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An Unggoy Life: Chapter 34: Eye of the Storm
Posted By: CrazyGrunt<thomas-hoskins@comcast.net>
Date: 14 November 2005, 4:42 am

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UWSC HighCom, Australia, Earth

      The survivors of the UWSC force that had been to the Forerunner Moonbase had been called to HighCom for debriefing. All of them attended, with the exception of Holi, who was being operated upon to see if they could return her to normal.
      "So what you're saying is that this Grievous person was betrayed by that enormous Ork Warlord named Ghazghkull?" Colonel Ackerson asked.
      "Yes sir." The Master Chief replied, "Ghazghkull shot Grievous himself, and the other Orks didn't even lift a finger aginst it. My assumption is that-"
      "Your assumptions are not facts." Ackerson cut him off. "Either Grievous is dead or he isn't."
      "We didn't see him leave the base sir." Krystal pointed out. "It is highly unlikely that he survived the explosion. I'd say it's safe to assume he's dead."
      "Point taken, Lieutenant Major." Ackerson replied. "That is all I needed to hear from all of you. Dismissed."

      "I don't like this." Thomas said to Krystal as they exited HighCom. "We're assuming a bit much that Lord Grievous is dead. Remember that he was the one pulling the strings in the campaign on Armageddon. He also survived the destruction of Unggo, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him …"
      "He was drowning in his own damn blood, Thomas! There is no way in hell he could have survived! Let the ones up in HighCom do the thinking ahead!" Krystal emphasized what she said by hitting him in the side of the head with an open-palmed slap.
      "Thanks Krystal, I needed that." Thomas said, rubbing the side of his head. "Say, when was the last time our platoon had some R&R?"
      "A long time." She replied in with a sigh.

      Nugga walked into the barracks to find Lovu packing her luggage. As he glanced around the room he noticed that Yanna and Glor were not in the room.
      "Where are you going?" Nugga asked politely.
      "To the Unggoy colony on Europa, one of Jupiter's moons." Lovu replied. 'The brass decided to give us some shore leave for once."
      "It's about time." Nugga grinned and started packing his bags as well. "What about Holi? What are they goning to do with her?"
      "The scientists here are Earth are going to see if they can return her to her orginal size." She answered. "Hopefully, they can remove all the Flood DNA inside her. If they can do that, they could probably remove the Flood DNA inside the rest of us. We can finally be regualr Unggoy again." When she finished, she slung her luggage over her rebreather and walked out of the room. Nugga followed her five minutes later.

      Ghazghkull stomped into the meeting room aboard the Gorka and Morka. The other six Ork warlords had already gathered here and were waiting for him.
      "Now that we've eliminated Lord Grievous," Ghazghkull began, "we can finish this Waagh the Ork way!"
      The Ork warlords nodded in agreement. Grievous had used the Orks' strengths in all the wrong ways. Now that Ghazghkull was leading the Waagh, they would be unstoppable.
      "Begin summoning your warbands," Ghazghkull said in an evil tone. "Next time we attack Earth, we will crush all opposition."
      "But who will get Earth when we conquer it?" The Great Despot asked.
      "I will." Ghazghkull replied. "I could've taken Earth with my own troops, but it seems pointless to fight amongst ourselves if there are new enemies to conquer." The Warlords nodded in agreement. "Soon we shall be the rulers of the galaxy, and no one is can stand in our way!"
      "But before you get carried away," Ghazghkull reminded them, "We need to establish new strongholds closer to Earth. Here's what we're gonna do…"

      Aboard a Forerunner Installation, near the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way, Grievous reappeared on the teleportation grid. Exhausted from the battle, he collapsed. As his body dropped to the ground, a pair of Battle Droids moved to his side and heaved him into a renewal chamber so his mangled body would be repaired.

      Two days later, Grievous awoke. He looked up to see the tanned face of Jango Fett staring back at him.
      "I see you obtained my message." He said, his voice dripping with disdain.
      "My loyalty is only to you, my lord." Jango replied. He watched as Grievous flexed his newly replaced hand. Grievous stood up, and Jango led him to a viewport.
      The Droid Army's entire fleet was in orbit around the gigantic Installation. The Armageddon Flame, the supercarrier Bringer of Death, the destroyer Day of Reckoning, and the destroyer The Apocalypse.
      "My retribution shall be swift and merciless." Grievous said with a note of confidence in his voice. "Ghazghkull shall pay for his treachery."

End of Book I