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Halo: Slayer. Chapter 1
Posted By: Danny Isaac<evil_monkey65@hotmail.co.uk>
Date: 4 July 2011, 5:54 am

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Chapter 1

Pride of Japan
Aboard a "pelican" transport bound for UNSC Pride of Japan.
May 10th 2537

Private First Class Daniel Isaac woke to the sound of the pelican's pilot voice announcing, "docking with the UNSC Destroyer Pride of Japan ETA 10 minutes." He shoke the dizziness off, he never felt good flying he always prefered to keep his boots firmly on the ground. Obviously his stomach didn't agree with him within seconds he emptied his stomach and vomited around the cabin. He could hear the laughes of men and women around him. As he raised his head he looked around and examined the space he was trapped in. He was strapped into a harness to keep him from bouncing about the pelican as it exited the atmosphere of the planet Reach.

He had been trained and stationed on Reach for so long, he was now what he wanted to be, a Orbital Drop Shock Trooper, the best of the best, the black marines. Daniel had achieved his goal, he strove so far and fought so hard to get to were he was now. Still by the expressions of the other personnel on the pelican he was another unwelcome addition to the "Pride'". he grasped at the belt harness at his torso hoping he could get off the dropship. He sighed with relief as the pelican decelerated and eventually came to a complete stop. The roaring blast of the engines slowly crept away and the sudden metal clang of the docking hooks rang as the ship became stationary. The cabin door opened and presented a large blue and black room, the sounds of power drills and blow torches filled the air with the crisp tapping of machinery.

Catching Daniel off-guard a booming voice roared into the dropship, "meat! Fall out! Double time!" the voice caused him to jump as he turned his head to see a rough looking sergeant in full combat armor. This armor was standard issue for Marines but it was clear that this woman was not an ODST. The sergeant clutched a tablet and typed commands into the console. Marines from the transport filed out and jogged on past the sergeant, duffel bags in hand, through a steel doorway. When the last of the marines had gone the sergeant approached Daniel who now stood at attention outside the pelican, she inspected the Private throughly, pinching his black shirt. He grasped his duffel bag, atlast the sergeant was satisfied and said "at ease," then she returned her gase to the tablet. She pulled up the ODST's file and stated "PFC Daniel Isaac, you are to report to Major Feeney, he is now your CO. Move out!" He snapped a sharp salute and replyed "yes mam!" then carried on out of the loading bay.

Daniel walked through the winding corridors of the ship he followed the signs on the walls to the briefing room. On the way he passed many crewmen carrying supplies in trolleys. He was goin against the flow of crewmen so much that he was near carried away by the sheer force of people rushing to the loading bay. As he near the barracks and briefing room he noticed more and more military uniforms even some with Battle Dress Uniforms (or BDU's). He came to the end of the corridor and stepped towards the briefing there was a man at the door wearing black ODST armor with a gold outline on its chestplate and forearm guards.The man lent against the door to the briefing room, sharpening his combat knife and admiring his reflection in the shiny metal, The man was of Russian origin and his hair was shaved bald. Daniel reluctantly crept towards the man, cleared his throat and inquired "PFC Isaac reporting to Major Feeney."
"At the Tactical Table in the middle of the room." replyed the man in a silent but confident tone. Daniel swallowed and managed to sweese a "thanks," from his lips. He knew that he was nervous, he had a lot to live up to, he only hoped he could make his family proud. Wherever they were. He strode into the room trying to express some ounce of confidence in himself. The room was massive and it was shown from the condition of the room that Major Feeney disciplined his ODST's so that there were no flaws. At the center of the room was a large table with a hologram of a city that Daniel did not recognise. At he walked closer to the table, heads of several ODST's turned and lifted to investigate his presence. There was one man at the head of the table who had not lifted his sight from the table. This man was old, he looked around 50 but Daniel's heart knew he had to be younger. His face had been painted with scars and burns, the man stood tall as he held his helmet in his right hand against the table.
Daniel stomped forward to a position where he could catch the Major's attention and announced loudly,
"Private First Class Daniel Isaac reporting for duty, sir!" shouted Daniel as he straightened to attention.
The Major rose his head and swiftly stood at a hair's width from Daniel and questioned,
"Are you my new boot!" he said in a low rumbling voice.
"Yes sir!" he quickly replied,
"what are your expertise?"
"Expert Marksmanship and Advanced Stealth and Scouting Training."
"Good." The Major replied in satisfaction. "You are on with us on our next op', get suited up and kitted out on the double!"
Daniel smiled with joy and spurted, "Yessir!" he waited for the Major's signal to be dismissed. He pumped his legs to walk faster to the armory, he couldn't wait to don the armor he had waited so long to wear he had wore imitations in training but they were just suits to fit the exercises.
When he enter the armory he could see many cabinets and cages containing various weapons and armors. He swore he even saw a suit of Spartan green Mark IV MJOINIR armor. He knew very little about them except that they claimed to be the best instead of the ODST's. This angered Daniel as he detested the idea that Spartans could be so cocky. His thoughts were interupted by a artificial voice which spoke "Can I help you Private Isaac?". He could not tell where it was coming from until a hologram of a hooded figure appeared on a nearby pedestal. He recognised the hologram as an AI (or Artificial Intelligence), AI's where the brain's of UNSC vessels and this one had taken the image of a cloaked woman. From her voice and her cloak he could tell the AI was suppose to be of asian appearance.
Daniel told the projection, "I need to be battle ready for the next drop."
"I have a fresh BDU ready in the steel case before you." the AI replied. "I am Lu Kin and if you require anything else just inform me."
"Thank you, Lu Kin." Daniel politely said.
"You're very welcome Private." she said with a smile on her virtual face. Then her avatar dissappeared and Daniel took a step towards the steel case and opened its lid. It contained the black armor he had longed for, it had been lined with white paint as his squad colour so he could be distinguished from other ODST's. He felt proud as he grabbed the BDU out of its container and fitted it onto his body. Out from the roof of the ship came machanical arms that began to seal his armor so it was air-tight, he rose his arms so they could access his sides. When they stopped he grasped his new helmet from the case. It was heavy, it had improved optics on it so it could be linked to any precision weapons. He immediately moved to locker were weapons had been stashed, he snatched up a M7 Caseless Submachine Gun, equiped it with a silencer, attachable flashlight and reflex sight. When he was happy with the additions to the weapon, he hooked it to the holster on his right thigh and continued to scan the locker. At the end was a SRS99 which was a heavy caliber sniper rifle, he stared at the rifle then heaved it out of the locker. He studied the weapon, examining its scope then adjusted it. He shouldered the rifle then satified, holstered the rifle magnetically on his back.

Daniel was now ready, he was trained, he was equipped and was going into battle with the best the UNSC had to offer. He was goin into batte for the first time in his life against the Covenant. It was time for revenge.