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Part1: The Architect's Mission
Posted By: DarkZipper<darkzipper@hitandrunprod.com>
Date: 13 October 2005, 6:40 pm

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Gnarlg marched into the prophet's chamber with confidence. Finally, he was leading an important mission. This was no ordinary assignment either. He was usually assigned to lead scout groups that traveled to distant planets searching for supplies that could be used to create weapons and warships, but this was his greatest gift that the Prophets had given him. He was going to be the first of the Covenant to step into a Forerunner structure located in the gas giant that the original Halo orbited around. He could find such knowledge inside! He could be greatly rewarded if he was able to find something that the Covenant could use.
"Architect Gnarlg, I am glad that you have arrived." Said the Prophet of Truth with a sense of omnipotence. " Your mission is to lead a group of one hundred soldiers into a Forerunner structure that lies in the atmosphere of this gas giant."
A hologram of the great planet, and the rubble that was once the holy ring, appeared beside the prophet, glowing over the armrest of the mighty one's throne. Although the Prophet was powerful politically and spiritually, he, like the other two, was very fragile and their hovering thrones were a perfect solution to standing and walking.
"The reason that we are sending this many troops to accompany you, is because our recent intelligence has lead us to believe that the structure could in fact be a "factory", if you may, for creating the Flood. If this is the case, then I want that facility destroyed upon discovery of the parasite." He paused for a moment to catch his breath. "Of course, our intelligence could have been misinformed, but you should be careful anyway. Your troops are assembled. Go to the docking bay and be on your way. I am quite curious about this place.
"A-as you wish my lord." Gnarlg said. He slowly walked out of the chamber as the doors behind him closed. The confidence that he had possessed beforehand had now been washed away by the Prophet's news of the Flood. They were the most vicious and most evil things in the universe. He feared them more than he did the Demon that had destroyed the first Halo.
Before going into the docking bay he stopped by the armory. A brute was standing at attention at the door guarding it. Gnarlg hated the Brutes. They were fierce warriors, but they were pitifully ignorant. He walked up to the door and was about to touch his finger to the keypad to open the door when the Brute's fur covered arm blocked his way.
"Show your identification now. Only choice officers are allowed in the armory." The Brute snarled after this as if he had caught the elite committing heresy. Gnarlg sighed and scanned his fingerprints and eyes. " Forerunner Architect Gnarlg of the first company, you are not allowed in the armory. Please leave now, before you cause yourself harm," The intolerable thing said as it looked the Architect in the eyes and growled. Gnarlg became very angry very quickly. This lower ranking imbecile had just threatened him, and hadn't allowed him entrance to a part of the military station that all of the Elite's were supposed to be allowed inside of. He grabbed the Brute's fur on its chest and pulled it down towards him so that he could smell the cretin's horrible breath.
"Listen to me you peon of a guard!" He said threateningly. "First of all, all Elite's are allowed in the armory for any reason they choose to be in there. They should not have to give their identification! Also, I am on a mission from the Prophet of Truth, and I require a weapon to defend myself! He paused for a second and realized that he was yelling at a being much larger than himself, but he also realized that he was enjoying the experience immensely. Thirdly, and most importantly, I am a high-ranking officer, and you are a simple private on guard duty! That means that you have no right to threaten me! Do you understand peon? The Brute reflected on the architect's sudden outburst of brute force and stepping back, opened the door for him.
"Please enter, and my apologies," the Brute snarled. Gnarlg walked inside without giving the Brute a second glance. Now that he was inside he decided to think about what weapon he would bring. Gnarlg was no warrior, but he had a large thirst for survival, and if there were flood there he wanted to be ready. He scanned the room for a moment, and then saw exactly what he needed. He saw the Covenant energy sword. The Elite placed his long fingers around the handle and lifted it. It was very light, but he knew how dangerous it could be. "This will do nicely!" he exclaimed with glee.
Gnarlg stepped out of the armory to be greeted by a Brute captain! The private was just a small obstacle, but this one was actually dangerous, and he didn't look happy. "Is their something wrong captain?" he said nervously as he began to fiddle around with the energy sword handle in his hand. "I hear that you gave my brother a little trouble about entrance to the armory. I am very displeased by this event," the gigantic captain said as he stepped closer to Gnarlg snarling. The architect had no idea what to do. The last thing he wanted to do was release the fury of his sword on the Brute. That would only make more enemies. He couldn't talk back to a higher-ranking officer either. He looked to his left and saw his answer. The Special Operations Commander was strolling down the hall in their direction. He looked almost as holy as the prophets in his glowing white armor, and his aura of power. Good thing the Commander was an Elite.
" Step away from the architect Captain." The Commander said slyly. "He's on an important mission and we wouldn't want anyone to do him any harm. Think of the trouble that they would get into with the Prophets." The Brute looked at the commander for a moment, then back at Gnarlg. "I'll be back!" the giant said. The Brute practically crawled away in embarrassment. Many had been watching. Once the beast was out of earshot the Architect sighed, and the onlookers went back to their business.
"Thank you commander. I don't know what I would've done if you hadn't been here at the perfect time." The white armored warrior looked down at the handle he had resting in his left hand. "You could've sliced him to bits." he joked. He laughed a bit and went on walking. Gnarlg was no warrior, but the Commander was right. He could've at least looked threatening. He shook his head and walked to the docking bay.
When he arrived he looked in awe upon his force. Sixty grunts and forty elites saluted him with honor. Although the group was mostly made up of grunts, the forty Elites he had been trusted with were all skilled warriors. The Prophets had chosen them themselves. Gnarlg stepped on top of a small ramp to give his before mission speech. He was delighted to have so many noble warriors under his command.
"Warriors of the Covenant! Today we will travel to a forerunner structure hidden with secrets and power! We will travel to a place of knowledge, and history." He had them in the palm of his hand so he decided to continue. "Sadly, it is possible that the parasite has taken residence inside the facility. But do not fear! The Gods will guide us along the righteous path, and unlock the mysteries of the Forerunners. It's time." Once he finished they all turned around and marched into their respective Phantoms. He followed the leading group inside of the commanding vessel, and they set off towards the ruins. While they were in the ship speeding towards the structure the Grunt commanding officer waddled up to him and bowed. The Grunts weren't warriors at all, but they were perfect shields. "Holy Architect," the Grunt squeaked. "Do you really think that the parasite is inside that structure? I fear for the lives of my soldiers." The poor thing was obviously afraid, and he couldn't let the commanding officer of over half of the force be afraid. He kneeled down and looked the grunt in the eyes. "I trust that our intelligence is correct, and that there are Flood inside of the structure." The Grunt looked down at its feet. "But do not fear my comrade. You are a warrior of the covenant on a holy quest. The Gods will aid your battles." The little being looked up at him, almost breathless. "Thank you sir." The creature bowed again and waddled back to his station. As Gnarlg looked at the Grunt leave, he realized that he was in grave danger if there were Flood there. He was barely a better fighter than that Grunt. He clenched the handle in his hand and strapped it onto his belt. They were landing.