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Welcome To Annihilation
Posted By: Dark_Oblivion<jules_rocker_666@yahoo.co.uk>
Date: 11 October 2005, 5:35 pm

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Just my little take on the drama and emotions of online gaming. hehe. hope you enjoy & please do not copy, and thanks for reading!

Welcome To Annihilation

A light sweat forms over my fingers and palms as I click on the icon and the loading screen appears. That calm blue set to the relaxing chant of the monks on the theme music. All so calm and serene, soon to be replaced by gunfire and dying.
I wipe my hands of the legs of my trousers and place my left hand fingers in position on the keyboard, and take up the mouse with my right. I need this. I need to play this again, I need to shoot people, and kill them, and capture their flag, and win again. I go onto multiplayer, and onto online, and select a game. It loads, and I'm there in the map, Blood Gulch. I run into the base and pick up a shotgun. Seeing a red dot, I lie in wait for the Spartan to walk round the corner. Bang! He walks straight into me as I fire, and falls to the floor as I feel my appetite begin to be satisfied. The game has begun and already I have killed. Welcome to the carnage.
Welcome to Halo Online.
I'm not me anymore. I'm someone else. I'm a Spartan, Spartan-101. Nothing exists anymore, not in the real world, that is forgotten as I enter the game world and become Spartan-101, a fierce, vengeful killing machine. Taking up the sniper position, I make people die, falling with a twist as I snipe them. My mother brings me food, but I barely notice her. I'm not hungry anymore, not since I started. Everything is forgotten, the only hunger I have is for more kills. More people fall foul to my sniper but my appetite is nowhere near satisfied. I'm out of ammo, and suddenly I hear a meaty thump, and I'm watching myself fall to the ground as someone stands behind me. Assassinated. Damn. I'll get for that, I think, as anger surges through me with my adrenaline flow… I respawn and pick up my baby, the sniper rifle, again. Got him in my sights. I pull the trigger, and he dies, falling from the high balcony of rock. I go to take up my sniper place again. Next time, I'll watch out on my radar. I take up my place, and the killing spree begins again. 10 minutes to go, says the screen. Plenty of time to kill. I hear another sniper shot, not my own, and find myself watching myself die again. Curse that other sniper! How dare he try to take over from me! Respawn again, take the sniper again, that's what I'll do. Head to my little secret spot and kill the guy who killed me. That's all it is, kill, kill, kill, respawn, get sniper and kill again. It sounds monotonous, but it's addictive. Somebody gets me with a stray rocket and I respawn again, right in the thick of it. Shit. As 3 people shoot me with shotguns I know I have no hope, and I die. When I respawn again, they're still around, so I run into the base and grab the shotgun, and run outside. Bang! Bang! Bang! More Spartans fall and die. Sniping is my favourite thing to do, but I don't mind blowing people's heads off with shotguns.
5 minutes to go, and I'm back up in the caves, owning ass with a sniper again. This is the life. When I play I get tired, and angry, but it would never stop me from gaming. I enjoy it too much, I need it too much. I'm hooked on it, hooked on the adrenaline rush. After lots more kills and 3 deaths, I realise that it's counting down the last 5 seconds. These last five seconds, so little time yet so much more can happen. My heartbeat gets quicker and quicker. 5,4… I quickly snipe someone. 3,2,1… Game Over. The voice announces it. The map fades from view, to be replaced by a scoreboard. I stretch and smile contentedly as I see that I am first by 5 kills. I draw a deep breath then give a big sigh, but a contented one. Break time over. The game starts again, and I go to fetch the sniper. Time to kill again.
Welcome to annihilation.
Welcome to carnage.
Welcome to Halo Online.