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A Unngoy Life: Chapter 1: The Attack
Posted By: CrazyGrunt<thomas-hoskins@comcast.net>
Date: 23 June 2005, 7:18 pm

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High Charity, Entrance to the Sanctum of the Hiearchs

Nugga the Unngoy shifted uneasily at his post near the entrance to the Sanctum of the Hierarchs on High Charity.
He was one of four Unngoy who were in the Imperial Unngoy Protectors. The other three were Lovu, Nazdreg, and Zawaz.
Lovu was a female Unngoy, but she could outsnipe any male from any Covenant race. Nazdreg had a specialty with fuel rod guns. Zawaz had been selected because he had survived the first Halo and a encounter with the Flood.
Nugga had been selected because he had saved the Prophet of Endurance from a Heretic assassin on Unngo in the Harbringer system. The assassin had been a Kig-yar, and had a energy sword. Nugga had killed the assassin by breaking it's arm and slicing the oxygen tank the assassin was using to breathe in Unngo's methane-filled atmosphere. Nugga had taken a near-fatal slash to the head, so the Prophet of Endurance had the back of his head incased in Lekgolo metal.
Nugga snapped out of his daydream when he heard Tartarus, the Jiralhanae Chieftain, shout over every Comm channel, "The Demon has entered the Prophet's holy chamber? KILL HIM YOU FOOLS!"
Nugga switched to the private Unngoy channel, "Everybody hear that?"
"Who didn't?" Lovu said over the Comm, "I already saw the Demon leave the chamber. It is heading for the Prisons."
"We've got bigger problems than one bad cyborg," Zawaz groaned, "Reports from the Civilian district indicate that Flood have enter that part of the High Charity."
"Then as a human once said: "What the Hell are we standing around for?" Nazdreg yelled over the Comm.
"I agree with Nazdreg," Nugga said, "Lets save us some civilians."

High Charity, Civilian District

The four Unngoy gathered at the Entrance to the Sanctum and then ran for the Civilian District. When they arrived at the outskirts of the district, hundreds of civilians of all Covenant races were running away from it.
Nugga grabbed a young Unngoy by the methane tank and asked, "How many civilians have been infected?"
The young Unngoy shrugged, broke free from Nugga's grasp, and ran off.
"We had better split up," Nugga said, "Zawaz, cleanse the parasite from the Sangheili and Kig-yar residential areas. Nazdreg, eliminate any opposition from the Jiralhanae and Yanme'e residential locations. Lovu, your with me. You and I will cleanse the parasite from the Unngoy and Lekgolo residential areas. Lets move!"
Zawaz walked through the Sangheili home but didn't see anyone. The Kig-yar residential area was a different story.
The place was crawling with Elite Combat Forms and Carrier Forms that had been Kig-yar. He scan for any Covenant life that wasn't infected. Seeing none, he started planting the plasma charges. These charges should level this section of the Civilian district, taking out every Flood form in the area.
He had finished planting the plasma charges around the Kig-yar area when he was spotted. He pulled out two needlers and opened fire. He took out the Combat Forms near him easily, but it was the Carrier Forms he had a problem with because every time he destroyed a Carrier Form, five Infection Forms appeared.
"Be advised Nugga," Zawaz said over the Comm, "Being overrun. The plasma charges are ready to blow. All you need to do is hit the magic button."
A Infection Form leaped at him, but he whacked it with his needlers. Another Infection Form jumped him and this one made it. Zawaz watched in horror as his arms shriveled into tentacles. Then his bulges of skin appeared on him, his methane tank and armour fell off as the bulges grew. Then the Infection Form's sensory stalks popped out. Then Zawaz's head bulged up and he lost all conciousness, because another Infection Form was being formed inside his head, and more Infection Forms were being formed in the bulges on Zawaz's skin. Zawaz was now a Flood Carrier Form.

Nazdreg didn't see any flood in the Yanme'e section of the district. The Jiralhanae section was crawling with psychotic Jiralhanae and flood Forms. Nazdreg had to kill three bloodlusting Jiralhanae when they tried to rip his head off. Then he saw it.
A Human craft was head for High Charity. The craft was small in comparison to the one Zawaz's ship had chased to Halo, but it was coming in very fast due to the explosions from its aft engines. Too late Nazdreg realized that the ship was going to crash in the Jiralhanae district.
"Get outta there Nazdreg," Nugga yelled over the Comm.
"No," Nazdreg said, "The Flood have already realized that the ship is coming and I need to keep them at this location. Good luck with your mission."
Nazdreg heard garbled reports of Jiralhanae killing Sangheili warriaors and civilians. He muttered something and started firing the Fuel Rod Gun into the Flood. Then In Amber Clad crash into the district and cleansed it of the parasite.

Lovu and Nugga walked into the Lekgolo district to search for any civilians that might be left. Seeing none, they headed to the Unggoy district. Before they entered the district, Nugga said, "Its time to blow up the Kig-yar section of the Civilian District."
Nugga took a detonator from his armour and pressed the "magic button." A mushroom cloud of smoke billowed up from the other side of the district.
Once inside the Unngoy section, Lovu whispered, " The air in this section is methane, so we don't need the methane breathers here."
Nugga nodded in agreement. The two Unggoy slipped off their methane packs and tucked them in a alleyway near the edge of the methane pit. Then they removed the chest armour, exposing their bare chest to the world. Nugga glanced over at Lovu and saw her four large breasts that dominated her upper body. The Unggoy took off their arm bands after stashing the chest armour with the methane packs and stuck those in their as well. Lastly, they removed the gas masks from their faces. Nugga gulped in the air with relish and bared his teeth.
Nugga walked through the corridors of the Unggoy section while Lovu conducted surveillance with her Particle Beam rifle. Nugga cautiously opened each door but couldn't find a soul.
"Nugga," Lovu said, "Are Jiralhanae allowed to use energy swords?"
"No," Nugga said, "Why do you ask?"
"Because a trio of Jiralhanae is herding about five Unggoy to this complex by gunpoint," Lovu said, "There is Sangheili blood on their uniforms."
Nugga cursed under his breath, "Head back to the alleyway and get
your armour back on. We're getting out of here."

Nugga and Lovu were running on all fours so they would be harder to hit. They were almost to the Phantom dropship hangers when they were stopped by two Sangheili.
"Please help me," the first one said, "I am Dumalee. My comrade Lunamee here needs medical attention."
"We are headed for a dropshipso we can jump outsystem and escape this madness," Nugga said, "We were headed for the Harbringer System. Interested?"
"Yes," Dumalee shouted, " Anything to get away from here."
The group headed for the Phantom dropship Hangar when a wall of Flood Forms burst out the vent. The Sangheili roared with rage and pulled out a Energy Sword. He was about to charge the oncoming wall of doom when two figures stepped out of the shadows and open fire with a barrage of projectiles.
Nugga realized with wonder that they were being saved by humans. The group of Covenant dashed to the dropship hangar to find that they had arrived just in time to hitch a ride from the last Phantom dropship. The group clambered aboard and the ship took off.
"Wait," Nugga shouted to the pilot, "We owe a couple humans a favor."
The pilot nodded and flew the dropship over the position the humans were located. The pilot dropped down so the grav lift was right above the humans heads.'
"Get in!" Nugga shouted at them.
The humans, who were shocked to see a Unggoy telling them to get aboard, hesitated. Too late they saw the tidal wave of Flood Forms coming at them. They were overwhelmed.
Dumalee yelled at the pilot to take off. The Dropship blasted away from High Charity.

To be Continued…