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A Unngoy Life: Chapter 12: As If One was Bad Enough...
Posted By: CrazyGrunt<thomas-hoskins@comcast.net>
Date: 7 August 2005, 6:46 pm

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High Charity's Glory, Bridge

"Report!" Half-Jaw roared as the ship was pounded by a barrage from one of the Capital Ships in the Blockade.
"Our engines have been hit," one of the Sangheili replied, "Sir, we are dead in space."
Half-Jaw swore silently. If the ship was dead in space, they were sitting ducks for the blockade's accurate weaponry. That, and they couldn't stop Gravemind from landing High Charity on Unngo.

Outskirts of the city Mos Espa, Unngo

Nugga gunned the engine as the Spectre flew over a ravine in what was left of Mos Espa, a city on the other side of the mountain. Aside from Jambo, Mos Espa was the largest city on the planet. Even though it didn't have huge buildings, Mos Espa had the largest population on the planet.
Nugga stopped the Spectre after jumping the ravine. What he saw devastated him.
High Charity lay on its side in the middle of Mos Espa.
Nugga looked around and saw a wrecked Shadow lying upturned in the ravine he had just crossed. He looked back at Lovu who was lying on her side in the back of the Spectre. She hadn't been herself since being inside of Gravemind's lair. Nugga decided to leave her alone for the time being and take a closer look at the upturned Shadow.
Upon closer inspection, traces of Flood guts covered the Shadow. Nugga gasped. Either the Flood from High Charity have control of the city, or the Flood from Halo have already been here.
Nugga whirled around at the sound of a frightened scream, pulling out his Energy Sword and moving toward the Spectre. He heard a loud thunk behind him, and a mutated arm was the last thing he saw before he blacked out.

Lovu cowered underneath the Spectre, trying desperately to remain hidden from the Sangheili Bio-Warrior that had just knocked out Nugga. She had a nagging feeling that she was the reason that it was here. The Sangheili Bio-Warrior walked over to the Spectre and hit it with one of its arms with such force that it flipped the Spectre over, exposing Lovu.
Lovu tried to run, but the Bio-Warrior hit her over the head and knocked her out as well. The Bio-Warrior raised its arm to deliver the killing blow, when a jolt of electricity shot through its body.
"Bring those methane-breathing filth back to the Doombringer," A voice said in the Bio-Warrior's mind, "I will make them suffer."
The Bio-Warrior picked up Lovu and Nugga with its tentacles and grabbed their weapons as well. Then it trudged off back the way it came. What the Bio-Warrior didn't know was that the Sergeant Dalton had watched the whole scene.

High Charity

Cortana searched High Charity's mainframe for a way out. Ever since High Charity had crashed into the planet, Cortana's hope of escape was restored. Then she found her means of escape. The Prophet of Mercy's Hoverchair. As she hovered through the streets of High Charity, she saw Flood Forms everywhere. Then she saw a Grunt standing in the middle of a walkway, killing Flood left and right. She looked at the walkway, and saw that if some sorty of miracle didn't happen soon, the Grunt would be dead. Cortana decided she would be that miracle.

High Charity, walkway

Nazdreg fired his Fuel Rod Gun into a Carrier Form at point-blank range. The blast sent the the Carrier Form flying into a dozen Combat Forms. The only problem with his plan was that the shockwave knocked him off the walkway. He looked down, and saw thousands of Infection Forms staring at him eagerly. Nazdreg closed his eyes and waited for his impending doom.
But it never came. Nazdreg felt something slam into his body,forcing him to open his eyes.
He gawked when he saw himself flying in a hoverchair over the enraged mass of Infection Forms, who didn't like being robbed of their prey.
"Foolish AI of the metal man," Garvemind's voice echoed through High Charity, "You cannot escape my grasp."
"We'll see about that," Cortana said, which startled Nazdreg, "Lets see what my automated plasma turrets have to say about that."
Cortana activated the Plasma turret gird in High Charity, and set the Turrets hostile unit to destroy any Flood in the area.
Cortana smiled as the sound of Plasma fire and the unearthly screams of the Flood reached her hearing processors. Then she plotted a course out of High Charity.
Suddenly a glowing orb floated up along side the hoverchair. Cortana was stunned to see 2401 Penitent Tangent floating alongside her.
Suddenly they were out of High Charity, only to be stopped by a sight that surprised Cortana beyond anything the Master Chief had ever done.
There were thousands of Grunts near High Charity. The sheer number of Grunts without a Elite to keep them in line.
"Freeze!" A voice shouted behind them. the group of three turned around in unison, and saw a ODST pointing a chaingun in their direction.
"Hold your fire," Cortana said as she tapped into the soldier's Comm system, "This is human AI Cortana, and the Grunt and Monitor are with me."
"Apologies, ma'am," The ODST said, "Sergeant Thomas Dalton of 5th Platoon at your service. The Master Chief and one of my men have been captured by Droids of some kind. I'm going to need your help rescuing them."
"No," Nazdreg spoke up for the first time, "I'm not going with you. I'm going to see what is the situation with my people."
"They're fighting those Droids too," Sergeant Thomas said, "They told me that Halo had crashed into this planet."
"Well then," Nazdreg said, "I'm coming with you."

To Be Continued…