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An Unngoy Life: Chapter 37: Personal Vendettas
Posted By: CrazyGrunt<thomas-hoskins@comcast.net>
Date: 18 January 2006, 1:07 am

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Somewhere in orbit around Dante IV, aboard the Droid Control Ship Merciless Executioner

      Jango Fett watched as the Battle Droids began assembling in the hangar bay. An invasion force 2,000,000 strong, nothing could stand in it's way. Consisting of 1,000,000 Super Battle Droids, 500,000 Battle Droids, 200,000 Droidekas, and 300,000 Terror Droids. Jango turned his back to the scene as the troops began loading themselves into the storage racks of the hundreds of MTT transports, which would in turn be loaded into the Landing Ships. Jango's train of thought was interrupted as a Pilot Droid ran to his side.
      "Urgent Holovid from Boba Fett." It said, handing him a Holopad.
      "What is it, son?" Jango inquired. He had been hoping everything would go according to plan.
      "The UWSC and the Orks have started attacking us, father." Boba Fett replied. "Our starfighters are putting up a fight, but they is too many of them. we can't beat them without some ground-based air support."
      "On my way." Jango Fett hurried to a grav lift. Two minutes later, he was prepping his personal ship, Slave I.

      "Damn Ork!" Major Dalton swore as he fired his plasma cannons at the mysterious jet-black Ork fighter. The fighter swerved out the way, and fired it's Zzap gun at a laser turret on the Merciless Executioner. The turret took the blast right at the base. Explosions rocked the turret, and it exploded.
      Krug swerved out of the way as the UWSC fighter fired at his Fighta Bomma again. "Annoying bastard." Krug muttered, and did a 180 and headed back towards the Mayhem.
      Suddenly, a ship shot out of the Merciless Executioner's hangar bay and began firing at Krug's fighter. "Damn!" Krug muttered, and switched to the highest gear, and shot toward the Mayhem like a thunderbolt.

      Nugga watched from inside the Seraph fighter as the Chaos became larger and larger with each passing moment. He pulled out a carbine from the Seraph's weapon locker, and switched the controls to manual. The Chaos's turret defense grid had just started tracking him, and he didn't want to get caught in their crosshairs.
      He could see the hangar bay about fifty yards away from the Seraph. He hit the afterburners, and was nearly thrown out of the seat as the Seraph flew into the Ork hangar and crashed into the far wall.
      Nugga blacked out for about thirty seconds, which was plenty of time for some of the Orks in the Hangar Bay to alert their superiors. When he woke up, more Orks were already on their way.

      Lovu swerved her Seraph out of the way as a jet-black Ork Fighter shot past it. What in the name of…?! Lovu thought, and then swore as Slave I zoomed past, firing a steady burst of laserblasts at the Ork Fighter. Finally clear of the danger, she activated the homing beacon on Nugga's Seraph. It was in the starboard
      "Need a hand?" A voice said over Comm, which startled Lovu so much that she nearly jumped out of her seat. "We thought you and Nugga could use some help." She saw a quartet of blips appear on her radar screen.
      "Holi you fiend!" Lovu laughed, "I see you brought Yanna and Glor. Who's the other guy?"
      "The Unggoy who was on the Eternal Life, the one named Inku," Holi replied, "He decided to come along and help us fight."
"Good enough for me." Lovu replied, and hit the Seraph's afterburners, and shot toward the Chaos.

      Nugga regained consciousness, and heard the sound of an fusion cutter on the Seraph's hull. He picked up the Carbine and glanced around the cockpit. He found the molten circle forming on the stern wall. He leveled the Carbine, and waited.

      A lone Mekboy skillfully used the fusion cutter to carve a hull in the crashed Seraph, a mob of Shoota Boyz behind him. He was almost finished when a second Seraph shot into the hangar, blasting everything insight. It was followed by three more Seraphs, each one landing in front of the crashed Seraph, forming a semicircle around the Shoota Boyz.
      The Mekboy pulled out a Superstikkbomb, the explosive equivalent of a barrel of dynamite. He watched as the Seraph farthest from his position opened it's exit ramp. He gaped at the creature that emerged.
      From what he had heard from one of the Mad Doks, Lord Grievous had been experimenting with Flood DNA, using Grunts as test subjects. This one seemed to have escaped and joined UWSC forces. It lunged at the Shoota Mob, tearing the head off an Ork had been too close.
      The Mekboy was about to throw the Superstikkbomb, when the portion of the hull that he had been cutting through collided with his back. He turned around, shoving the hull section out of the way.
      "What the-" The Mekboy didn't finish his sentence as Nugga fired three rounds from the carbine into his skull. He dropped dead.
      Nugga jumped out of the Seraph, and lunged at the nearest Ork, whacking it in the back of the with the butt of his carbine. The Ork was about to turn, but it's head was separated from it's shoulders by a Particle beam from Lovu's Beam Rifle.
      When the hangar was devoid of Orks, the group meet in the center of the hangar.
      "You shouldn't have come," Nugga said flatly, noticing Inku's presence.
      "Hey," Lovu replied, "We're a team, and a team sticks together." Then the group scrambled toward the exit, before more Orks arrived.

      Boba Fett watched as the Droid Landing Ships headed for Omega IV. The invasion would be swift and deadly. The planet would belong to the Droid Army within a day. Nothing would be able to stop them.