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Halo: Slayer. Prologue
Posted By: Danny Isaac<evil_monkey65@hotmail.co.uk>
Date: 21 June 2011, 5:36 pm

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Baptism of Fire.

Procyon System.
Arcadia, Pirth City February 9th 2531

Daniel looked down the road. He could see the buildings radiating as light shown on the pale white buildings. He had known this street his whole life, he knew at the end of this road was a circular opening lying just before the spaceport. The street was a straight-shot to the spaceport.
The road was empty but Daniel knew this was not the case as he could hear the sirens whailing and the faint boom of explosions. From what he could tell he was the last to be evacuated, he could not find his family and this pained him, his whole life they had cared for him, taught him so much and now they were gone... just like that. He could feel his eyes swell up with tears as the memories flowed through his mind. He pushed those thoughts aside, he instinctly rushed up the street bounding towards the spaceport. The sound of papers brushing against the concrete of the road echoed as his feet struck the ground.
He ran as fast as his feet would carry him, behind him there was roars from an alien horror known as the Covenant, he had heard alot about the encounter with this alliance of beast from the news. A image of a 7 foot tall bipedal monster projected in his mind, its mouth from what he could remember was made of 4 mandibles that were lined with teeth much like a shark. This memory haunted him as he fled the shadows of these fearsome creatures behind him.

He finally reached the end of the long road, it felt as though it had gone on for an eternity. He entered the clearing before the spaceport and gazed at the small crowd. "Is this it?" Daniel said to himself. He expected the whole city to be at the spaceport but as he got closer to the rabble he realised that the small crowd was full of wounded and maimed people struggling to make their way into the spaceport. At that moment he could feel the heat of explosions behind him. He turned to see smoke fill the sky behind him and a silhouette of a giant alien ship. The sight sent goosebumps down his spine as the teardrop shaped craft which he assumed were the Covenant equivalent of fighter aircraft, peppered the buildings that were along the road with lights of green. He had witnessed the greatest firework show in the world but his heart sunk as his lifestyle, his family and his childhood where gone in an instant. He knew this was the signal to get moving. He sprinted as fast as his legs could carry him until he reached the small crowd where he stared at a gateway.
Light darted past him as the aliens closed in. The Covenant fired their weapons at the crowd with hell-bent rage in a fury to destroy everything in their path. At the gateway there were two marines helping people through the gate, in response to the approaching threat they raised their rifles and shot into the advancing alien horde with pinpoint precision. To him they didn't seem like the normal marines he had seen stationed around the town as these marines wore black armor. A woman close to him fell clutching her side, blood dripped from a wound on her torso. He hestitantly stopped to help the woman, she was unconscience, she had burns along her side and her skin was bubbling, from the wound protuded a metal spike which was stained with red. Daniel grimaced at the blood on his hands as he tryed to stop the bleeding, finding it futile he shouted to the marines at the gateway, "Help! I need help over here!" they came rushing to where he was kneeling one of the marines studied the woman and declared "she's alive but barely! You have to get her out of here!" At that instant the marines comrade was hit with a barrage of blue and green projectiles, he fell to the ground limp. The other marine ran over to where his teammate had fallen, gave one glance and announced "he's dead! You have to get her out of here!" The ground shook as a blue bomb impacted the wall to the spaceport. The remaining black marine fired his weapon as he waved for the pair to move. On the marine's shoulder pauldron he could see a insignia and the initials ODST, he was unsure what it meant but he knew it was why this man was different than other marines. The marine nodded at the pair. He said in a low voice "The Covenant have overrun the city. When you get to the transport tell the pilot to take off. I'll hold them here. Now go!" Daniel dragged the woman through the gateway where he could see a cargo ship docked at the spaceport loading civilians and wounded aboard. He kept going as the door shut behind him he could hear it lock as marine secured the gate from the other side. When they got near the ship the pilot helped the woman onboard and lay her against the wall of the cockpit. Daniel moved towards the pilot and said to him, "thats the last of us." The pilot walked towards the gateway and said "it can't be we got to go back!" his heart skipped a beat as he said to the pilot, "the city is in ashes theres no one left!" The pilot stood still,standing in silence then he shook off his emotions and hurried to the cockpit. He jumped into the cargo hold with the other refugees.He lent against the wall and slid down until he was sitting with his knees to his chest. The darkness of the cargo hold enveloped the room as the door of the ship closed. Tears filled his eyes as his home was burnt to the ground, he cryed as his whole planet was being destroyed at that very moment. The black marine even sacraficed his life so that he and the other survivors might make it out. This was something that he did not take for granted, he would remember this man.
Daniel's emotions soon changed to anger as he vowed to avenge his home, his family and his soul. He swore that he would put a stop to the genocidal campaign of the Covenant. He would do this by becoming like the black marine and making sure its was his life on the line not anyone else's. He was tired and wary, this day took his toll on him. He had been through so much in one day he struggled to stay awake but fatigue got the best of him, he felt his energy drain from him as his vision blurred, In a dark corner of his mind knew it wasnt over but he had survived this nightmare, he exhaled then everything turned black.