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9.5 mm Love Letter
Posted By: Dark-Assassin Rainbow-Lollipop Bunny<chubbzthebunny@hotmail.com>
Date: 12 November 2005, 6:52 pm

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      The spent cartridges were flying in every direction. Every man who had a BR55 was firing on semi-auto to conserve ammo. A fragmentation grenade exploded thirty feet from where we were entrenched. The guy who was spraying the approaching banshees on the M41 LAAG heavy machine gun was screaming something at the top of his lungs. My buddy that I had known since Basic just got hit in the chest by three needler rounds and two plasma bolts. He fell to the ground and didn't move.
      I heard the sticcato report of a 7.62 mm MA5B. The fifteen year-old kid who was firing it had joined us two days ago. We weren't going to be very picky who was to help us. Just as he laid down three grunts about fifty yard away, a plasma grenade landed on his helmet. He threw it off his head and it exploded right in front of a jackal and killed it.
      Our whole platoon was posted to defend this so-called armory. We hadn't eaten anything but small ration packets since a week ago. Our strength was decreasing.
      They were rapidly making different kinds of explosives and BR55 rifles in this factory thing. If we could get a rifle with two clips of ammunition and a grenade in the hands of every man and woman, we could stand a chance of surviving this war.
      The grunts and jackals were trying to flank us from our side. I jumped out of the foxhole I was in and ran to the left side of the complex. Plasma bolts tore through the air right by my head. I cursed silently all the while sprinting for the next foxhole. There were two Marines in the closest one. I dove in right as a charged plasma beam ripped into the building to my left side. Plasma fire hit where I had just been. It was from a Banshee that was smoking and sputtering through the air.
      I looked through the iron sights of my rifle and started firing with the other two Marines. We took out about eight grunts and one elite who was charging towards us with an energy sword and a prayer. We cut him down ten yards away. The bullets ripped right through his flesh and his blue blood sprayed out behind him. He was almost detached from his torso when we got done shooting him.
      Just after he fell in a heap to the ground, The Marine on my left got a needle in the neck. It burst and his throat had a hole about the size of a golf ball. He slumped over and coughed. There was nothing we could do. I heard a Covie sniper shot and the guy on my right clutched his chest and fell forward in the foxhole. I got down, clutched the cross that was on a beaded necklace wrapped around my wrist, and I prayed.
      I checked my ammo. I had only three bullets left in the clip, one in the chamber, and one clip of ammo in my ammo pouch on my BDU jacket. There was a supply box in the back of the complex. I was more than a thousand yards away. That should be a treat. I fired the four remaining rounds I had in the rifle at a group of grunts. I threw a grenade at a jackal to my right and he burst into a cloud of gore. I reloaded with my last clip of ammo and got ready to run for the ammo box.
      Suddenly the plasma fire stopped and the remaining Covenant forces retreated. That was stange since they never retreated. I was afraid to check if the coast was clear. I had always been afraid of something...

      Ten hours later I was sipping off of a water canteen in a supply tent. I had eaten some kind of protein-vitamin paste about five minutes ago. It tasted horrible. I had a ten minute break from my post. We went in shifts. Two men at a time. We couldn't afford anymore than that.
      It was after I was back in my foxhole that I realized this war could go on forever, or it could last a few more days. Who knew? Why hadn't the Covies glassed the planet over yet? What are they looking for?
      I pondered all of this for the next few hours. To keep myself occupied I cleaned my rifle, Checked ammunition, and counted as far as I could before falling asleep.
      I heard someone yell and I looked up in the sky. What I saw was a brilliant ball of blue. I was actually getting used to the peace and quiet.

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