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A Unngoy Life: Chapter 8: Three-way War
Posted By: CrazyGrunt<thomas-hoskins@comcast.net>
Date: 15 July 2005, 5:55 pm

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Gravemind's Lair

Nugga woke with a start. He tried to move but realized that he couldn't move at all. He looked around and saw Lovu, the Demon, and Lord Grievous in the same predicament. The he saw it.
A huge mass was in the middle of the room. A smell like rotting flesh secreted from the creature. Nugga gagged at the smell.
"Gravemind," The Demon mumured, "I thought that there was only one."
"Incorrect, human," Gravemind said, "There are one of my kind on each Halo. When Halo crashed into this planet, I was overjoyed to find that it was filled with thousands of senitent life, perfect food for the Flood. In a matter of weeks, the Flood shall consume all senitent life on this planet. Then I will proceed to leave this planet and all senitent life in the galaxy. Muhahaha!"
"As for you, Lord Grievous," Gravemind said, "You have given my flood a new form to use, but I don't need Sangheili to make this form, I shall use the natives of this planet."
Gravemind pointed a tentacle behind Lovu. On the opposite wall lay Yappa, or what was left of him anyway.
His body was mutated by he Infection Form in him. His arms were gargantuan in comparison to his swollen body. His legs were shrunken and stubby. His torso was swollen from the Infection Forms growing in it. His eyes still showed signs of life, but Yappa had no control of his body.
While everyone else was staring at the abombination on the wall, Lord Grievous cut the tentacles holding him up. He jumped onto the wall and ran up and out of Gravemind's lair through the one of holes made by Gravemind's tentacles.
"NO!!!!" Gravemind screeched as Lord Grievous turned and ran out the hall.
Master Chief grabbed his Energy Sword and sliced the tentacle holding him. Then he cut the two Unngoy loose. The three of them ran out through the hole and ran for it. A enraged roar echoed from behind them. Tentacles lashed out at them. Gravemind was pissed. The Demon grabbed Nugga and Lovu by their methane packs and sprinted away from that digusting version of Hell.

Resistance Field HQ

The Prophet of Truth floated through the doorway of the Resistance Field HQ. A Unngoy saluted him as he entered. Truth floated over to the tactical map.
"Master Tactician, report," Truth ordered, "How goes the battle?"
"Not as we predicted, Hierarch," The Master Tactian answered, "Our forces in Halo Trench are holding, but our Ghost divisions are being forced back by the enemy's speeder squadrons. We placed two Wraith legions all across our defensive line, but the enemy tank forces have begun destroying Wraith squads when they get in range. Also, we have received reports of Flood attacks, employing a Combat Form of unknown origin. These attacks have been traced back to Halo, meaning that the Flood are using this battle to annhilate us from behind. Hierarch, the battle is lost. We must retreat."
"I understand," Truth said, "Have the Shadow transports begin evacuating wounded from Halo Trench, and tell the Banshee squads to give us cover fire. Have the Phantoms start retrieving Unngoy from the rear and make their way to the outskirts of the city."
"What about you, Master Hierarch?" Master Tactian asked.
"I will be leaving in the Ark," Truth answered, "It is not be capable of space travel yet, but I will use it to escape."
"Master Tactian," one of the Tactians shouted, "Reports indicate that Demon and company were sucessful at the cost of the Jiralhanae Honor Guard."
"Master Tactian!" Another one called out, "Slipspace rupture just outside the enemy blockade. It's our Divine Wind Fleet, the one that was sent to annhilate Earth. Wait, the fleet was larger than this. Noble Hierarch, their being followed by the Human fleet. Both fleets will be annilhated if Lord Grievous has his blockade open fire."
"Hierarch," the other tactian shouted, "There is a huge cluster of asteroids headed towards the blockade. Wait a moment, no that's impossible… Sir, I think those asteroids are actually spacecraft. I hope whoever is in those ships are on our side."
Suddenly, a hologram appeared on the Holovid. The face which appeared on the screen had a metal jaw. His head was covered in a strange metal. A cybernetic eye glowed a evil red next to his real eye, which glowed a blood red. His nostrils were slits that sat next to his eyes.
"People of this planet," The face said, "I am Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka and me and da Orks is gonna crush ya so Surrender or die!"

To Be Continued…