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A Unngoy Life: Chapter 10: Bad Feeling About This…
Posted By: CrazyGrunt<thomas-hoskins@comcast.net>
Date: 21 July 2005, 12:35 am

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Resistance Field HQ

Nugga woke with a splitting headache. Literally. He looked around the HQ.
The room looked as if a bunch of Lekgolos had gotten into a bar fight. The bodies of Unngoy Tacticians were scattered across the room. Every piece of equipment was destroyed.
Then he remembered. The Jiralhanae. They had slaughtered the Unngoy in the room like animals.
Lovu. He looked around and found her laying near the entrance. Luckily, he found her pulse. He exhaled a sigh of relief. She was alive.
Nugga grabbed her limp form and crawled out of the Field HQ.

Outskirts of Jambo

Nugga carried Lovu into a small ice shop. Lovu woke up after he laid her down on the ground.
"Nugga," Lovu asked, "What happened?"
"Truth betrayed us," Nugga answered.
Nugga turned Lovu over on her stomach so he could unclip her methane pack. She wouldn't be needing her methane pack anymore. He took off his own so he didn't have to lug it around. Then he turned Lovu over. Her four large breasts looked extremely appealing. Lovu gave Nugga the 'I know what you're thinking and I feel the same' look.

Human Ship New York, Armoury A

Sergeant Thomas Dalton of ODST 5th Platoon, sat in the armoury cleaning his portable chaingun. His chaingun would be vital to the success of the mission.
4th Platoon had been sent down to that chunk of ice at 0900 hours. It was now 1750 hours, and they hadn't checked in. Admiral Harper had figured that the 4th was dead so he was sending in the 5th and 6th Platoons to establish a foothold in the city where the majority of the fighting is taking place.
Suddenly a female ODST stopped in the doorway of the armoury. It was Private Krystal Lee, one of Thomas's many highschool friends. Krystal was always hyper, which made her a good friend during times he was bored. She had quick reflexes, which was why the brass let her in the ODST program.
"Hurry up Tom," Krystal teased. She knew Thomas didn't like being called that name.
"I'm coming," Thomas said with a smile. He shouldered his chaingun and followed Krystal to Drop Pod Bay 2.

Drop Pod Bay 2

Major Smith paced back and forth across the bay floor. He was the Platoon's new commander after Major Johnson had been killed in the battle for Earth. Major Smith always wore sunglasses that prevented anyone from seeing his eyes when talking face-to-face. It reminded Thomas of a villian from a movie from the year 2000 he had seen. An Agent.
"Gentlemen," Smith said in a cold, collected tone, "I will not be brief with you. Your former commander may have given you a pep talk before a mission, but I will not. You will follow my orders to the letter, understood?"
"SIRYESSIR!" 5th Platoon roared in unison.
"Good," Smith said, "Now suit up and prepare for hot drop. We drop in T minus 5 minutes."
Thomas placed his chaingun in Drop Pod 7, next to Krystal's.
Krystal and her highschool friend and fellow ODST, Vicky Kobbels, both grabbed a Shotgun, some Grenades, and a Rocket Laucher with extra ammo for both guns.
Thomas did a ammunition check on his personal M6D Pistol. A full clip. He checked that he had extra clips of ammo.
Roni Guman, longtime friend of Thomas's, armed himself with a Sniper Rifle and a shotgun.
"Everyone in their Drop Pods now," the Major said in his cold, unnerving tone.
Fifty ODSTs strapped themselves in their pods, and the doors closed behind them.
"ETA to drop," Smith said over the Comm channel, "T minus 1 minute."
Thomas opened a private Comm channel to Krystal and said, "Am I the only who is creeped out by the Major's voice?"
"Nah, he creeps me out too," Krystal answered.
Then the Drop Pods were released, and they blasted out of the ship toward the planet.

Outskirts of Jambo, Grubnatz's Battlewagon

Grubnatz spat over the side of the Battlewagon. Ever since he had killed the former Warboss, he had been in charge. The Ork political structure was determined by who was the toughest, largest, and meanest Ork around.
His new bodyguard was given the best equipment he could 'convince' da Mekboyz to give them.
Grubnatz clenched his newly attached Power Claw. His entire bodyguard was equipped with mega-armour, power claws, and the choice of twin-linked shootas or a kombi-weapon.
Grubnatz looked up as he saw Phantoms fly overhead and headed east. Grubnatz knew that meant the retreating natives were coming this way. He yelled at the driver to turn the Battlewagon around, and to sound the Waggh Horn.
The driver complied, and the foot-slogging boyz turned to the battlewagon and ran to get in front of it. Grubnatz grinned. This Warband will have a lot of glory after we plunder this planet, he thought.
What he didn't realize was that he was being watched by four pairs of eyes.

Outskirts of Jambo

A Flood Unngoy watched what was happening on the outskirts of the city. The Flood Unngoy was Yappa, who could only watch the battle that was about to take place. Well, the Infection Form controlling his body had been ordered not to interfere in this skirmish. The Infection Forms developing in his chest were starting to reach maturity. Soon he would be a walking time bomb, like the rest of his former species could soon to be. Yappa sighed inwardly, knowing that he was doomed. But he swore he would do anything to help his people win this war.

To Be Continued…