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A Unngoy Life: Chapter 6: Lots Of Enemy!
Posted By: CrazyGrunt<thomas-hoskins@comcast.net>
Date: 11 July 2005, 6:19 pm

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Droid Army Field HQ, Jambo

Lord Grievous walked into the Droid army's commander center. Two security Droids stood at attention as he passed. He entered the tactics room.
At a rectangular table sat the commanding officers of Droid Army. The human bounty hunter Jango Fett and his son Boba Fett were clad in their trademark Mandalorian Battle armor. Commander Durge, another bounty hunter, was a species of unknown origin. IG-88 was being repaired, so he was unable to be present in the meeting. Lord Grievous took his seat at the head of the table.
"As you are all aware," Lord Grievous began, "These methane-breathing lifeforms have given us trouble for the last time. Our final assault will purge their kind from this city, allowing us to take over this pitiful excuse for a city and eventually control this planet. The Droid Army will break into four groups, each headed by one of us. I will be leading two Legions of our Bio-warriors that will attack from Halo. Durge will lead ten battalions of Battle Droids, forty battalions of Super Battle Droids, and fifteen divisons of Droidekas through the trench that was craved by Halo. Boba Fett will lead the Hailfire Droid squadron on our right flank. Jango Fett is in charge of our AAT Tank brigade and our STAP squads on our left flank. The plan is to force the resistance into the trench, where we can annihilate the vermin all at once. Any questions?"
Seeing none, Grievous said, "You have your assignments. The attack begins when I give the signal. Dismissed."

Above Unngo, Ark

The Master Chief grabbed onto Truth's hover chair as the ship was attacked by thousands of Vulture Droids. The enemy fleet was closing in on the Ark's positon. The ship was going to be destroyed if the Covenant didn't fight back.
"Doesn't this ship have a weapons system!" Master Chief yelled.
"Yes," Truth answered, "The console at the front of the bridge."
The Master Chief ran to the console at the front of the bridge and examined the controls for the main cannon. They were not very different from the controls of a MAC gun. He fired the main cannon at the nearest cruiser.
The cannon's projectile blasted out of the cannon at a lightspeed. The round tore through the shields of the cruiser and continued through the ship, and went out the other side, and blew up the observation tower of the capital ship going underneath the cruiser.
Next Master Chief powered up the anti-starfighter weapons, then opened fire. The plasma beams tore through the Vulture droids and took out the shields of a few destroyers that were unlucky enough to be in the path of the plasma beams.
"The Vulture Droids are in disarray, Demon," one of the Brutes said, "The enemy is preparing to return fire. Brace for impact!"
The Master Chief stumbled as the ship was hit by a merciless barrage from every enemy ship able to return fire. The bridge shook as a shot connected with the Ark's engine.
"Losing altitiude," one of the Brutes said,"We are going down."
The Ark began to plummet toward Unngo very fast. The Master Chief crouched down to avoid being killed on impact. This is going to be a long fight, Master Chief thought.

Unngo, Jambo, Halo Trench, Resistance Defense perimeter

Nugga looked at the Unngoy around him preparing for battle. There were Unngoy so old they could hardly move, suiting up for war like they were young again. Female Unngoy were given needlers and sent into the catacombs with the younglings to protect them, with the exception of Lovu. All the other Unngoy were perparing for battle.
Nugga shook himself out of the daydream and grabbed a energy sword from the rack. He snatched a pair of Needlers and fastened them to his methane pack. Nugga grabbed four plasma grenades and looked down Halo Trench(as it was now referred to), and saw them coming.
There was at least twenty unknown but definitely hostile vehicles slowly advancing down the trench toward their position. Nugga slipped on his Imperial Protector helmet and switched on the Comm.
"Lovu, sound the alarm," Nugga howlered at the Comm.
"Already did," Lovu said in a cool tone.
Nugga watched as hundreds of Ghosts, Banshees, Wraiths, and Spectres powered up. This battle will decide the fate of Jambo be won by either my people, Nugga thought, or it will be won by the scum who are trying to take it from us.
Nugga heard a sizzling noise and looked up. The Ark hit the ground about a fifty clicks from Nugga's position. It kept going after it hit the ground. Nugga dived out of the way as the Ark smashed through the barrier and came to a stop. A figure stepped out form the bridge viewport. Nugga couldn't believe it. The Demon was HERE!
If Nugga could convince him to help, the Unngoy would stand a good chance at winning this battle.
The Flood had other ideas.

To Be Continued…