returned to his rifle. Arther looked around. They didn't seem nervous. But could they knowingly kill another human being?

      The Pelican hummed over the small barracks and buildings lining this section of the industrial compound on Reach. Two quick nudges of the COM button, two blasts of static. His squad racked charging levers and double checked gear. They all stood, clipping their load bearing harness' to clips on the roof. Artheer keyed the COM, "Okay, I want to keep this silent once we get inside, hand signals only. Tim, you see that balconey on the top floor," Tim nodded, "Once I step out and give you the thumbs up, your to drop in there. You will not be coming down the roof entry way. You are to give us cover through the windows, the Pelican will hover and you will get off. Understand?" Tim racked a round into the chamber, nodded. Leaning forward, Arther looked out the drop hatch. Two armed guards stood on the roof of the building. He tapped Tim on the shoulder.

      Ralph consulted his data pad, "Hey Mark, that Pelican isn't on one of my flight routes." Mark turned, his name tag had a serial number on it, 25. "I dunno Ralph, you might want to leave it alone you dumb bast-," a round tore through his chest, and he stumbled back clawing at the growing dark stain. Another bullet caught him in the throat and he fell, his eyes wide. Startled, Ralph turned and fired his rifle from the hip, scrambling for cover. A bullet caught him in the side, and another through his armpit, piercing his heart. He fell watching five soldiers jump out of its bay.

      Arther shot the man with the throat wound in the head, he stopped gurgling. Dont think Arther, just do. The voice in his head justified the means. The squad stacked up along the left side of the roof entrance. Ashley stepped back and put a round thru the dead bolt. A swift kick and if fell backwards, into the stairwell. Flicking on his infared, Arther spotted 3 men moving up the the roof.
      They were armed, 3 cold objects were slung over their backs. He turned to Raphael and Andrew, and motioned them in the door. As they moved up, they threaded silencers over their SMGs. Arther cursed himself. Should of remembered. He slid his into place. Slowly, he moved in the stairwell, Ashley was poised leaning over the railing, Andrew and Raphael were on the top steps and Charlie stood with his back out the door. Their weapons were at the ready.
      Arther tapped Ashley, Andrew and Raphael three times on their shoulders. The kill signal. The men came into view and they looked up, shocked to see five soliders armed to the teeth on the top steps. Ashley, Andrew and Raphael fired.
      Three shots, three hits. Two fell with head wounds, obviously dead, but the third clutched a gut wound and was fumbling with his holster strap for his pistol.
      Arthers rifle coughed and a three round burst caught the man in the chest. He slumped backwards against the wall. Arther turned to his squad, put his his index and middle fingers to eye level and split them apart. This was the signal to spilt up. Ashley, Raphael and Andrew took off down the stairs, while Arther and Charlie headed back up to the roof.
      Pulling a bolt from his harness, Charlie drove it into the lip on the side of the roof and tied a rope to it. He did the same for Arther. They jumped back off the lip, and crashed through the top floor window, rifles at the ready. They looked up.
      Five armed men stood with rifles leveled at their chests. Delrey looked up from his papers. "Ah, welcome. I hope you find the circumstances of our meeting, how shall I say, acceptable?"