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A Unngoy Life: Chapter 3: The Resistance
Posted By: CrazyGrunt<thomas-hoskins@comcast.net>
Date: 28 June 2005, 6:19 pm

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Resistance Headquarters, Jambo, Unngo

Nugga awoke to find himself in a small ice cave. He looked around the interior of the cave and saw that his methane pack was by his bedside.
Strange, Nugga thought. Unngoy hadn't used ice caves since before the coming of the Covenant. So why was he in one?
He pulled a Plasma Pistol from his methane pack and looked around. Then he heard footsteps behind him.
In a heartbeat he whirled around and had the Plasma Pistol in the face of the intruder. Nugga lowered the pistol when he recognized the being as a Unngoy.
"You High Charity types always were jumpy," the Unngoy laughed, "I am Resistance commander Yappa."
"Nugga, Commander of the Unngoy Imperial Protectors," said, "Much has changed since the last time I visited, am I right?"
"Yes," Yappa nodded, "Halo crashed into Unngo four human weeks ago. The parasite awoke when it crashed into Unngo. For the last couple of cycles we Unngoy who haven't been infected are hiding out in these caves without Flood contact."
"And the rest of the Unngoy on the planet?" Nugga asked.
"Unknown," Yappa answered, "They are probably hiding from the Flood or the Flood haven't reached those cities yet."
"Why didn't you try to start the Great Journey?" Nugga asked.
"Because the Great Journey is a lie," Yappa answered, "As I have learned from the Oracle."
As Yappa said this, a green-tinged orb floated into the cavern.
"Hello, I am 504 Enlightening Informant," The orb said, "How may I be of service?"
"Nugga, ask the Oracle about Halo," Yappa insisted.
"Oracle, what is Halo's purpose?" Nugga asked.
"Weapons of last resort, built the forerunners to elimate pontential Flood host, thereby rendering the parasite harmless. After exhausting every other strategic option, my creators activated the rings. They, and all sentient life in three radii of the galatic center, died, as planned. Would you like to see the relevant data?"
Nugga gasped in realization.

Outside trench craved by Halo impact, Jambo, Unngo

Lovu awoke to find herself lying in the snow. She sat up and looked around. The Flood were nowhere in sight. She removed her methane pack and armour, exposing her body to the elements.
That when she saw it. A ship was heading towards her position. The ship's design was nothing like Lovu had seen before. As it landed, Lovu fumbled for her Beam Rifle. That's when the vechicle's occupants stepped out.
At first, only droids stepped out. When the last occupant stepped out, Lovu gaped. That occupant's body was completely made of metal, but it organic eyes.
"Commander," It said in a grating tone, "Have we found a new specimen?"
"Yes, Lord Grievous," one of the Battle Droids said, "A methane-breathing life form is very close by."
"Then capture it," Grievous said, "We need another specimen to make more warriors."
Lovu gasped. They must mean her. She aimed her Beam rifle at the Droid Commander, and fired.
The Beam Rifle blew the Battle Droid Commander's head off, destroying it.
Lord Grievous pulled something from his waist. Two seconds later Lovu fell to the ground, out cold.
"An excellent catch," Grievous said, "We shall make good use of this one."

Resistance camp, Jambo, Unngo

Nugga was in one of the hover chairs, sulking. He was astonished to learn that the Great Journey was a lie. Since Halo was embedded deep on Unngo, they couldn't destroy Halo without destroying Unngo in the process.
A messenger Unngoy ran into the ice cave shouting, "We have spotted an unknown aircraft landing near the Halo trench!"
"Do we have a visual?" Commander Yappa said.
"Yes, sir, but I don't think you'll like it," the Unngoy handed him a Cam pad and scrambled out of the room.
Yappa and Nugga looked at the Cam pad, and saw Lord Grievous and his Battle Droids exit the ship. The camera zoomed in, and Nugga got a good angle of the Battle Droid Commander getting its head blown off. What he couldn't see, was the weapon Lord Grievous used to stun Lovu. The two watched as the droids hauled Lovu onto the ship.
"Can we track the ship?" Nugga asked.
"Yes," Yappa said, "Why?"
"I'm going to rescue my comrade," Nugga said defiantly, while shouldering his methane pack. He grabbed a Energy Sword, two Plasma Pistols, and two Needlers. Then he walked out of the room.

Lord Grievous's Headquarters, Halo

Lovu woke up with a painful headache. When she looked around, she saw Battle Droids standing at each door. She also noticed that she couldn't move her limbs, her methane pack was gone, and that her body was in a tube of some sort.
Lovu looked around and saw Lord Grievous interrogating a male Unngoy on the other side of the room. The Unngoy didn't look the type to betray his kind to save his own hide.
Lord Grievous kicked the Unngoy across the room and then pinned him against a wall with the claws on his foot. Lord Grievous grabbed something from his waist. A blade of light ignited from Grievous's hand, and he sliced the Unngoy's head off with it. The body slumped to the ground, and Grievous said in Lovu's direction, "This is what my lightsaber will do to you if you don't cooperate."
Lovu shuddered at the thought. Since she wasn't the only Unngoy here, it would be awhile before she was interrogated.
"Sir," one of the Battle Droids said, "We have the parasite."
"Excellent," Lord Grievous wheezed, "Bring in the Sangheili specimen."
Lovu gasped as Dumalee was strapped down and a comtainment field was put around him. Flood spores poured in from chambers above Dumalee.
His body began to twist about, bulges began to appear on his body, and his arms extended and grew whiplike appendages. When the process was complete, Dumalee looked like a cross between a Carrier Form and a Combat Form.
"Perfect," Lord Grievous sneered, "This combination of Sangheili and Flood spores is the perfect bio-warrior. I want 1,000 of these abominations by tomorrow."
"Yes, sir," The Battle Droid said, "But we need a host for the Flood spores."
"Stun the methane-breathing life forms, then select one to plant the spores in," Lord Grievous wheezed.
Lovu felt a jolt, then fainted.

To Be Continued…