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An Unngoy Life: Chapter 15: The Aftermath
Posted By: CrazyGrunt<thomas-hokins@comcast.net>
Date: 18 August 2005, 3:42 am

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Slipspace, en route to Earth, aboard New York, ODST Barracks

      Thomas walked into the ODST Barracks with Krystal and the 5th Platoon greeted them with a welcoming roar of applause. There was a lot of patting on the back. Then someone brought out some beer, and everybody started getting drunk.
      Thomas was about to join in when Major Smith approached him.
      "The Admiral wants your personal report on what happened to those Unngoy that were contaminated by the Flood Spores," The Major said in his usual tone, "He also wants to congratulate you on your success of the mission. If you will please follow me…"
      Thomas nodded and followed him out, but not before glancing back at Krystal. After making sure she was alright, he followed the Major out of the barracks.

      When Thomas entered the Admiral's Office, the Master Chief was waiting for him.
      "Have a seat," Admiral Harper said, "Now, according to your report, Sergeant Dalton, the two of the Unngoy grew larger, formed Incubator Sacs on their backs, which disappeared after the tank shattered. Correct?"
      "Yes sir," Thomas answered in a careful tone, "Also, I was joined in the rescue by Unngoy named Nazdreg, who disappeared after the tank shattered."
      "Interesting," Harper muttered to himself, "Dismissed."
      Thomas saluted, then turned around and walked out of the office.

      Ghazghkull stomped about the ship, killing any low-ranking Ork stupid enough to get in his way. The Fleet had lost a Terror Ship, five Ravager Attack Ships and three Onslaught Attack Ships that had landed on Unngo just as the order to retreat was given, along with the 9,000 Ork troops army inside aboard. It didn't matter though, because Orks grew like rats because they've got a more plant-like reproductive system.
      Ghazghkull was only putting the anger up for show. His mind was working non-stop to figure out the location of the Humans. If he could locate their homeworld, the Orks could cause some real mayhem.
      "Warboss Ghazghkull, I have good news," Spaceboss Zagdakka Buzkrutt called, "The Fleet has been repaired, and we captured a Human Capital Ship, along with the crew. Orkimedes is examing the weaponry now."
      "Good," Ghazghkull smiled, which was difficult because of his Titanium-A Skull and his Iron Jaw, "Get the Brute Ram Ships to push the Human vessel into docking position with a couple of Kill Kroozers, then prepare to jump to the Charadon system. I want Boss Snikrot to start interrogating da Humans. Understood?"
      "Yessa," Zagdakka answered.
      Ghazghkull turned on his heel and strode out of the room.

      The Prophet of Endurance waited as the Cairo's airlock slowly opened up. Once inside, Endurance saw a Platoon of Humanity's finest soldiers waiting outside the airlock. Endurance smiled as he floated out of the airlock. He headed towards the bridge, followed by the Arbiter, Special Operations Commander Half-Jaw, Sergeant Johnson, and Captain Miranda Keyes.
      The bridge was a huge space, filled with walkways, consoles, and the crew members. Admiral Hood, the leader of the Human forces, stood, waiting, as Endurance entered the room.
      "Welcome to Earth," The Admiral said.

      When Nugga woke up, he was in the Medical Ward of High Charity's Glory, strapped down to a sick bed, and had three Medical Unngoy standing over him.
      "You're awake," One of the Unngoy said, "We thought you had died from the Flood Spore Infection."
      "How many are still alive?" Nugga asked, expecting the worst.
      "All of you survived the mutation process," the Medic answered, "Hopefully you will return to normal."
      Good, Nugga thought, Lovu survived as well. Then he drifted back into unconsciousness.

      Gravemind awoke from his yearlong slumber to find that High Charity had dropped out of slipspace and was drifting at the star system's edge. Gravemind was pleased. It had found what it had been looking for. The Forerunner homeworld.
      The homeworld of the Forerunner looked like a fortress.
      The planet itself was lush with color. Through the Flood, Gravemind saw the planets beautiful oceans, seven greenish-brown continents, and one snow covered continent at the planets South Pole. But in its orbit, Gravemind saw huge gun platforms, with more of the platforms under construction. Gravemind also ships armed to the teeth with weapons.
      A sentient race must have evolved after the Forerunner had wiped the galaxy clean of other sentient races
      With the technology of the Forerunner at the Flood's command, Gravemind thought, nothing, not even Halo, could stop the Flood from consuming every sentient being in the Galaxy. But why stop there? There was a whole universe full of potential sentient beings, ready to be consumed by the Flood. Once the Flood had consumed all living vertebraes in the galaxy, it would move on to consume any other senitent beings in the universe.

      "WHERE THE HELL ARE WE?"Ghazghkull snarled in rage as his new space hulk dropped out of slipspace, "This isn't Earth! Who was the jackass that progammed the coorindates for the Slipspace drive?"
      "That jackass," Orkimedes said as he entered the bridge, "Was me. I programmed the fleet to drop out of slipspace at what was Reach, which was once one of the humans strongholds during the Covenant's 'holy' crusade, so it is likely that the humans put a up a hell of a fight defending it. Meaning that there is probably a huge debris field from the battle."
      "Navigator, steer us toward that debris field near Reach's north pole," Ghazghkull ordered.
      "Thanks to Boss Snikrot's interrogations of the humans we caught," Orkimedes continued, "We have learned that the fall of Reach cost them their best ship, the Trafalgar, along with other ships. We could salvage those ships, and construct the largest Ork hulk ever built."
      "Excellent idea, Orkimedes," Ghazghkull commented, "Get your Meks together and start working on that as soon as we reach the debris field."
       "Understood," Orkimedes nodded, then strode out of the room to get his Meks ready to begin working on the hulk.