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A Unngoy Life: Chapter 14: A Very Bad Day
Posted By: CrazyGrunt<thomas-hoskins@comcast.net>
Date: 15 August 2005, 5:45 pm

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Interrogation Room, Doombringer

The Master Chief turned on his helmet lights and saw that the Flood Spore Container was now embedded in floor. He looked at Nugga and Lovu, and saw that the Incubation Sacs on their backs were gone. Lovu's abdomen and breasts had returned to their proper size.
The four other Unngoy looked about the same size as Nugga and Lovu. Nazdreg, however was nowhere in sight.
"Damn those Orks," Grievous swore as he stood up, "They think they've won, but if I can't have this planet, NO ONE WILL!!!"
Grievous slammed his hand down on a large button, then turned round and ran out the door.
"Ship will self-destruct in three Hours," A voice said over the Comm.
Thomas and Krystal helped the Unngoy get up, then the whole group ran out of the room.

High Charity, Gravemind's Lair

Gravemind awoke from its rest. Ever since it had merged with the Gravemind on the planet, it had gained the ability to teleport High Charity. Now it sensed a ship in its selfdestruct mode beginning to destroy the planet. Gravemind called the Flood back to High Charity. When all the Flood had reached the safety of High Charity, Gravemind teleported High Charity to the Forerunner homeworld, which had been overrun by the Flood millions of years ago.
I have waited for a eternity to conquer the galaxy, Gravemind thought, soon the Flood will consume the Galaxy.

Unngo, Divine Mountains, Ark

Truth sat at the commander's balcony of the Ark's bridge. The Ark was ready for spaceflight.
"Prepare for takeoff," Truth said to the Jiralhanae at the pilot seat, "This planet may belong to the rebels for now, but we shall reclaim it soon."
There was a rumble, and the ship blasted off. Upon reaching orbit around Unngo, the ship scanned the battlefield.
The Droid Army Fleet greatly outnumbered the combined strength of the Human Fleet, the Rebel Fleet, the Divine Wind Fleet, and the Ork Fleet.
"Attention all ships still loyal to the Holy Covenant," Truth spoke over the Comm, "Retreat. These beings who call themselves the Droid Army outnumber us three ships to one. Retreat I say, retreat!"

Ghazghkull's Space Hulk, WAAAGH Room

Ghazghkull stood at the captains' platform of the Bridge. He turned at the sound of a Ork running towards him. The Ork halted two feet away.
"Sir!" The Ork saluted, "Orkimedes demands your presence, Sir!"
"Demands it??" Ghazghkull snarled, grabbing the Ork with his Power Claw, "HE DEMANDS ME??? If he wasn't our best mekanic, I would kill 'im."
"Its urgent," the Ork gasped.
Ghazghkull snorted as he dropped the Ork and stomped down to Orkimedes sector.

What's so urgent that you have ta demand my presence?" Ghazghkull roared as he stomped into Orkimedes workshop.
"The planet is going to explode in two hours," Orkimedes said in flawless English, "Give the order to retreat, and I'll teleport the Boys back to the Space Hulks."
"I'll do dat," Ghazghkull agreed, and picked up the FleetCom, "All Orks retreat to extraction points, The planet is gonna blow! RETREAT!"

New York, Hangar Bay Alpha

Thomas watched as Covenant ships of every type landed in the New York's Hangar. Thousands of Unngoy disembarked, wearing the military standard methane pack. They must have been informed of the imminent destruction of their planet. Thomas heard that the Covenant had collapsed into civil war, and the Elites, Hunters, Unngoy, Engineers, and a lone Prophet had forged an alliance with Humanity, and they agreed that once the war was finished, They could all work together for the better of both communities.
Thomas turned back to the prone forms of the Six Unngoy who had been affected by the Flood Spores. Thomas wondered what had happened to Nazdreg. He turned to the viewport to watch the destruction of Unngo.
3...2...1... The Doombringer's detonation could be seen from space. After the detonation, more explosions rocked the planet. Suddenly, Unngo exploded with the force of a hundred Fury tac-nukes.
Thomas was stunned for a moment before recovering. The thought of destruction of an entire planet seemed hideous to him. On the flipside, Lord Grievous was dead. If he was dead, then Humanity only had to worry about the Covenant or the Orks, whichever attacked first. Thomas sighed, then walked down the hall toward the barracks with Krystal.

To Be Continued…