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A Unngoy Life: Chapter 5: Tin Man is Back
Posted By: CrazyGrunt<thomas-hoskins@comcast.net>
Date: 5 July 2005, 6:48 pm

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Resistance Camp, Jambo, Unngo

This was the third day Lovu and Nugga had been stranded on Unngo, if stranded meant living the good life. One thing was that Unngoy didn't need to wear the heavy methane packs on their home planet. Lovu and Nugga slept together every night, since Nugga had rescued Lovu from the Doombringer. Their victory would be short-lived, because Lord Grievous was coming back for revenge.

Nugga walked into the Resistance Field HQ to find Yappa looking at a Holomap of the city. The Holomap showed four starships of unknown origin landing outside Jambo.
"Lord Grievous has returned with reinforcements," Yappa said, "I say five legions per starship. That is twenty legion in that army, plus vehicle support. If he plans to launch a full-scale attack, the Resistance will be annihilated."
"Not unless we find a weak point in the Army's plan of attack," Nugga said, "Grievous probably knows that we know where his ships are. He knows the element of surprise for the main bulk of the army is gone. That's why he left at least one legion behind on Halo to attack our rear, while we focus our attention on the legions from the capital ships. The legion based on Halo will attempt to break through our rear and cause havoc among our ranks while the main bulk of the army delivers the killing blow."
"How are we going to counter such a large offensive?" Yappa inquired.
"We force the main army in to a bottleneck. Then plant a mine field around the crashed Halo so that lone legion can't attack us from behind. The army's main bulk will be stuck in the bottleneck, where we can wipe it out and completely destroy it. That trench that was carved by Halo will serve as the bottleneck."
"Good plan," Yappa said, "We'll start preparing for the battle now."

Aboard Doombringer, Bridge

General Grievous stood in the commander's platform, watching the Pilot Droids sent messages to the battleship Geneosis's Pride, the destroyer Grand Annihilator,and the Doombringer's sister capital ship, the Armageddon Flame, to land on this chunk of ice its inhabitants called their planet.
Grievous stared at his newly repaired hand. He would make the Unngoy that cut off his hand die slowly, very slowly.

Harbringer System, above Unngo, Ark

The Master Chief walk cautiously through the Ark's hallway. So far, he had encountered little resistance. For a ship that was carrying the last prophet hierarch on board, there was a lack of security. Then he came to what looked like a maintenance shaft. He wished Cortana were here. He slipped into the maintenance shaft with ease.
The shaft seemed to extend from bow to stern. He walked towards the bow of the ship, where he supposed the bridge would be. Then when he was near the bow, heard a familiar voice.
"Prepare to land the ship at Unngo's capital," The unmistakeable voice of the Prophet of Truth vibrated through the vent underneath the Master Chief. He carefully removed the grating from the vent. He looked down and saw the Prophet of Truth hovering right below him. The Master Chief pulled out an Energy Sword, ignited it, and jumped down next to Truth. He pressed the Energy Sword into Truth's neck as the bridge crew turned around and brought their weapons to bear on him.
"Drop your weapons, or your boss gets decapitated," The Master Chief said firmly.
One by one, the bridge crew set their weapons on the ground and kicked them over in his direction. A blinking light began flashing on one of the consoles. A Brute turned to it, then turned back to face the Hierarch looking very pale.
"Sir," he said, "Slipspace rupture on the far side of the planet.A ship of unknown origin just dropped out of Slipspace. No, make that two ships. No, three. They're pouring out of Slipspace. There are at least two hundred ships coming from there. They be able to detect us in two units, sir. What should we do?"
"Land on that planet," The Master Chief interrupted, "They will have a hard time detecting us."
"Too late," one of the Brutes said, "Multiple ships are launching starfighters. No lifesigns on board the starfighters. They seem to be using droids."
"No ship can stand that much combined firepower," The Master Chief said, "Land this ship now."
"Too late," another Brute said, "The starfighters are firing at us. Brace for impact!"
The Master Chief groaned. This space battle was going to be a disaster.

To Be Continued…