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(TEASER) Debo's Spartans: Last Stand at Firebase Gloria
Posted By: Debo<Major_Debo@hotmail.com>
Date: 13 July 2006, 8:28 pm

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0931 Hours, October 8, 2552 (Revised Military Calendar)/
Delta Iota System, Sigma 6, Pelican Firebird-1 in flight

      Debo stood in the cockpit of the Pelican aircraft, just behind the pilot's seats. He peered through the forward window the craft and saw the tail of a massive Covenant Carrier that loomed in the distance. Its tale-end jutted out of a mountain, blue flames roiled up into the sky. It had been hit by the orbital defenses and had crashed. The Dozen were en route to a Firebase that had been overwhelmed before having adequate time to prepare for the attack. Their mission was to search and rescue, and seek and destroy.
      "Warrant Officer, our LZ is coming up in about nine kilometers." Debo said, resting his huge gauntlet hand on the young, fragile woman's shoulder. "We'll need you to stay on-station in case of an emergency pick-up. Understood?"
      The young woman looked back at the Spartan through her visor and replied, "Sir, I'll do the best I can. I am with the 12th Naval Air Squadron. The Firebirds, Sir." The pilot added arrogantly.
      "Thank you, Warrant Officer." The Spartan replied.
      "Ok, Petty Officer, we're going in 'nap-of-the-Earth' style. So hang on." Chief Warrant Officer Sophia Syring replied and returned her attention to her flight controls.
      In the back of the Pelican, sat seven more Spartans and four Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, or Helljumpers. The ODSTs had been handpicked by Debo for this specific mission. Debo had seen them in action before, and he knew he could count on them to protect themselves, and not be a liability for the Spartans to have to worry about.
      The Spartans and Helljumpers made one final check of their gear. Debo had what he always preferred - a BR55 full auto, an M90 CQB Shotgun, 4 Frags, and 2 pounds of C-7 Foaming Explosive, along with the detonator and gear that came with it.
      "Ok, people, get set." Sophia's voice echoed over the COM. "We are five to dirt. Repeat: five to dirt. Kill some of those Covie bastards for me, boys... and girls."
      "No problem, Firebird One. We'll pickup a few souvenirs for you on our trip." Lance Corporal Hodges replied, cycling the bolt on his S2 rifle.
      Allison 254 stood at the rear of the pelican, peering down at the quickly appearing and vanishing ground a few meters below. Jason 728 joined her and they looked through one another's visor's. It was time to get professional, and do what the Spartans did best: Infiltrate, Annihilate, and kill the enemy.
      "Landing zone coming up." Co-pilot Anderson yelled to the back of the pelican.
      The Pelican descended into the LZ and hovered a few feet of the ground. Dust and debris was being kicked up by the exhaust from the thrusters.
      "Get the fuck off my bird!" Sophia yelled, seeing a Banshee top a mountain to the east of them. The Banshee turned inbound and its weapons heated to a red glow.
      As the last Marines' boot left the step of the pelican Crew Chief Lombardi yelled, "Clear!" The Pelican shot forward and the 70mm chin turret opened up on the incoming Banshee. After a few seconds of sustained fire, the Banshee exploded into a thousand pieces and the pilot and the flyer plummeted to the surface.
      "We'll remain on-station in case of any other Covenant bogies, Petty Officer." The pilot transmitted to the lead Spartan.
      "Roger, Firebird One." Debo responded. "Good shooting!"
      "Thanks. Firebird One out." The COM snapped off.
      The Dozen fanned out and secured the LZ. Nothing was moving.
      The Space confrontation had stalled, and the UNSC was mopping up what was left of the Covies in orbit. Ground side, however, was a totally different story. Bases and Camps had been overrun by the sheer number of troops that Covenant Dropships had been able to ferry down to the surface. The ground troops had taken over at least seven bases, and almost all Marine forces were eliminated at those areas. So, this was going to be more of a search and destroy than search and rescue mission.
      Debo pulled up a topographical map on his HUD. A nav marker appeared on all the Spartans and ODSTs heads up displays. "This is our objective. It's Firebase Gloria. The last reports we got from our forces there was that they were being overrun, then the communique snapped off and was drowned in static. We can only assume the worst. Our Mission, once again for everyone, is to perform SAR for any stranded Marines. Then, we will seek and destroy all the enemy forces we can find. That's it, people. Let's move out."