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Pheonix & Flames
Posted By: DevilsInject<mj-power@hotmail.com>
Date: 19 February 2010, 1:41 am

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A man lay,
Felled by fire.
And he lay steady,
Watching the life force drain from him.
An angel the man say,
Saved him.
For he saw the man,
With wings upon his back.
The man rose one more,
Like a Pheonix from the Flames.


The man knew not
Of gods and titans.
Yet the myth of such,
Reverberated through him and his comrades.
The thought that one
Who carried the mythic Mjöllnir,
Rested among them
And Fought among them.
Brought comfort and spirit
To this mans heart.


Thor has fallen.
Their god has fallen.
Make haste.
For a different Pheonix,
Is descending upon you.
And once again
The man lay felled by fire.
The man who rose as the Pheonix,
struck down by that of his own kind.
Helpless as he lay,
Watching the Pheonix descend upon him.
And when the fire flashed once more,
He thought he caught a glint of purple
Upon the silhouette
Of the Mystic Bird.