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An Unngoy Life: Chapter 36: Here They Come!
Posted By: CrazyGrunt<thomas-hoskins@comcast.net>
Date: 3 December 2005, 11:26 pm

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aboard Pillar of Autumn II, hangar bay Alpha

      As the Pelican touched down in Hangar Bay Alpha, Nugga could hear the sirens going off all over the Pillar of Autumn II. He turned and looked out the hangar door, which had a Plasma shield to keep a livable atmosphere inside. As he scanned the space around Omega IV, he couldn't see any enemy ships nearby. Then he saw the Slipspace rupture behind the silhouette of the system's largest planet, the gas giant Omega V, which was slightly larger than Sol system's Jupiter. He squinted to see better, and could see the outlines of several Ork ships.
      "All pilots to their ships!" Cortana said over the Comm. "That goes for you too, 5th Platoon! Move!"
      "You heard the lady!" Thomas shouted. "To your ships!"

      "Your Maniacness." The Tac ops Ork said in a throaty voice. "The UWSC is launching their fighter squadrons as you predicted. Permission to launch our Fighta Bommerz as our countermove?"
      The Arch Maniac nodded. "Have Commander Krug lead the Fighta Bommerz. While they keep the UWSC forces locked in combat, we will use our weapon. Inform the Chaos of the plan."

      Krug was an Ork of great piloting skills. He was short in height compared to the average Ork, standing at seven feet tall, pitiful by Ork standards. His skin was darker than average, and had bulging biceps and triceps, which were larger than that of an average Ork pilot. He wore a brown, sleeveless leather jumpsuit, with a pair of black, steel-toed combat boots to keep his feet dry. He had a small knife-like Choppa, given to him by a Kommando, secured in a sheath on his back. On his right hand was a Powerclaw.
      As he listened to the orders, he ordered the Grot ground crew to begin preparing his Kustom Fighta for takeoff. Two minutes later, he was in the cockpit, making final preparations, with his Grot copilot/mechanic, Zag.

      Krystal flew her Longsword out of the hangar bay, quickly followed by Alpha Squadron. She steadied the fighter as it wobbled in the slipstream of the Pillar of Autumn II.
      "This is Cortana." Krystal heard over the Comm. "Be advised, my scanners show more contacts emerging from slipspace above Omega IV, and by the looks of the signals I'd say the Droid Army has come out to play conquer the UWSC again. Removing their presence in this system is now your immediate priority."
      "Roger that Cortana." Gold Leader, the commander of the entire Longsword force, acknowledged the order, then called out the status check. "This is Gold Leader, all wings report in."
      "Red Leader standing by."
      "Green Leader standing by."
      "Blue Leader standing by."
      "This is Bravo Leader, standing by."
      "Alpha Leader standing by." Krystal said grimly.
      "Omega Leader standing by." She smiled as Major Dalton reported in. She heard the rest of the squads' members report in, but was only-half listening. She was examining her scanner, watching for signs of any activity.
      "Gold Leader," Krystal said, interrupting role call. "I'm detecting smaller movement outside the Ork fleet, heading towards us very fast."
      "I show nothing on my scanner." Gold Leader said. "Are you sure your scanner isn't-WHAT IN THE HELL!"
      Krystal looked up just in time to see a lightning bolt of energy connect with the starboard stabilizer of Gold Leader's Longsword. "That was a Zzap gun!" Krystal shouted at Gold Leader. "Gold Eight, Gold Seven, take care of that AAGH!! OH MY GO-" at this point another energy blast from the Zzap gun tore Gold Leader's ship apart.

      "That was too easy." Krug muttered as he watched Gold Leader's ship disintergrate. He turned his attention to the droid starfighters emerging from the Merciless Executioner. There were thousands of them.
      Krug smiled. "This should be fun." He clicked on the copilot Comm. "HEY ZAG! I WANTED THE ZZAP GUN AT FULL OUTPUT ON THAT LAST SHOT! MOVE IT, SCUMBAG!" He switched it off, and chuckled. Zag only needed a little persuasion.

      Thomas activated his Longsword's plasma cannons, destroying an Ork Fighter Bomber as it flew past him. "Omega squadron, break off attack and regroup. I repeat, break off and regroup! Alpha Leader, order your squad to break off and regroup. Over!" He blasted a trio of Droid starfighters that had been on Bravo Leader's tail. "Thanks Omega Lead, I thought I was Floodbait for a moment-" he was cut off as a jet-black Ork Fighter Bomber gutted Bravo Lead's Longsword with a blast of energy from a Zzap Gun mounted on it's underside. Thomas keyed on the Comm. "Omega Two, your now in charge of Omega Squadron. I have score to settle with a certain Ork Fighter pilot."

      Nugga dashed into the hangar bay, and climbed into the cockpit of a Seraph Fighter. As he began activating the start-up cycle, Admiral Keyes' voice came over the Comm. "Just what do you think you're doing?"
      "I'm going to help the fighter squads with the battle." Nugga replied in a determined tone, "I owe them that much." He opened the hangar doors, and launched the Seraph into space.
      Lovu and the rest of the Unngoy Imperial Protectors dashed into the hangar just in time to see Nugga's Seraph exit the hangar bay. Lovu didn't stop running. She dashed into the nearest Seraph, closed the hatch, and launched out of the hangar in three seconds.