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A Unngoy Life: Chapter 4: Rescue
Posted By: CrazyGrunt<thomas-hoskins@comcast.net>
Date: 1 July 2005, 3:31 pm

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Grievous's headquarters, Halo

Nugga popped out of the sewage duct in Grievous's HQ, and looked around. He saw two Battle Droids that were different than the ones that captured Lovu. He pulled out a Plasma grenade and threw it at one of the Droids. Nugga closed the lid quickly as possible. 3...2...1...BOOM! The grenade exploded, destroying the Battle Droids.
Nugga jumped out of the sewage duct and unholstered his Plasma Pistols. He crept along the wall, listening for the clank clank sound that Droids make.
While crawling through the ship, he encountered little resistance. He fried about five Battle Droids before reaching the Interrogation Chamber.
"Admiral, prepare to disembark from this cold hell," a voice wheezed.
Nugga slipped into a ventilation shaft just as the door opened. He saw Lord Grievous walk out of the Interrogation Chamber and head toward what seemed to be the bridge.
Nugga felt a sudden heatwave hit him, and he realized that he was in the engine vent. He felt a rumbling, meaning that the ship had just taken off.
He slipped out of the vent and into the Interrogation Chamber. Two Battle Droids stood at the sides of the doorway, looked at Nugga, and opened fire. Nugga dived into a roll and blasted the nearest Battle Droid with a Plasma Pistol on overcharge. The Droid fell in a heap of twisted metal.
"Uh-oh," the remaining Battle Droid said. Then it hit an alarm. Nugga jumped and brought both Plasma Pistols on the Battle Droid's visual sensors.
Now that the Battle Droids were taken care of, it was time to take care of business. Nugga turned around and saw something that made his stomach turn over.
Lovu was lying on a operating table in a containment field. Nugga looked for her methane pack and found it next to the containment field. He picked it up deactivated the containment field, and handed it back to her.
"How did you find me?" Lovu asked once she had put her methane pack back on.
"I saw you get captured, and took a lucky guess at where they went," Nugga said.
The two Unngoy left the Interrogation Chamber armed.

Aboard Doombringer,Bridge

Lord Grievous sat in the commander's chair, watching the bridge crew prepare to jump to Slipspace. A holopanel popped up from the arm of the chair, and the Battle Droid in charge of Security appeared on the screen.
"Sir, it seems that another methane-breathing life form of the same species has freed the one of specimens we captured and is attempting to escape," the Security Commander said.
"I'll have IG-88 look into this," Lord Grievous wheezed.
He turned around and saw IG-88 behind him. IG-88 had a cylindrical body that could jump 70 feet. He was armed with a long-range blaster and a pulse cannon handgun.
"Find them," Grievous said.

Aboard Doombringer, enroute to Hangar

"Come on!" Nugga shouted. He and Lovu had been running toward the hangar bay for the past ten minutes.
"Almost there," Nugga gasped.
Then a figure stepped out of the shadows.
"I have been monitioring you, methane-breathers," the droid said, "You are correct to assume that this is the way to the hangar. But you will not escape from me."
IG-88 fired his long range blaster at Nugga's head. Nugga dropped to the ground to avoid the shot. He rolled into a ventilation shaft, then grabbed his needlers. Then Nugga ran out of the vent and to the other side of the room, firing his needlers in IG-88's direction. IG-88 jump to the side, and the needles impacted harmlessly against the wall behind him. Then he jumped to where Nugga was standing. IG-88 placed the barrel of his pulse cannon handgun on Nugga's forehead.
"Since there is a 0% chance of you surviving this situation, any last words?" IG-88 asked dryly.
"Hey metalhead," Lovu said as she pushed the Plasma Pistol's output to it's limit, "Dodge this!" and fired.
The plasma bolt hit IG-88 in the head, and he fell to the ground in a pile of melted circuits and metal.
Lovu grabbed IG-88's long-range blaster and took off after Nugga to the hangar bay.

Aboard Doombringer, hangar bay

Nugga ran into the hangar and opened fire on every Battle Droid in sight. Then he and Lovu ran towards Lord Grievous's personal shuttle.
"Where do you think your going?" Lord Grievous wheezed as he stepped out of the shadows. A blade of light ignited in his hand. Lord Grievous slammed the lightsaber down in front of Nugga and Lovu.
"Muhahaha," Grievous laughed, "You can't win. Surrender and will let you live."
"Nugga," Lovu said in a polite tone, "Give this bastard our answer."
"Yes, ma'am," Nugga replied, and ignited his Energy Sword and attacked.
Greivous parried the first attack with his lightsaber, then tried to knock Nugga's face with his fist. Nugga brought his Energy Sword up and sliced off Grievous's hand.
"Raaagghhh!" Grievous roared as he clutched the stub of what was left of his arm.
"Lets go!" Lovu shouted at Nugga as she hopped on the shuttle. Nugga jumped in and the ship took off.

To Be Continued…