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A Unngoy Life: Chapter 13: It Couldn't Be Worse...
Posted By: CrazyGrunt<thomas-hoskins@comcast.net>
Date: 13 August 2005, 5:55 pm

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Doombringer, Brig

Private Krystal Lee woke up in a cell. There was no keyhole, since the the cell bars were made from electricity. Krystal silently cursed herself for joining the ODST program. She cursed herself for letting Thomas Dalton persuade her to join the ODST program in the first place. Then she cursed Thomas Dalton.
Then she stopped cursing Thomas Dalton. After all, he had been the only guy who understood her energetic nature during high school. Krystal had a hunch that Thomas Dalton had a crush on her during college as well.
"Your awake," a voice said behind Krystal, causing instinctively to go for her sidearm, which had been confiscated. She turned around and saw a sight that made her blood boil.
A female Grunt sat in the corner, staring at her.
"A Grunt?" Krystal wondered out loud in surprise.
"We are called Unngoy," The Unngoy corrected, "My name is Lovu, member of the Imperial Unngoy Protectors."
"Hey, quiet over there!" One of the Super Battle Droids shouted.
Lovu muttered something about frying that Droids circuits, then settled down to get some sleep.
Krystal relaxed and decided that she would have to wait for a while.

Aboard Doombringer, Interrogation Room

Nugga woke up with a huge headache. He tried to move his arms, but soon realized he couldn't move his arms or legs. He suddenly realized that he was in the same type of containment field that he had found Lovu in, but was strapped to a slab of metal. He heard the sound of claws clicking against the floor and he realized that he was in nasty dilemma. If Lord Grievous had captured him and Lovu, then he was in for severe pain and torture.
Lord Grievous walked over from the console and sneered at Nugga.
"Its time you suffer for cutting off my hand," Grievous sneered.

Aboard Doombringer, Ventilation System

Sergeant Thomas Dalton crawled along the ventilation shaft, listening for any movement outside the vents. Cortana was connected with his neural lace, so he had acess to the ships Comm channels. Thomas was annoyed. The thought of having to work with a Grunt was irritating.
"Hey, Grunt," Thomas whispered to the his new ally, "Never got your name."
"Its Nazdreg," Nazdreg answered, "And second, were called Unngoy, not Grunts."
"Don't get so worked up about it," Thomas replied, "Sheesh."
"Keep it down," Cortana said through the Comm channel, "We're almost at the Brig."
Thomas unclipped a fiber optic cable from his belt and stuck it out the vent. He hooked the cable to his helmets optics, and did a 360 degree sweep of the room. He saw a couple of Droids clad in blue armour, five captured Unngoy, Krystal, the Master Chief…
Thomas whipped the cable back to the Master Chief. If the Master Chief had been captured, then this was going to be harder than he thought.
Thomas pulled a grenade from his belt and tossed it down at the Droids. 3...2...1... The explosion put a hole in the Brig door, activating the alarm. The good thing was that the two Droids were a couple piles of scrap.
Thomas kicked the cover off the vent and jumped out. Krystal looked up when she heard him jump out. Thomas walked over to the cell door and deactivated it. Krystal stared at him through her helmet. She thought he wouldn't be coming for her. Nazdreg crawled out and began releasing the other Unngoy.
Thomas walked over to the Master Chief's cell and deactivated the electric bars. The Master Chief stood up and walked out of the cell.
"Sergeant Thomas Dalton of 5th Platoon, sir," Thomas stated to the Master Chief.
"Ahem," Cortana said, "If we're finished with the introductions, I would like to return to the Master Chief, and I suggest we get moving."
Thomas pulled the neurochip from his helmet and handed it to the Master Chief, who took it and slid into his neurolace. Click. Thomas brought his chaingun to bear on the hole in the door.
Suddenly, eight brown spheres rolled through the hole and formed a semicircle facing the group. The brown spheres unfolded into Droids armed with repeating blasters. Thomas considered firing at them, but when their Energy Shields activated, he saw it was hopeless.
"So," Lord Grievous said as he walked into the Brig, "These humans have formed an alliance with the methane-breathers and decided to come rescue their comrades. How very touching. Bring them to the Interrogation Room."
With that, Lord Grievous walked out of the Brig, followed by the Droidekas herding the prisoners to the Interrogation Room.

Aboard Doombringer, Interrogation Room

Nugga looked up as Lord Grievous walked through the door, followed by Lovu, the Demon, two Humans, four other Unngoy, and to Nugga's complete surprise, Nazdreg.
"Put that female methane-breather in the Containment Unit," Grievous snarled at a couple of Interrogation Droids, "They are going to suffer for cutting off my hand."
Lovu had her methane pack removed before the Interrogation Droids strapped her to a slab of metal and shoved her in the Containment Unit.
"Release the Flood Spores," Grievous ordered a Interrogation Droid.

Lovu stared in horror as Flood Spores began pouring from the ceiling. The instant the Spores came in contact with her skin, her body began to mutate. Her body enlarged by 1 foot, and the rest of her body grew to fit the dimensions. Multiple Incubation Sacs began to form on her back, while her abdomen began swelling, and her breasts were swelling along with the abdomen.
She glanced over at Nugga and saw that he was as large as her. Then everything went black.

The Master Chief grabbed a console for support as something hit the ship. He glanced at Nugga and Lovu. The Containment Field shattered, and the Flood Spores poured into the room. He saw Sergeant Thomas and his companion activate the armour seals on their ODST suits. The Unngoy were not so lucky. Their bodies twisted about as they grew to Nugga's size.
Suddenly, everything went dark.

To Be Continued…