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An Unggoy Life: Chapter 25: Battle For The Ark
Posted By: CrazyGrunt<thomas-hoskins@comcast.net>
Date: 16 September 2005, 2:14 pm

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Slipspace, Destination unknown, aboard Pillar of Autumn II, Sickbay

      Thomas walked into Sickbay, and saw that the entire room was full. Then he saw Krystal walking over to him. He smiled.
      She had to wear civilian clothing because her jumpsuit had been burned off. She smiled at him and walked over.
      "I'm ready to fight," she said, "All I need is a jumpsuit and a weapon, and I am combat ready."
      "Splendid," Thomas replied, "If you come with me, we can get your spare jumpsuit from the barracks."
      They both felt the ship deaccelerate, which meant they were out of Slipspace.
      Thirty seconds later, klaxons began going off all over the ship.
      "Suit up, 5th Platoon," Cortana's voice echoed over the Comm, "We have found the remaining Covenant forces."
      "You heard the lady, Krystal," Thomas said, "Suit up."

      The HEV drop bay was filled with special drop pods designed to punch through the hull of an enemy ship so the soldier could infiltrate the ship without having to perform a spacewalk to get inside.
      The remaining Imperial Unngoy Protectors were present, along with the Sarge, the Arbiter, the Spec Ops Forces, and the Master Chief.
      "Alright you old ladies, listen up!" the Sarge yelled, "We are going to lead the Helljumpers from 10th Platoon and 8th Platoon in the boarding of the Ark. Everybody get in the drop pods now!"

      Grievous relaxed as the Armageddon Flame dropped out of slipspace into the Isengard system. What appeared on the viewscreen was not what he expected.
      Apparently, the UWSC ships that had escaped from Armageddon were here fighting the Covenant. This change of events could work to his advantage.
      "Ghazghkull, have the fleets begin causing as much chaos as possible," Grievous instructed, "I will infiltrate the Ark alone."
      "Understood," Ghazghkull growled, "Good luck."

      Thomas kicked the warped door off the drop pod and stepped out onto the deck of the Ark. It was dimly lit, so he switched to night vision. At that moment, the Kig-yar that had been patrolling the deck came running around the corner, not looking in his direction.
      Thomas pulled out a Battle Rifle and whacked the Kig-yar over the head. As it dropped to the ground, Thomas switched to the Energy Sword, but didn't activate it just yet. Instead, he flattened himself against the wall and glanced around the corner. What he saw chilled him to the bone.
      Grievous was walking toward him, light sabers drawn. Behind him lay the bodies of three Jiralhanae and a second Kig-yar. Thomas sucked in his stomach as Grievous passed him in the dark. Grievous continued down the hallway, occasionally looking left and right. Thomas realized that he must be headed for the bridge, so he followed him.

      Ghazghkull stomped down to the assault boat launch bay from the bridge, a whole mob of 'Ard Boyz following him.
      "Is the assault boat ready?" Ghazghkull asked rudely.
      "Yes it is," Orkimedes answered.
      "Everybody in!" the 'Ard boyz Nob shouted.
      It was a tight fit, but the mob managed to squeeze inside the packed assault boat, which was little more than a three ton shell of Titanium-A armor.
      "Launch," Ghazghkull said into the mic.
      The hatch sealed behind him, and there was a slight decompression as the assault boat exited the lauch bay. At viewscreen was attached to the front of the boat, so the mob could see where they were headed. Ghazghkull could tell that the assault boat was on course, and would hit the Ark's stern.
      "Prepare for impact," he said into the mic.

      The Arbiter lobbed a Plasma grenade around the corner, and waited for it to explode, hopefully disabling the energy locks on the blast door covering the entrance to the bridge. Before the Flood, the Ark must have been a diplomatic vessel of some sort, because the bridge orginally had no doors.
      He glanced back toward Half-Jaw and the Spec Ops Forces, which consisted of four Sangheili and eight Unggoy, five ODSTs, the Unggoy Imperial Protectors, and Johnson. One of the Unggoy was carrying a Fuel Rod Gun, and the rest the Unggoy were carrying Needlers. The Sangheili were armed with a combination of Energy Swords and Carbines. The ODSTs were armed with the usual array of projectile based weaponry, but each one of them had an Energy Sword clipped to their belt. The Unggoy Protectors were all carrying carbines and Energy Swords. Half-Jaw was carrying an Energy Sword and a Plasma Rifle. Johnson was carrying a Shotgun and a Sniper Rifle.
      The Plasma grenade detonated, and the Arbiter signaled for the Fuel Rod Gun-toting Unggoy to fire a few rounds into the bridge.
      "Y-you d-d-do i-i-i-it," The Unggoy stuttered through chattering teeth.
      "Boy, you damn better do as he says or I'm gonna pull you out by your cornhole," Johnson warned, a nasty glint in his eye that seemed to motivate the frightened Unggoy.
      It waddled up toward the place where the doors had been, and stuck its head in the room. Almost immediately, the Arbiter heard the sound of a Brute Shot being fired, and the cackle of a Kig-yar inside the bridge.
      "Kill the heretic!" the Arbiter heard the Prophet of Truth shout.
      Two seconds later, the Unggoy crawled back, a plasma burn on the left sid of its face, and more burns covering its body. The Fuel Rod Gun it had been carrying was gone.
      "Kill Truth!" Half-Jaw roared to the Spec Ops Forces, and the whole group charged into the bridge, all of them firing weapons. The Arbiter ducked behind a console as a Jiralhanae fired its Brute Shot in his direction. He stuck his Carbine over the top of the console and fired blindly at the Jiralhanae.
      Soon pandemonium broke out. Unggoy began concentrating fire on their hated rivals, the Kig-yar. The Arbiter saw the ODST commander take a Plasma bolt to the gut. She screamed, and fell to the deck, clutching her stomach. The Arbiter noticed another ODST moving to get her wounded commander to safety. The Sarge kept the Kig-yar snipers' heads down so they wouldn't pick off the attack force one by one.
      Suddenly, a vent cover was kicked off from the ceiling vent, shich happened to land on Truth's head. The Master Chief dropped down, and began killing Jiralhanae before they could turn around.
      Suddenly, a hissing noise reached the Arbiter's ears. It was coming from the door on the other side of the bridge. The door suddenly flew off its hinges and crashed into Half-Jaw, knocking him out cold.
      The being stepped into the light, and the Arbiter saw a chance to obtain unending glory. He was going to kill Lord Grievous.

      Grievous smiled inwardly as he stepped onto the bridge. He was so close to obtaining the Ark, and now he ran into this. No matter.
      "KILL HIM!" Truth yelled at the Jiralhanae Honor Guards.
      The Jiralhanae turned around and fired their Brute Shots at him, and at the same time, the Humans and the other Covenant races opened fire on him.
      Grievous held out his hand, palm toward the wall of death, in front of his face. The wall of death that was coming for him halted two inches from his hand. He pointed his hand palm down, and the wall of death vanished.
      "Foolish mortals," he laughed, "You cannot defeat me."
      He made a sweeping motion with his arm, and everyone else in the room was thrown against the walls. He felt satisfied, then walked over to the navigation console, and began entering the slipspace coordinates for a star system known to the UWSC as Mordor system. Suddenly, a burst of projectiles hit him in the side. He clutched at the damage, then hit the Enter button.
      The Ark entered slipspace, dragging every ship from the battle along with it.