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A Unngoy Life: Chapter 7: The Battle of Jambo
Posted By: CrazyGrunt<thomas-hoskins@comcast.net>
Date: 15 July 2005, 1:29 am

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Halo, Resistance Rear Perimeter

Yappa pulled out two needlers in case of the predicted attack from behind that Nugga had spoken of. Hopefully General Grievous was leading the main bulk of his army into battle, and he wouldn't have to face him. His troops were a match for a bunch of droids.
The sound had come from underneath him. Yappa took three steps back and flattened himself against the wall, and motioned for his squad to do the same.
CRACK! The methane ice shattered, and hundreds of Infection Forms poured out.
"OPEN FIRE!" Yappa yelled and fired his needlers into the abominations.
"Nugga," Yappa yelled over the Comm, "Grievous didn't plan to attack the Rear, but the Flood did!"
He turned and ran away from the oncoming tidal wave of doom coming at him. Then a tentacle burst through the ice and dragged him down into the hole.

Jambo, Resistance Front Line

Nugga ignited his Energy Sword and cut through a Battle Droid that had gotten too close to the barrier. The fighting was the fiercest down here, even though he had heard that fighting was taking place outside the trench.
"Nugga," Lovu signaled over the Comm, "I just received word that the Flood attacked the rear. Also, I have received reports that Yappa was taken."
"GET DOWN!" The Demon yelled and pulled out a Carbine and fired at Commander Durge, who, until moments ago, had been sneaking up on Nugga.
Suddenly, energy shields activated on Durge's huge arms. He easily deflected the Carbine shot and then knocked Nugga out of the way, and charged the Demon. Durge was almost on top of the Demon when two prongs of energy shot out his back. The Demon had gotten an Energy Sword from somewhere, and now it had gutted Durge.
To the Master Chief's surprise, Durge began laughing. Then Durge began pounding him with powerful punches to the head. Then Durge delivered a roundhouse punch into the Master Chief's abodmen, causing him to lose his grip on the Energy Sword. Durge pulled the Energy Sword out of his chest with minimal effort, and began thrusting with the Energy Sword at the Master Chief.
There was a hissing noise, and suddenly Durge was minus his sword arm. Two seconds later, Nugga's Energy Sword sliced through Durge's middle.
"You okay, Demon?" Nugga asked, "I need your help with eliminating the Flood infestation that is occuring in the rear."
"Sure," the Master Chief said, "As long as we have some Brutes to back us up."
"It shall be done," the Prophet of Truth said as he floated up to them, "My Jiralhanae Honor Guard will accompany you."
"Let's go then," Master Chief said, "But we'll need transport."
A Shadow pulled up alongside Truth. Lovu was driving. The group clambered onto the Shadow and Lovu kicked it in gear, and the transport sped off to Yappa's last known position. Little did they know they were carrying a extra passenger. Durge was alive.

Halo, Resistance Rear Perimeter

Lord Grievous walked into the Rear Defense Perimeter to find multiple Unngoy dead near the hole that his Bio-Warriors had chased the Infection Forms out of. He looked around to find about ten of his Bio-Warriors standing at the entrance to the passageway. He smiled and motioned the Bio-Warriors to hide.
Lovu slammed on the Shadow's brakes, and they stopped outside the Rear Defense Perimeter. Master Chief, Nugga, Lovu, and six Brute Honor Guards hopped off the Shadow and ran into the entrance. They skidded to a stop when they saw Lord Grievous blocking the path.
"Well, well," Grievous wheezed, "It seems that these methane-breathers have aquired some allies."
The Master Chief ignited his Energy Sword, and Nugga did the same. The Brute Honor Guard raised their Brute Shots and prepared to fire. Lovu leveled her Particle Beam Rifle at Grievous's head.
"You shouldn't be worring about killing me," Lord Grievous sneered, "As you should about killing them."
Grievous's Bio-Warriors stepped out of the shadows. Then Durge stomped in behind Lovu.
The Master Chief signaled the Jiralhanae to take care of Durge while he took care of the Bio-Warriors. With that, he and Nugga began slashing at the Bio-Warriors. Ten seconds later, the Bio-Warrios lay dead.
The Jiralhanae fired their Brute Shots into Durges gut. Durge collapsed under the barrage. For a second it looked like Durge was dead. Then a mass of tentacles erupted from the crater where Durge was. It hit the nearest Jiralhanae with the force of a rocket. The Master Chief turned around and saw Durge rise from the crater.
"Now you see Durge's true form," Grievous laughed.
Pieces of Durge's armour were fused to his body of tentacles. His helmet was the only thing intact. Nugga stared for a moment. Then Durge charged.
The Demon dodged Durge's charge and began hacking away at his back with the Energy Sword. Durge turned around and slammed his arm into the Demon's head. The Demon sailed across the room and hit the wall with a sickening crunch.
Durge turned his attention to Nugga. He charged Nugga and body slammed him. Then the tentacles swarmed around Nugga and absorbed him.
The Demon stood up and pulled out a Brute Plasma Rifle, and opened fire. Durge turned his attention back to the Demon and charged him again. He was almost on top of the Demon when a bulge appeared in his chest. Then a second bulge grew on his stomach, and a third on his arm. The Demon threw himself out of the way not a moment too soon.
Durge exploded. In the middle of the gore stood Nugga, dripping with digestive juices. Lovu stared.
"Plasma grenades plus my methane-pack," Nugga said, "Equals a bad case of indigestion."
"Now where were we," the Demon said, "Oh yes. We were about to kill Grievous."
"Muhahahaha!" Grievous laughed, "You think you can defeat me? Let's see how you handle one against three."
He lunged at the nearest Jiralhanae. The Jiralhanae raised it's Brute Shot to defend itself. Suddenly, two lightsabers ignited in Grievous's hands, and he used one to bisect the Brute Shot, the other to behead the Jiralhanae holding it. The other Jiralhanae went berserk and charged him. Greivous killed them with the precision of a artist.
"Now you all shall die," Grievous said.
Then his arms divided from two arms and became four arms. Then he pulled out two more lightsabers and ignited them.
The Demon pulled out a second Energy Sword and ignited it. Nugga ignited his Energy Sword, and Lovu ignited hers. Then they all charged Lord Grievous as one.
Grievous parried the first attack from the Demon. Then he thrust his lower right hand's lightsaber at the Demon's gut. The Demon blocked the attack with his second Energy Sword. Grievous lunged out with his left foot and grabbed Lovu's head with it, and he threw her into the wall.
Nugga charged Lord Grievous in a rage. Grievous grabbed Nugga's head with his right foot and slammed Nugga's head into the ground. Then Grievous began attacking with new intensity at The Master Chief, who could barely keep up Grievous's attacks before.
two minutes later Grievous scored a slash at the Master Chief's right leg. The Master Chief dropped to one knee in pain. Grievous saw an opening, and slashed the Master Chief's right shoulder with both of his left arms' lightsabers. The Master Chief fell to the ground. Grievous pointed all four of his lightsabers at the Master Chief's forehead.
"It ends here," Lord Grievous said and raised his lightsabers for the final blow.
Suddenly, gigantic Flood tentacles erupted out of the ground and grabbed Lord Grievous's arms. Then another wrapped around the Master Chief. More tentacles grabbed Nugga and Lovu. All four of the warriors were dragged down into Halo.

To Be Continued…