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An Unggoy Life: Chapter 28: The Gathering Storm
Posted By: CrazyGrunt<thomas-hoskins@comcast.net>
Date: 8 October 2005, 2:45 am

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One week later
Sol system, aboard Cairo, Briefing Room

      Miranda Keyes walked into the briefing room to find Admiral Hood and the other Admirals waiting for her. She took a seat in one of the chairs, and calmly waited for Admiral Hood to start the briefing.
      "I'm sure you're all aware of the absence of the Ork attacks on colonies in the past week, correct?" Hood asked. their was nodding of heads before he continued, "It is my belief that the Orks are mustering forces for another campaign against Earth. We must concentrate all UWSC forces for it's defence."
      "What if you're wrong?" Fleet Master Remus, a Sangheili in his late fifties, asked, "What if they attack New Unggo?"
      "We already have a massive Defector Fleet based at New Unggo," Colonel Ackerson commented, "But I have intel from ONI about a large Ork fleet bearing the symbol of a well-known Ork Warlord known by the title Over Fiend of Octarius. That fleet consisted of thirty Ork battle cruisers and twenty carriers."
      "I say we send two of the Unggoy Imperial Protectors as a safe guard," Remus suggested, 'They held back the Droid Army before, they can do it again against the Orks."
      "Agreed," Hood nodded, "We shall send the more recent additions of their squad to New Unggo, and place the other two at colony we let the Unggoy start in the Artic Sea."
      "I still object to letting those Grunt bastards start a colony on our homeworld," Ackerson muttered loudly.
      Keep your negative terms to yourself!" Remus snarled, and reached for his Plasma Rifle.
      "Gentlemen," Hood shouted, "We are at peace, remember. Ackerson, keep your mouth in check or next time I'll let Remus do it for you. This meeting is adjourned."

      Aboard the Forerunner ship Almighty God, Grievous inspected the weapon that he had taken from the Forerunner Armoury after Halo 001 had vanished.
      The Almighty God was basically an enlarged verison of the Ark, and was ten times bigger than it had been.
      The weapon was a polished black ring that had the power that the Halos possessed inside, and he could adjust the blast radius from three feet to fifty feet, and he wore it on his right hand. All he had to do was think the incantation.
One ring to destroy them all.
      This was the reason Grievous never cared for his species. Too poetic. The Flood had just awoken their common sense and caused the Forerunner to kill themselves. Then Grievous experienced an emotion he had never felt before.
      He banished the thought from his mind and turned to one of the Battle Droids.
      "Is High Charity ready to be dropped out of Slipspace so it can be launched at that chunk of ice they're calling New Unggo?" He asked. The Droid nodded, and Grevious gave the order to release it from Slipspace in three minutes.

      Nugga and Lovu escorted Yanna and Glor to the Phantom that was taking them to High Charity. Suddenly, a MP came running toward them.
      "Your mission has been cancelled," he said, panting, "Reports are sketchy, but it sounds like New Unggo is destroyed."
      They all gasped. This event greatly reduced the Unggoy population. Again. It seemed that the Unggoy species was going to be extinct soon.
      The group turned, and headed back to the barracks.

      Grievous walked into hangar Alpha as the Ork shuttle transporting the Over Fiend of Octarius landed. He waited patiently as the door on the asteroid-like shuttle opened downward, forming a ramp. He squinted so as to see inside the shuttle. Then he watched as the Over Fiend stepped out into the hangar.
      The Over Fiend was clad in jet-black Mega Armour, equipped with a looted Covenant Energy cannon and a four-finger Power Claw. His face was covered with the scars of many battles, and his Bosspole was decorated with many helmets from Humans and Sangheili.
      "So yer the one whose gatherin' us up for another Waagh," The Over Fiend spat, "In my opinion, only an Ork should be doin' dat."
      Grievous ignited his lightsaber and bisected a Sangheili helmet on the Over Fiend's bosspole.
      "I suggest you hold your tongue," Grievous warned, and the Over Fiend glared at him. Then Grievous motioned for the Over Fiend to follow him to the Meeting room. Then they walked to the interrogation room, followed by an entourage of Super Battle Droids.
      The Meeting room was filled with Grievous' generals, Ghazghkull, Urgok, the Great Despot, and the annoying Prophet of Truth, who was chained against the wall without his hoverchair. Two other Ork Warlords, the Arch Maniac of Calvena and the Great Tyrant of Jagga, had come to the meeting on the terms that they would get a share of the glory.
      The Arch Maniac was clad in jade green Mega Armour, which was equipped with an enormous three-fingered Powerclaw and a Mega Blasta. He wore a pair of Mek goggles over his eyes, and his Iron jaw was covered with burn marks from experiments he had been doing with his Mekboyz.
      The Great Tyrant wore a gore red suit of Mega Armour, which was equipped with a twin-linked Big Shoota and a normal-sized Powerclaw. His eyes glowed a dark red, and everyone could tell that this Ork had gotten where he was the hard way. Fighting his way through the ranks.
      The Over Fiend sat down next to Ghazghkull, and Grievous walked over to where Truth was secured.
      "Welcome my most honored guests," Grievous said with grand elegance, "I have brought you here because I would like to you to join me in the largest Waagh that any being has ever attempted."
      The Great Tyrant, the Arch Maniac, and the Over Fiend looked impressed with Grievous' knowledge of their vocabulary, while the other three put on a seamless poker face. Grievous was satisfied with that. Now he just needed to kill Truth with the Forerunner ring and he would gain the trust of the new arrivals.
      "As a demonstration of my power," Grievous continued, "I will kill the last Covenant Hierarch without touching him." He turned to Truth and wheezed, "Ready to begin your so-called Great Journey?"
      "The Gods shall tread upon your unholy corpse in great disgust!" Truth said this and spat in Grievous' milk-white face, staining. Grievous snarled, and cleaned his face off with his left hand. Then he raised his right hand, palm facing Truth, and thought the incantation.
One ring to destroy them all.
      A beam of light erupted from the ring, and spread out so it covered the entire wall Truth had been chained to.
      Truth screamed. His body began to decay, and suddenly, it swelled up like a Flood host at Carrier Form stage, and Truth's scream became high pitched, he would suffer a long, slow death.
      If that was the lowest setting, Grievous thought. What would happen if it was at maxium power?
      Grievous motioned to a pair of Super Battle Droids to carry the screaming mass that was Truth away. Then he turned back to the Ork Warlords. They were gazing at him with great fascination. He had done well.
      "Let's get down to business then, shall we?" Grievous asked in a commanding tone.