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Two Warriors' Songs
Posted By: Cthulhu117<spartan_eric_271@yahoo.com>
Date: 29 November 2005, 9:36 pm

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Author's Note: This is based on the song that Pippin sings in Denethor's hall in LotR: RotK, and should be sung to the same tune. I took the lyrics and Haloized them, producing this. It is divided into se7en stanzas of three four line verses each. Groups 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7 are 'sung' by the MC. 4 and 6 are from the mind of the Arbiter. It's not very good, because I'm not much of a poet, but I thought that you ppl might like to hear it. It starts just before Halo: CE and ends just as Halo 2 is ending. Hopefully you can tell, but just so you know.

Reach is behind
The ring ahead
And there are many
Paths to tread

On Halo
Where the Covenant fight
Until the ring
Is all alight

The Flood have come
The price is paid
Life shall fade
Life shall fade
The Monitor
Has sent me through
To kindle Halo's
Fire anew

The Index
Is within my hand
The Flood purge life
From all on land

The Autumn burns
Like sunrise glare
No life there
No life there
First Strike against
The Covenant
The Prophets crush us
As an ant

But Spartans
Shall be triumphant
On the station

Are now led to Earth
Death o'er birth
Death o'er birth
Already dead
With Mark of Shame
For Halo's fall
I bear the blame

Is set free once more
Near Threshold
There is death and gore

Heresy ends
The truth is gone
The Flood move on
The Flood move on
Back to Earth
The Prophet nears
And those who fight
Have many fears

They don't know
What they do defend
They think
Humanity will end

The Shield is down
The Flood slay all
We must fall
We must fall
Regret seeks to
Release the ring
And if he isn't
Stopped he'll win

Has taken Keyes
To end this threat
And treachery

I travel
To the Holy Shrine
Rage is mine
Rage is mine
I come back to
The Ark's homeland
To make my race's
Final stand

Against the
Covenant and Flood
I now believe
In man and God

The Halo stalls
The Ark is lost
There is a cost
There is a cost