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An Unggoy Life: Chapter 30: Battle for Seattle
Posted By: CrazyGrunt<thomas-hoskins@comcast.net>
Date: 16 October 2005, 6:24 pm

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Pillar of Autumn II, briefing room

      5th platoon sat quietly around the table as Cortana outlined the plan for them.
      A warhorde of Orks from what was referred to as the Cult of Speed had landed in Washington state, and were heading north toward the state's capital, Seattle. 5th Platoon's goal was to cut them off at the historical highway called Interstate 5. The Ork force was about three hundred biker squadrons and who fifty groups of Truck boys. It was unknown what else the Orks had, but 5th platoon would have help from 67th Holy Soldiers battalion, the Imperial Unggoy Protectors, the Master Chief, 351st marine battalion, and the 225th Airborne division in defending Seattle.
      "After you have repelled the first wave, contact me," Cortana finished.

      Thomas sat at the rear of the Pelican, a portable turret resting against his right shoulder, identical to the turret the rest of the platoon was carrying.. Strapped to his back was a M19 SSM Rocket Laucher, and a Energy Sword was clipped to his ammo belt.
      The Imperial Unggoy Protectors were given the sacred weapon that the UNSC had referred to as the Plasma Sword. They were in a Phantom flying a pararllel flight path to the route the Pelican was taking.
      A Plasma bolt glanced off the Pelican's tail, followed by a larger Energy blast. Thomas chanced a peek over the hatch so he could get a look at their attacker.
      A pair of Ork Warbuggies zoomed along I-5, which strangely enough, had no traffic. Ever since the highway had been built six hundred years ago, it had been packed with commuters, trying to get to work or on their way home. Now it was empty because of the evacuation order given three days ago.
      Thomas unclipped his seatbelt and grabbed the aft machinegun turret. He brought the targeting HUD on the leading Warbuggy, which was armed with a salvaged Plasma turret, aiming for the driver.
      He opened fire. He missed the driver, but the results were just as satisfying. The Orks hadn't realized that a gas tank on the topside of a military vechicle yet, and as the rounds shot past the driver's head, it tore through the gas tank and igniting the fuel. The Warbuggy exploded, causing the second one to veer off the highway and collide with an evergreen tree. Thomas sat back down, satisfied with a double kill.

      Nugga watched the rear viewscreen in the Pilot seat, while the Unggoy pilot steered the ship toward the human city. Nugga was about to go back to the passenger compartment when he saw a gigantic flock of Fighter Bombers coming up behind the Phantom.
      "Bring us closer to I-5," Nugga whsipered to the pilot. The pilot glanced at the rear viewscreen, and nodded. The Phantom descended, and stopped three hundred yards above the highway. Nugga angled the aft camera so that it had a good view of the fighter group. At first the Fighter Bombers paid them no attention, but then a single fighter peeled off from the formation and accelerated toward the Phantom.
      Nugga glanced ahead of the Phantom and saw a large billboard. The Ork fighter leveled out behind them, and opened fire. Nugga's head nearly collided with the ceiling as a round glanced off the Phantom's engines.
      "Bring it to ground level!" Nugga shouted. The pilot looked at him in confusion, but Nugga kicked the joystick, sending the Phantom into a dive toward the ground.
      The Ork followed, eager to destroy the Phantom. The Phantom crashed through the post supporting the billboard, causing it to fall forward toward the Fighta Bomma. The Phantom pilot pulled up on the joystick, leveling out at fifty feet above terra firma. The last thing the Ork pilot saw before it crashed into the billboard was an advertisement for the civilian version of the Warthog.
      The Unggoy pilot, looked at Nugga as if he was crazy, and continued for the road block that would be the first line of defense for Seattle.

      The massive Ork warband sped along I-5, confident of their strength and might. There were fifty yards away from the city when they slammed on their brakes in shock.
      Three hundred Ghosts, two hundred Spectre, four hundred Warthogs, and twenty Scorpion tanks lined up and armed for combat. Standing the rear of the formation were a dozen Scarabs.
      "I told the Fighta Bommerz to damage as much of the formation as possible before returning to their refuel point?!" The Warboss roared in frustration. "Retreat!"
      The order went through the chain of commad, and the Orks reversed direction, and ran, with the UWSC forces tearing apart the rear of the retreating Orks. The Orks picked up speed, and then the 225th Airborne division flew over them and dropped Shiva missiles on the remaining Orks, killing the remaining troops.

      The Master Chief walked into the Comm tent to contact Cortana.
      "Cortana, the Orks have been defeated," the Master Chief reported.
      "That was fast," Cortana said, surprised. Suddenly she touched her holographic forehead, and a scream of pain escaped the speakers. Her figure became distorted and vanished. An image of 343 Guilty Spark appeared.
      "I'm sorry," Guilty Spark said apologetically, "The transmission has been lost. Reports indicate the Pillar of Autumn II was struck by a Energy blast from the Forerunner ship, and has crashed into the Moon. The Droid Army has begun retreating from the battle and headed toward the wreck, while the Orks are assaulting the capitals of the UK, the US, France, Germany, Spain, Israel, Japan, China, and Russia. Would you like to set up a rescue mission?"
      "Yes," The Master Chief replied.
      "I knew you would," Guilty Spark said spitefully, "Unfortunately, you cannot be allowed to attempt a rescue mission until the Orks on-planet have been exterminated."
      The Master Chief stood there in quiet fury. Suddenly Thomas burst into the Comm tent shouting, "Word just came through. The UN armies say they can hold the Orks at bay."
      "Well, speak of the devil," Guilty Spark said in a scared-sounding tone, "Permission granted for a rescue."