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A Unngoy Life: Chapter 9: Da Orks
Posted By: CrazyGrunt<thomas-hoskins@comcast.net>
Date: 19 July 2005, 5:43 pm

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Author's note: Orks have a tendency to speak differently than humans. A WAAAGH is a group of warbands of the greenskins(Orks) that merge into one army that makes a huge empire on its conquests. And here is a list of weapon equivalents:
Slugga=heavy pistol
Shoota=Assault rifle
Rokkit launcha=Rocket launcher
Big Shoota=Minigun
Choppa=Axe-like weapons or brutal cleavers
Uge Choppa=big axe
Wartrukk=armed, open-topped transport
Death Kopta=helicopter
Warbike=heavy-armed Ork motorcycles
Wartrak/Warbuggie/Wartrak Skorcha=(Ork verison) Warthog
Battlewagon=tank/heavily armed transport
Now read on…

Ghazghkull's Space Hulk, WAAAGH Room

Ghazghkull trudged into the WAAAGH Room and sat down at the table. Zagboss Skargrim Ruknar, the leader of the Burning Death Speed Freeks, Boss Snikrot, the leader of the RedSkull Kommandos, the Painboss, Mad Dok Grotsnik, and Ghazghkull's personal technical genius, Orkimedes, were all present.
"Thank ya all fer coming," Ghazghkull said, "As we all know, this planet is a ice world, so Skargrim, I suggest you 'ave your boyz put chains on ya tires. Warboss Grubnatz, get ya Warband prepared for da teleporta. Grotsnik, get yer cyborks ready to hit da enemy 'ard. Orkimedes, prepare da teleporta fer a large group. Dismissed!"

Jambo, Resistance Rear Perimeter

The Master Chief stopped running once he reached the entrance of the Rear Perimeter. After stopping he looked and saw the Shadow that he rode in on was totally destroyed. He looked up and a Shadow with a two Ghost escort headed towards him.
The convoy stopped next to him. A Grunt was manning the Shadow's Plasma Turret, and two Grunts were driving the Ghosts. The battle must not be going well, the Master Chief thought.
"I'll drive one of the Ghosts," the Master Chief said.
One of the Grunts got out of his Ghost and offered it to the Chief.
Suddenly, a flash appeared ten yards away. Twenty Orks appeared out of thin air. After taking in their surroundings, they spotted the Shadow and charged toward the Master Chief.
The Master Chief pulled out a Carbine and started firing at the Orks. He hit the lead Ork, but the Ork kept coming. The Ork pulled out a large pistol-like weapon and began shooting at the Master Chief. A three pound bullet fired from the weapon and put a six-inch bullethole in the Shadow.
"Get out of here!" The Master Chief yelled as he ignited his Energy Sword.
The Ork pulled out a crude-looking axe and lunged at the Master Chief. The Master Chief gutted the Ork on his Energy Sword. The other Orks took one look at their dead comrade, then at the Master Chief. Then they pulled out crude-looking axes, cleavers, and what looked like a chainsaw, and charged the Master Chief.
Suddenly, drop pods began falling out of the sky. Two drop pods squashed an Ork or two, and the door hitting an Ork in the back pissed it off. It turned around and began to hack away at the Helljumper that was in the drop pod. The Helljumper fired his Battle Rifle once into the Ork's face before the Ork decapitated him.
The Helljumpers got out of their drop pods only to end up in the middle of a close-combat nightmare. The Orks seemed to thrive on the carnage they caused. The Master Chief had to dodge three-pound bullets while beheading, skewering, or slicing up any Ork near him.
Ten minutes later, only the Master Chief, two Helljumpers, and four Orks were left. The Helljumpers were exhausted, but the Orks' strength was already recovered. The Master Chief pulled out a Plasma Grenade and threw it at the Ork that looked like the leader. The Ork went into a rage, and charged the Master Chief. The Plasma Grenade exploded, killing the remaining Orks, and knocking out the Master Chief.

Resistance Field HQ

Truth watched the whole fight play out on a Holovid from the Field HQ. He smiled inwardly. Not only was the Demon dead, but these heretic Unngoy and their blasphemy shall be silenced soon.
Just then, the Savior of the Unngoy, Nugga walked in, flanked by his dearest comrade, Lovu. They were surrounded by Jiralhanae Honor Guard.
Truth looked at the Honor Guard captain, a sign to kill everyone in the room. The Captain barked something to the rest of the Honor Guard, and they all simultaneously fired their Brute Shots into the Unngoy Tacticians. Nugga stared for a moment, then ignited an Energy Sword and gutted the nearest Jiralhanae. Then the Honor Guard turned and whacked Nugga and Lovu over the head. The two collapsed to the ground, and Truth motioned for the Honor Guard to leave. After surveying the damage, Truth left the room.

Droid Army Field HQ, Jambo

Lord Grievous trudged in the Droid Army Field HQ to see Jango Fett, Boba Fett, and a newly repaired IG-88 were waiting. Grievous walked over to his seat at the War table.
Lord Grievous looked down at his Comm system, and saw a light beeping on the Ground-to-Spacecraft Comm. He pressed a button and a hologram projector appeared in the center of the table.
A Droid Captain appeared in Hologram.
"Sir," The Droid Captain said, "Three strange fleets have appeared insystem. One calls themselves the Orks, another calls themselves the Covenant, and the third fleet are called Humans. These ships are well-armed, the Orks have landed a small unit of troops by means we have yet to discover. The Humans have also landed troops via drop pods. The three fleets are outside of the blockades firepower, so we can't attack those fleets without moving away from the blockade. What are your orders, sir?"
"Send as many starfighters as you have on your crusier, Captain," Grievous ordered, "My troops should be able to kill anything that these pitiful fleets throw at us."
"Understood sir," The Droid Captain saluted, and the Hologram vanished.

Aboard Human ship, New York, Bridge

Admiral Harper stood at the tactical readout on the Holoboard. Over a hundred unknown ships were stationed around the planet, in blockade formation. He had sent a squad of ODSTs to do some recon, but hadn't heard from them yet. Strange thing was, the Covenant weren't moving towards the blockade either. It appeared that the Covenant were as surprised as he was.
"Sir!" The ship's AI, Zeus, said, "The 'Orks' are moving their 'fleet' toward the blockade.
"Are they insane?" Harper wondered out loud, "That blockade has got to have at least fifty time more firepower. They'll be annihilated."
"Sir!" the Navigator shouted, "Slipspace rupture about ten klicks away. A huge ship sir, Covenant by the looks of it. The Identification code translates the name to High Charity. Wait a moment… sir, I'm picking up a second ship on scanner. Its Covenant, but I'm picking up Captain Miranda Keyes transponder signal on board that Covenant Cruiser, as well as Sergeant Johnson's. What do we do sir?"
"Get the fleet as close as you can to that blockade," The Admiral ordered, "And bring all ships up to Combat Alert."
"And Zeus," Harper said as he turned to the AI.
"Yes, Admiral?" Zeus asked.
"Give our new friends a warm welcome," the Admiral ordered.

To Be Continued…