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An Unggoy's Life: Chapter 38: Reinforcements and Explosions
Posted By: CrazyGrunt<thomas-hoskins@comcast.net>
Date: 10 July 2006, 6:36 pm

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Pillar of Autumn II, Bridge

      "Incoming transmission." The Pillar of Autumn II's Comm officer shouted. "It's from the carrier New Baghdad, which appeared on our scopes two minutes ago."
      "Patch it through." Keyes ordered, clenching her teeth as she watched the Holovid. The Droid Army had begun sending down invasion craft to Omega IV's surface. She looked up as a holoscreen appeared at the top of the Holovid. The image showed a Russian, whose face showed the scars of many battles. Bald, and bearing a serious look in his eyes, he was undoubtly a veteran.
      "This is Captain Alekseyev." He said, "How may we be of assistance?"
      "Do you have any landing craft?" Keyes asked.
      "Three thousand Pelicans awaiting my signal." Alekseyev replied.
      "Get as many troops down to the surface of Omega IV as you can before the Droid Army can secure a foothold on the planet," Keyes ordered sharply, "I'll have my ODSTs meet your marines at the capital city. Keyes out."

      "Yes, ma'am," Major Dalton replied as Cortana gave the Platoon comander his instructions. "Alright whelps! Listen up!" He bellowed to the Platoon after Cortana was finished, "We're goin' planteside! Follow those Landing Ships and try to prevent them from landing their troops. Move out!"
      He slammed the throttle to full and rocketed toward the nearest Landing Ship, Plasma Cannons blazing like hellfire. As the turrets on the wingtips of the Landing Ship's I-shaped fuselage began to track him, a Super MAC round disemboweled the ship. Thomas watched as the MTT tanks that had been in the ship's cargo hold begin to float out into space, while some burned up in the atmosphere.
      "I hope Cortana can take out some more transports before they land." He muttered under his breath.
      He tapped his Comm, and sent a hurried transmission to 5th Platoon. "Omega squadron, start headin' planetside! We need to cover those Pelicans!"

      Jango jerked the controls to the left as three Longswords flew past Slave I.
      "Father, a message from Lord Grievous," Boba said over the Comm, "You're to head down to the surface and lead the troops in the assault of Omega IV's capital, Hegemony." Jango couldn't see his son's face behind the green battle helmet, but he could tell from the slight tilt of the helmet that Boba was worried.
      "Understood," Jango nodded, "Jango out." He looked at the jet-black Fighta Bomma as it blasted away to safety. Another time perhaps, Jango thought, and reluctantly maneuvered Slave I around till it was trailing the Landing Ships down to the surface.

      Nugga crept down the hallway of the Chaos, Holi two steps behind him. Lovu had taken point at the corner up ahead, while Yanna and Glor were covering the squads six. Inku was in the middle of the group, clutching his Plasma rifle like his life depended on it.
      "Clear?" Nugga asked Lovu over a private Comm link. Lovu pulled her head back and shook her head, then held up three fingers. Then she crawled backward to Nugga position.
      "Four Orks. Each of them is carrying a double-barreled weapon with their right arm, probably a shoota, and each of them is wearing full helmets and heavy armour," Lovu said, then added, "Odd thing is, their left arm seems to be mechanical, with some sort of claw appendage at the end, and their legs are made of an unknown metal compound."
"Cyborgs," Holi interrupted, "I noticed Grievous talking with Ghazghkull's head doctor, called Mad Dok Grotsnik. He experimented on himself so much that he has several mechanical augmentations on his body."
      "Well that makes things complicated. Their metallic bodies make them impervious to a Plasma grenade," Nugga said as he considered his options. He looked at Holi, "Do you think you could take them out?"
      "It's possible," Holi replied, and held up the Superstikkbomb that she'd taken from the dead Mek. "Or we could use this."
      "Good idea, but that thing probably has enough yield to blow them up as well as us, so I think it's best you fight them head on," Nugga told Holi, then pointed at the Superstikkbomb, "I'd better hold on to that just in case one of their shots hit the arming pin, or worse, the explosive itself."
      "Agreed," Holi nodded with difficulty, and handed the Superstikkbomb to Nugga. Then she walked around the corner into plain view of the cyborg Orks.
      In Ork terms, Orks who get augmented by Mad Doks are known by the name Cyborks, because of their incredible endurance and strength. As Holi stepped into plain view, one of the Cyborks yelled "Enemy has reached da main hallway!" and leveled it's double-barrel weapon, which so happened to be intergrated in its right arm, and opened fire on Holi. A grot who Lovu hadn't spotted turned and ran toward the bridge to warn the Kaptain, while the other three Cyborks leveled their weapons and opened fire on the gargantuan Flood-Unngoy.
      Orks are known for their inaccurate firearms, but with the four Cyborks blocking the hallway while standing shoulder-to-shoulder, their bullets were making contact with Holi's Flood skin, and tearing through it. Holi made it to the Cyborks, and tore a Cyborks's gun arm off, and swung down with her tentacled arm with immense force onto another Cybork's head.
      The Cybork crumpled as the arm caused his skull to cave in, but the remaining two Cyborks launched themselves onto Holi, slashing at her head and body with their large Powerclaws. Holi knocked one off, and knocked its face in. The last Cybork drew back its Powerclaw and delivered a deadly punch to Holi's abdomen. Green blood erupted from Holi's abdomen, splashing onto the Cybork. She swung both arms down at the Cyborks's head in unison, and smashed it into the ground. She limped back around the corner as five more Cyborks entered the hallway.
      "Too…weak to…fight anymore…" Holi moaned as she clutched her abdomen.
      "Back to the Seraphs," Nugga ordered, and the squadron retreated back to the hangar. As they entered the hangar, Nugga could hear the sounds of more Orks following them. He dashed to Holi's Seraph, and helped her on board.
      "Everyone get out of here," Nugga said as he entered the Seraph's pilot seat. The four other Seraphs left the hangar, and Nugga nodded to Holi. Holi pulled the arming pin out of the Superstikkbomb and tossed it alongside Nugga's crashed Seraph, then hit the emergency close on the hatch. The hatch slammed shut, and Nugga gunned the afterburners, and shot out of the hangar, not wanting find out how long it took a Superstikkbomb to detonate.
      The Orks found out as they entered the hangar, because five seconds after Holi pulled the arming pin, it exploded with the equivalent force of a Fury tac-nuke. The explosion rocked the entire ship, followed by an even larger explosion that engulfed the Chaos and four Onslaught Attack Ships. The second explosion had been caused indirectly by the tac-nuke, which went off at precisely the moment the Chaos's Particle Accelerator cannon had prepared to fire, causing a chain reaction that over loaded the reactor fueling the accelerator, causing a critical meltdown.
      With it's sister ship gone, the Arch Maniac the Ork fleet pull back and regroup in the shadow of Omega VI, a small planet on the outskirts of the system.