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A Unngoy Life: Chapter 11: On The Move
Posted By: CrazyGrunt<thomas-hoskins@comast.net>
Date: 4 August 2005, 5:15 pm

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Covenant Capital Ship High Charity's Glory, Bridge

Sergeant Johnson stood at the Holovid showing the Blockade. The Arbiter walked up beside him and looked at the Holovid as well.
"Friends of yours?" Sergeant Johnson asked.
"No," the Arbiter said in a flat tone.
"The Blockade is interfering with the Comm," Miranda Keyes said as she walked up to them, "I can't get through to anyone on the surface."
"If these aliens are as tactically advanced as I believe they are," Half-Jaw said as he joined them, "They probably knocked out the Comm towers the first chance they had. I'm going to hail the Human Fleet soon."
"Understood," Miranda Keyes acknowledged.

Outskirts of Jambo, Ice Shop

Nugga woke up lying on top of Lovu. He rolled off of her and decided to take a peek outside.
Bad idea.
Nugga saw the Ork banners rising above the buildings on the other side of the street. He shook Lovu awake and told her to grab her Beam Rifle and stay put while he found a transport. Nugga grabbed a Needler and a Energy Sword, then ran out of the ice shop to find a transport.

Drop Pod 7, Unngo's atmosphere

Thomas relaxed in his Drop Pod during the drop. He had twenty successful landings under his belt, so he had nothing to worry about.
"Sergeant," Major Smith's unnerving voice came through the Comm channel, "Are you seeing this?"
Thomas looked at the viewscreen and saw fifteen Ork fightercraft flying underneath their position.
Suddenly, five of the fighters peeled away from the formation and opened fire at the Drop Pods.
"I've been hit!" Krystal srceamed. Her Drop Pod's parachute exploded, causing the Pod to drift away from the rest of the group and the LZ.
"Gentlemen," Major Smith said in his usual tone, "If you are knocked out of your flightpath,when you land, try to find your way to the LZ."
Thomas heard the order, but was too busy worrying about the Ork fighter that was heading towards him. Thomas braced for impact.
Thomas's Drop Pod clipped the Ork fighter's wing, sending his Pod spinning off toward Krystal's Pod.
Thomas groaned as he saw a strange tank. Upon magnification, there were Orks in it. Thomas clicked the safety off the Chaingun. His Drop Pod was going to land right on top of that tank.
CRUNCH! Thomas's Drop Pod landed on top of three Orks in the transport. Thomas kicked open the pod door and opened fire on everything else in the battlewagon with his chaingun. The Orks didn't have time to react before Thomas killed them.
Thomas pulled out a frag grenade and tossed it where he figured the weakest point on the tank was.
He figured right. The grenade exploded, causing secondary explosions to rock the inside of the tank. Thomas thought it was about time to get off the tank at that point. He shouldered his chaingun, and leaped over the rail.
The last Ork on the top of the tank roared in anger. Thomas guessed this guy was the leader of this particular group of greenskins. Thomas waved good-bye to the apparently idiotic greenskin.
KABOOM! The tank exploded, knocking Thomas off his feet. He lay there stunned, thinking about what to do for his next move. First, he had to find Krystal.

Outskirts of Jambo

Yappa watched in horror as a huge, dome-like structure fell from the sky, crashed into Installation 03, crushing the ring with its sheer weight. The Dome, which Yappa realized was High Charity, stopped on the other side of the mountain after crashing through its peak. The Infection Form controlling Yappa's body sensed a presense like Gravemind, only it was coming from High Charity.

Outskirts of Jambo, Ice shop

Nugga brought a Spectre up to the front of the ice shop, yelling at Lovu to get in. Lovu ran out and scrambled into the Spectre. Nugga kicked the Spectre into gear and it took off toward the city on the other side of the mountain.

Jambo, Rear Defense Perimeter

The Master Chief woke up with a searing pain in his arm. He looked around and saw that he was surrounded by Battle Droids. Five Battle Droids stood over him, their blasters aimed at his head.
"Get up," A Battle Droid ordered. The Master Chief guessed this Droid was the one in charge.
"Hands up," The Commander Droid continued. The Master Chief complied willingly.
"Move," the Commander ordered prodding him with his blaster. The Battle Droids moved him on to a transport, and sent him to the interrgation chamber on board the Doombringer. The Master Chief groaned. After evading the Covenant for years, only to be captured by a group of Battle Droids.

To Be Continued…