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An Unggoy Life: Chapter 26: Orks Never Listen
Posted By: CrazyGrunt<thomas-hoskins@comcast.net>
Date: 21 September 2005, 2:09 am

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Slipspace, aboard Ark, Bridge

      Thomas fired another burst from his Battle Rifle into the back of Lord Grievous, this time hitting him in the left leg. There was a hum, and a lightsaber ignited in Grievous's right hand. He turned around, and held up his hand as Thomas fired his Battle Rifle a third time. The three bullets stopped an inch from his hand, then fell to the ground.
      Ookay, no more using the Battle Rifle, Thomas thought as he tossed the Battle Rifle and ignited his Energy Sword. He charged Grievous, hoping to kill him where he stood.
      Grievous sidestepped the reckless thrust, and brought his lightsaber in a downward slash, trying to slice Thomas' arm off, but was parried by the Arbiter's Energy Sword, which caught him by surprise.
      Grievous stepped back to avoid a thrust at his head from the Arbiter. Grievous's left hand reached down to his belt, and three seconds later, another lightsaber ignited in his left hand.
      Thomas and the Arbiter charged Grievous as one, but halted as Grievous's torso began to spin rapidly, the lightsabers whirling in a circular motion. He began to advance on the Arbiter, lightsabers spinning.
      "Die infidels!" Truth cried, and the Energy Cannon in his hoverchair at the three of them.
      Time seemed to slow, and Thomas saw Grievous's lightsabers switch off, and his claws grasped the wall and began climbing up it. Thomas and the Arbiter dived behind nearby consoles as the blast shot past them.
      "Damnit!" Thomas swore as Truth fired again, and melted the console he had been hiding behind.
      He grabbed a fallen Brute Shot, and fired at Truth's overly decorated head. The shot seemed to connect, but Truth's shield deflected it. Thomas cursed again, then dived behind another console as Truth fired at the spot him.
      Grievous jumped down from the ceiling and sliced off the Energy Cannon, and sent Truth flying against the wall without touching him for the second time. Then he reactivated his lightsabers, and charged toward the Arbiter.
      "Wortwortwort!" Half-jaw roared, and launched himself off a console and into the fight, his Energy Sword a blur of motion.
      Grievous turned and parried Half-Jaw's insane attack with the ease of a professional fencer. He began backing up, and the others renewed their attack on him with ferocity.
      Suddenly, Half-Jaw had Grievous' right hand occupied with deflecting Half-Jaw's Energy Sword, and the Arbiter had his left hand occupied with parrying the Arbiter's Energy Sword. Thomas saw his chance to kill Grievous, once and for all.
      Just as he was about to strike, Thomas saw Grievous reaching for a second pair of lightsabers. But that was impossible, because Grievous was occupied with keeping Half-Jaw and the Arbiter from cutting off his hands. Suddenly, realization dawned upon him.
      "Watch out!" Thomas shouted a warning, "He has a second pair of arms!"
      The Ark suddenly, deaccelerated, and Thomas was thrown against a console. Half-Jaw and the Arbiter slid into the wall, but kept their Energy Swords in contact with Grievous' lightsabers.
      Grievous saw his chance and broke contact with Half-Jaw and the Arbiter. His second pair of hands unclipped two more lightsabers from his belt. He began to windmill his four arms, lightsabers forming a deadly greenish-blue blur. The Arbiter switched to a Plasma Rifle, and began firing at Grievous' head. Grievous stopped spinning his lightsabers, and sent all four of them flying against the wall with his force powers.
      With all opposition defeated, Grievous walked over to the navigation console and began to steer the Ark toward Installation 001. Then he looked at the viewscreen. He mentally gaped.
      Embedded Installation 001 was High Charity.
      "Typical Ork behavior," Grievous spat, " Tell them to blow something up and they let it get away. I should have sent the Apocalyptic Visions to eliminate it."
      He turned when he heard the repeated thuds as the 'Ard Boyz sprinted into the room.
      "What are you doing here?!?" Grievous snapped, "I told Ghazghkull I was going to take the ship alone!"
      "Tough luck," the 'Ard Boy Nob retorted, "Ghazghkull sent us here, we're here, deal with it. By the way, name's Kracka."
      Grievous wheezed a sigh. This is another one of the problems of working with beings that don't always follow orders.
      "Alright then, make yourselves useful and have four of your boys man the weapons, navigation, engineering, and the Comm," Grievous ordered, indicating the stations by pointing at them, "The rest of you guard the prisoners. That's an order."
      The 'Ard Boyz complied with the order rather efficiently. Kracka walked over and took what Grievous had said was weapons station one, and the three other Orks stepped over the fallen bodies of Jiralhanae and Kig-yar, and took Nav ops, Engineering, and the Comm. The rest of the Orks kept an eye on their unconscious adversaries.
      All of a sudden, a flash of light from an Energy projector erupted from High Charity. The Ark shook as the blast glanced the side of it's hull.
      "Report," Grievous said as he got up from the floor of the bridge.
      "Slight damage to one of the engines," the Ork manning the Engineering station shouted unnecessarily, "Other than that, we're fine."
      Suddenly, one of the ODSTs grabbed an Orks' Slugga from its belt, slid between its legs, and fired a round into the back of the Ork at Nav ops. The round tore through the Ork, killing it, out the other side of the corpse, and into the console. The console began to spark.
      The Ark suddenly accelerated, and almost everyone was thrown against the far wall. Grievous glanced at the Nav station, and saw that the accelerator had been hit by the Slugga round, and was overloaded.
      "Brace for impact," Grievous yelled, then ducked behind a console, and calmly keyed a message to the Armageddon Flame.
To: Commander Jango Fett,
From: Lord Grievous
      I have an important message for the Fleets. The old Covenant city, High Charity, is crashed on the Installation 001 and has an Energy projector that is Flood controlled, meaning that there is a massie amount of Flood on this Installation. I want you to inform Ghazghkull to send his own war horde to purge the parasite from the ring, and order the Great Despot to send the Varga Drop Legion to cleanse High Charity. But before doing that, take out that damn Energy projector! Use an Ork kill cruiser to do the job, those are expendable.
      Lord Grievous

      Two seconds later, the Ark crashed into Halo 001.

      Onboard the Armageddon Flame, Jango Fett sat at the conn, inspecting one of his laspistols for damage. He looked up at the sound of the Communications Droid walking toward him.
      "Message for Jango Fett from the Lord," the Droid said, and handed Jango a Holopad.
Jango took the Holopad, and examined it. Probably orders meant to keep the Orks from doing something stupid.
      He read the message, and paused at the mention of the Flood controlled Energy projector, and the massive amount of Flood on the ring.
      He glanced up at the Droid, which was waiting for new orders.
      "Send a transmission to the Gorka and Morka and the Dictator,"Jango ordered, "Tell Ghazghkull to send his own War horde to purge the Flood from the ring, and tell the Great Despot to have Varga and his Drop Legion to cleanse High Charity."
      "Yes sir," The droid saluted, and headed for the Comm station.

      Holi stirred within the cryotube, and opened her ice-covered eyes. That's when she knew that she wasn't on Armageddon anymore. Her breasts and abdomen had swollen to enormous proportions. Her arms' diameters had grown to the size of Earth's redwood treetrunks, and her left arm now ended in the typical whip-like attachment in place of her fingers. All f this was because of Flood mutation. She could feel her methane tank attached to her back, but she didn't need it.
      Holi glanced down to the base of her neck and saw the Infection Form's sensory appendages, except that they were frozen. If the 'eyes' of the Infection Form were frozen, did that mean it was dead?
      Holi tried to move her right arm up to the glass on the cryotube, but was unable to move at all. The Infection Form was still in control.
      Suddenly, her right arm shot through the glass cover of the cryotube, shattering it.
      The Infection Form moved Holi's arm in a criss-cross pattern, systematically destroying the glass. Through the mist, Holi could see a group of Super Battle Droids approaching the cryotube. The Infection Form thrust out Holi's left arm, and the cryotube's cover went flying into two of the Super Battle Droids. The Battle Droids held their fire.
      Why aren't they firing? Holi wondered. She didn't care if they killed her, because death was better than becoming a incubator for the Flood. Then she slipped into unconsciousness.
      The Flood form whacked a Super Battle Droid out of the way and barreled out the door, and headed for the hangar.
      As the Flood form reached the hangar, the Super Battle Droids started firing. Apparently they didn't want the Flood specimen escaping the ship. Unfortunately, they started firing too late.
      Suddenly, a harpoon piton with a Titanium-A cable embedded itself in Holi's side. An electrical current surged through the cable, stunning the Flood. It dropped to the deck, unconscious. The last thing it saw was a humanoid figure walking calmly towards it.

      Boba Fett watched as the Super Battle Droids carried the Flood specimen back to the Interroagation Room.
      "What happened?" Jango asked as he ran into the room.
      "Specimen got loose," Boba replied, "Had to electricute it."
      "Good job son," Jango commented, "We had better report the incident to Lord Grievous after he returns."

      Aboard the Godly Wrath, the Jiralhanae Ship Master Romulus watched as the holy Ark crashed into the third Halo. He glanced at the Tac screen, and saw that the Ork Fleets were moving toward the sacred ring.
      "Weapon Ops!" Romulus shouted, "Get into firing range for the Ork ships. Do not let them reach the sacred ring!"
      The Godly Wrath began to move into range of the Ork Roks. A Energy projector lanced out from its bow and gutted one of the Roks trailing Urgok's Armada. The armada continued onward, ignoring the loss of one of it's fortresses. Two seconds later, the Godly Wrath ran into a crude Ork minefield. The shields took the first couple hundred mines, but failed soon after that. A thousand Ork mines collided with the Godly Wrath's hull, imoblizing the ship.

      From the blackened crater from the Ark, a lone figure crawled out. Closer examination showed that the figure was Grievous, covered in soot.
      As he reached the edge of the crater, he dusted his armor off, and continued on. He knew that he could scare the shit out of any Flood that saw him at peak peformance. Then he continued walking toward the Library, toward his destiny.