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An Unggoy Life: Chapter 16: A Really Big Ship
Posted By: CrazyGrunt<thomas-hoskins@comcast.net>
Date: 20 August 2005, 4:01 am

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Slipspace, en route to New Unggo, aboard Pillar of Autumn II
3.04.2554 (Military Calendar)

      Commander Nugga sat in the Meeting Room along with the Arbiter, Master Chief, Admiral Miranda Keyes, the American ODST, Major Dalton, and his partner, the American ODST, Lieutenant Major Lee. The ship was en route to a planet called New Unggo. The planet was being colonized by the Unggoy, who, after their planet was destroyed, were colonizing other worlds.
       "New Unggo sent a distress beacon that was picked up by a merchant vessel three days ago," Admiral Keyes said, "The merchant ship had sent the message to the local fleet. Unfortunately, the fleet is spread thin trying to stop a Ork Wagh that has already captured three colonies and raided many others in our fledgling empire."
      The fleet at had asked the United Worlds Space Command, or UWSC, as the alliance between Humanity and defect Covenant races was called, to send a ship to investigate the distress beacon, Nugga recalled from the mission briefing. The UWSC sent the pride of the fleet, the Pillar of Autumn II, to investigate.
      The Pillar of Autumn II had the combined structural design of a Covenant capital ship, but the appearance of a stretched photo of it's predecessor, the Pillar of Autumn. However, this ship had three-meter thick Titanium-A armor, improved laser-fine plasma beam turrets, and a pair of Super MAC cannons, Nugga remembered from the schematics.
      "If ONI's intel is correct on what happened to New Unggo," Admiral Keyes continued, "Then the remains of Covenant may be playing copycat with Ork tactics. If this is true, then Covenant are reemerging from their two-year silence. This is our chance to eliminate the Covenant once and for all."
      "But if the Orks are the ones who are attacking," The Master Chief said in a cold tone, "Their fleet will probably be a Kill Kroozer accompanied by at least five of their Onslaught Attack Ships."
      "Sir!" Cortana said rather loudly as she materialized onto the Holopad, "We have arrived at New Unggo, but I don't detect any Ork ships. I'm recieving transmissions from the Unggoy on the planet. The colonists welcome us, but want to know what our business is here."
      "Tell them that we picked up a distress beacon signal from the planet," Admiral Keyes ordered.
      "Already did," Cortana said, "Wait a second…sir! I've just received a total Fleet recall command."
      "Earth must be under attack!" Admiral Keyes exclaimed, "Cortana, turn this ship around and get us back to Earth ASAP."
      "Yes sir," Cortana said, and disappeared from the Holopad.
      "Dismissed!" Admiral Keyes said loudly.
      They exited the room, each being wondering who was attacking Earth.

      Aboard the heavy cruiser New York Admiral Harper stood, examining the tactical screen. At 0910 hours, a huge Ork fleet jumped insystem. Now the fleet was just sitting near Neptune, waiting. Apparently, the Orks had the brains to keep out of the orbital defense platforms' twin-linked MAC cannons, improved laser-fine plasma batteries, and powerful energy projection beam.
      What had shocked Admiral Harper was the gigantic Ork space hulk that seemed to be their flagship. The space hulk's engines seemed to be constructed around four human heavy cruisers, and six human destroyers. One of the destroyers had been fused to the top of the space hulk, minus its engines. The other destroyer seemed to have been fused two the underside of the space hulk.
      What shocked Admiral Harper was what the ships that was converted to the bow. It was the supercarrier Trafalgar, with a smaller carrier attached to the Apparently the Orks had been doing some salvage work at Reach. Harper spotted multiple sections of Covenant hulls, complete with plasma turrets, welded to sides, top, and the underside of the Trafalgar. A nose of what looked like a covenant capital ship had been welded to the front of the Trafalgar. Admiral Harper couldn't be sure, but it looked like the Orks had stuck a hangar bay into the underside of Trafalgar.
      Admiral Harper knew that Ork hulks of this size usually had the Ork leader on board. With a fleet this size, this particular leader must have a lot of resources.
      "Sir," Zeus said in a calm tone, "The Ork fleet is on the move. They're headed toward Earth. Orders, sir?"
      "Send the Fleet recall Command!" Admiral Harper shouted, "If these Orks want a fight, then we sure as hell ain't going to disappoint them!"
      Suddenly, the Ork hulk opened fire on the orbital defense platform New Tokyo. Admiral Harper watched as twenty-four Super MAC rounds were fired from the hulk's cannons. He looked over at New Tokyo. He didn't like what happened.
      The orbital platforms had been upgraded with the Covenant's energy shields, but even that couldn't withstand being hit by seventeen MAC rounds, let alone oversized ones. The first two rounds destroyed New Tokyo's shields. The third round hit the MAC cannon's ammo storage, causing a chain reaction. The New Tokyo exploded in a massive fireball. The other fourteen rounds collided with the remaining nine orbital guns in it's battle cluster, annihilating the cluster's remaining orbital guns.
      "Send a transmission to all the UWSC Naval vessels," Admiral Harper ordered Zeus, "Tell them that the Ork Hulk that has been raiding our colonies has shown up at Earth, and that they're welcome to join the mayhem anytime they want."
      "Transmission sent," Zeus said, "Shall I send the order to engage?"
      "Yes," Admiral Harper said, "Lets give 'em Hell."

      Warlord Ghazghkull sat on the command chair in the bridge of the Human supercarrier Trafalgar.
      The once clean and steel-gray bridge was now covered with the sludge and grime tracked from the various ships the Ork Meks had plundered to get the equipment. The walls were covered with graffiti from varying Ork clans. Besides that, the bridge had been crammed with multiple pieces of radar, weapons, and navigation systems, currently being operated by Meks
Now that this marvelous space hulk Orkimedes and his Mekboyz have constructed, Ghazghkull thought, has fired upon da Humies orbital guns, this battle will very nasty for the Humans.
      "Zagdakka," Ghazghkull called to the Spaceboss, "Think they know what we have in our hangar bays?"
      "I will guarantee they don't," Zagdakka answered, "They think the fleet is just five Kill Kroozers, five Terror Ships, and nine Onslaught Attack Ships. What they don't know is that Gorka and Morka's Central Hangar 1 is currently carrying ten Savage Gunships, each accompanied by two Ravager Attack Ships. It is also carrying fifteen Brute Ram Ships."
      "Exactly," Ghazghkull nodded in agreement, "They probably don't realize that Aft Hangar 1 has been remodeled to carry 20,000 Ork Fighta Bommerz. 10,000 of the Fighta Bommerz have been modified for space combat. The other 10,000 Fighta Bommerz are for the invasion of one of the worlds that our client wants us to capture, Sangheil."
      "Nor do they realize that Aft Hangar 2 is carrying 10,000 assault boats so we can commandeer some of their ships to use them for the invasion of Sangheil."
      "Spaceboss!" The taktics Mek shouted, "Large slipspace rupture off our port bow!"
      Ghazghkull turned to the view screen to see who this late arival was.
      The fleet that appeared from slipspace was a UWSC fleet, and a extremely large fleet at that. It was even bigger than the Droid Army's fleet at Unggo had been. Leading the UWSC fleet was the the pride of the UWSC navy. The Pillar of Autumn II. Ghazghkull despised that ship. It had destroyed his old space hulk a year ago.
      "Orders, boss?" The taktics Mek asked.
      "Bring us along UWSC fleet's port," Zagdakka said calmly, then he roared, "Then launch the Destroyer Nuke at the fleet!"
      The underside hangar was carrying a captured 2551 vintage UNSC destroyer that Orkimedes had taken every salvageable nuclear reactor and Shiva nuclear-tipped missile from Reach, and welded them to in the inside of the destroyer, turning it into one big nuke. Orkimedes had given them instructions to keep hangar's blast door shut and its shields at maximum, and to save it for the UWSC fleet at Sangheil, but Ghazghkull saw no reason why they shouldn't use the destroyer to annihilate the UWSC fleet here and now.
      "I want 2,000 Assault Boats launched at the Human ship leading that fleet!" Ghazghkull roared over Zagdakka, "Have as many 'Ard Boyz mobs as we can cram in the Assault Boats sent toward that ship, and I want two Mobs of Shoota Boyz. for every Mob of 'Ard Boyz! Have a hundred of the Assault Boats transport a Mob equipped with Mega-armour! I want five Kommando Mobs taking the best Assault Boats, and I want a mob of Flash Gitz as a diversion for the Kommandos! Launch the remaining Assault Boats at the UWSC ships. Before attempting to board the human ship on our starboard side, we must cripple it. Fire one of our standard MAC cannons to take ou their shield, then fire all of our forward plasma turrets at their engine. DO IT NOW!"
      The Gorka and Morka opened fire.