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Yellow versus Green
Posted By: Cody Miller<cody_j_miller@msn.com>
Date: 2 November 2006, 2:35 am

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Multiple specially designed teams have been misplaced by
the UNSC army and no one knows what year
it is. All we know is that the teams
have split and gone into civil war.
The story begins within a gulch that
everyone calls the Grand canyon II.

CHAPTER I: Getting ready.

Mission One: Yellow's defense.

Metal, the team leader, was looking around on top of his base. Watching for enemy attacks. "Hmm. Pyro, Sparks, are you two done with painting yet? I'm sick of all this blue," "Sir," Sparks yelled out, "we don't have any paint!" Metal jumped down the hole. "What? No paint, Pyro, go to Yellow's base. I believe they have paint." Pyro gets up, jumps down the base's hole and runs out the
door and grabs an warthog. "…Sparks, go
with him." "Yes sir!" "Stop taking my
orders with grace, I'm a mean leader,
I rule with an iron fist!" Sparks just simply stares. "Are you smiling or frowning? It's too hard to tell from your mask." "I'm cowering in fear because of your glassy eyes." "That better be the reason." As Sparks leaves the base Metal says "Maybe this will be the break we need, or they'll die and I can get new members, well anyway, it's good news for me…wait, I how'd he know I have glassy eyes? Is my one-way HUD on backwards, again?!"

*everything becomes silent*

"That explains why I can't see a darn thing."

Sparks runs outside as the vehicle is about to take off. Sparks goes to the back screaming "Don't go yet!" The warthog drives backwards backing into Sparks and crushes him into the wall. "Pyro! I said don't go! that means DON'T GO!" "Really? I thought you said 'run me over'." The warthog goes forward and Sparks jumps on. As they drive forward, Pyro goes over the rules, "OK, Sparks don't fire at ALL this time, remember what happened last time?"


"Okay Sparks, they have Banshees and
they'll nuke us if they see us, so DON'T fire!" The jeep's machine gun is already firing, "WHAT? I CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER THE SOUND OF THE GUN!"
The flying vehicles aim downward and start firing streams of blue plasma bolts. Within seconds, the LRV is in
flames with Pyro and Sparks lying unconscious on the ground.

*End of flashback*

Sparks stares at him. "Hmm, no." He starts aiming at one of the flying vehicles. Pyro moves to the left and the whiplash causes Sparks to fire at
a rock.

One of the pilots says over the intercom "Hey, did you hear something?"
"Uhh, no. But lets shoot at the hills
for the fun of it." "YEAH! This could use some chasing music!" Numa numa 2500
remix starts playing. "WOOT!"

The jeep comes to a complete stop.
And Pyro jumps out the driver seat to
grab a rocket launcher. "Can I drive
now?" "No Sparks, no driving for you."
The banshees fly over the three rocks
that Pyro and Sparks are by. The banshees aim down and see the LRV.
"What? I think I'm safe." The aircrafts
begin firing and the warthog starts bursting into flames. "I sense no danger here—" one of the banshees shoots a rocket and the vehicles blows up with Sparks still in it,
Sparks falls to the ground, burnt to
a crisp. "Sparks?! SPARKS!!! Wait, how'd it shoot a rocket? Ah, who cares. Sparks! You'll be avenged." Pyro jumps out of the rocks and locks onto one of the banshees. "Hey, blow this up!" The rocket shoots straight up and plows into the side of the aircraft, causing a massive explosion within the vehicle. The rubble falls to the ground with Rob still in it, but he is pretty much dead. The second banshee makes a U-turn before the rocket races towards it. Biscuits performs a barrel roll and dodges the missile. He makes another U-turn. "Haha, now what are you going to do!" A third missile charges straight at him. "Ah, crap…"


Biscuits falls to the ground, burnt,
but still alive. Pyro looks at the two
banshees, then Sparks. He looks at the red base that was presumed theirs.
"I need a doctor." He walks into the gateway and then Colonel Sandals comes
into view from the top of the base.
"If you want in, you need to say your
code-name, favorite color, and the password." "Ah, come on, this is an emergency!" "Say it," "fine. Pyro, of
the green team, favorite color is green
and the password…no clue," "I'll
give you a hint: the password is the
opposite of off. HAHAHAHA!" Pyro then
sighs, "OK, the password is: the opposite of off." He stares at Sandals
who is staring vacantly into space.
"How about two out of three?" "What?
I got that right?! Wait, no, I won fair and square, let me in!" Sandals stares
at the scorched hills and back at Pyro.
"Bet you did, but…" as Sandals starts
lecturing, Pyro stares vacantly into space.

Metal walks across the scorched
plain and finds Rob's body, he aims his
shotgun down. "Hmm," A voice inside his
head urges to say [kill him, he's an enemy, leave no survivors, work alone,
kill EVERYTHING] "Sorry, Rob." Rob's
motionless body had enough time and energy to allow his mouth to one last word "Crap!"


He moves towards Biscuit's aircraft,
Metal looks around [no one? Continue
towards the yellow's hiding place.]
Metal comes up to Pyro. "hey Pyro, he
Sandals. Let me in. I'm Metal, leader
of green team, my favorite color is orange and the password is off." "Any who--What? You got the password right, too?" Pyro says "what? The password is the opposite of off! how'd
he get it right if he got it wrong?"
Sandals stares at Pyro. "Right, who are
you again?" Metal takes a blue orb out
of his pocket. "I'm hungry, I'm going
to eat this donut." Pyro stares at him.
"Sir, that's-" he ignites the grenade,
"AAAAAAGH! Jelly filled!" He throws the
grenade at Sandals and hits him straight
onto his HUD. "Now I can't see!"


Sandals goes flying from the explosion of the grenade as Pyro stares at Metal. Metal
runs inside and comes back out. "Last
Tuesday he stole my burger queen, now my chocolate milkshake melted!" "What? Today is Wednesday."


"Hey Sandals I got Burger queen!"
Sandals comes out and hits Metal over the head with a rifle. "Now I have burger queen!" He bends over and steals
the milkshake. "Yoink!"

"Just like that, but completely different." Pyro stares at Metal.
"Wait, you told me that our food was stolen by monkeys that could summon tornadoes and beat you in a kon fu
fight with grey ninjas and killer zombies and the monkeys hit you in the head with a hammer and each of them nuked each other with rocket launchers
while eating tacos. Then you magically teleported back to the base which was
only thirty feet away. Plus a nuke went
off a few miles away." Metal was completely dazed, "I said what now? I
never said that!" "YOU said that three
hours ago." Metal stares vacantly into
space. "What about Sparks?" "I think he's dead, and by the way. Biscuits
is still alive, he's on top of the hill, and I think he has a sniper rifle."

"Dang, I forgot my sniper rifle!" Biscuits looks around and finds a
battle rifle.

"I think we're safe. Besides, you make
one, Sparks makes two, and I make seven." Pyro sighed. "First of all: its three, second of all: Sparks is dead,
and last, we still have yellow outnumbered two-to-one," Metal
scratched his helmet, "that's why you're the smart one Pyro, but, if we have two, that doesn't make four," Pyro stares at Metal, highly confused,
"Pyro, you said two-two-three."
Pyro sighs. "And you became the leader,
how?... … …any who, lets go have a
funeral for Sparks."

"Rest in peace, old pal." Pyro bends
down and punches Spark's body. "That's
for the road. Okay Metal, your turn."
Metal comes forward and says "rest in
peace, moron." He walks off as he sees
a person coming towards them. "Hello,
may I help you?" Metal asks as the man answers. "Yeah, hello. I'm Kenny, and
I'm here to join…green team, my team
was completely nuked a few miles from here." Metal looks at Pyro, then Sparks' body, then back to Kenny.
"Yeah, I guess so, that guy over there
is Pyro, and I'm Metal, and the body over there Sparks, and I'm Metal."
Kenny stares at the burial. "What body?" Metal and Pyro look at the burial. "Metal, he's gone!" Metal looks
over his shoulder. "AAAGH! Sparks
returns from the grave!" "Actually sir,
I wasn't dead. I survived impact by getting out my armor." Metal looks at the burial. "How'd you get back in your
armor so quickly," "I don't want to
talk about it."

On the other side.

Biscuits looks in surprise that Sandals
came back to the base and is still alive. "We need
new members." Biscuits goes onto his
COM link and starts talking into it.
"Hello? I would like to order two pizzas and…what? What do I want on my
my pizza? everything on a normal pizza,
like cheese and bacon!...Volcano dew
for pop and we also need a couple yellow team soldiers…thanks, love you
too, bye…OK, we're having pizza tonight, and they should be here about
twenty minutes from now.

Mission Two: Recruitment.

Back at blue base, home of the green team.
Metal is eating his burger queen, Sparks is showing Kenny around the base, and Pyro is talking on his COM link. "Okay, I'll be right there. Hold on! Hey Metal, may I use the
teleporter…wait, I'm the one who built it!" Pyro runs out the base and
jumps into the teleporter. An explosion
comes out from the side of the base.
"SPARKS! I told you to stop shooting the rocket launcher at the base to 'test it's defense'."

Pyro came out of the other side of the
teleporter into a city where an earlier
battle must of taken place. "What happened here?" He looked to his right
and A grey soldier with a grenade launcher with a bayonet attached to it,
and a red soldier with an SMG and a
magnum, with a quick snip, the grey man's blade ripped through the red
soldier's weapons. He was about to make
a final blow when Pyro fired a sniper rifle across the grey's head. The red
guy backed up and brought out a shotgun. "That was a warning shot." The red guy nodded and the grey stepped back. Red looked at Pyro, "was that really a warning shot?" "No, but I got close though." The red replied with
"I'm Destiny and that over there is…
Chris." Pyro stared back and fourth.
"Wow, he's the only guy here with an
actual name." "I'm Chris, I shall be feared!" He throws a dark purple grenade identical to Metal's donut.
The grenade bounces between their feet.
"… … …You forgot to activate it
didn't you?" "Was I supposed to?"
Destiny grabbed the grenade, activated
it and threw it back, it smashed onto
Chris' HUD and detonated.


Chris's highly torn armor zapped and buzzed as the safety shield came off.
"Hack! OK, I give up…" Pyro and Destiny pulled his body under a bunker
and Destiny painted his armor green, while Pyro painted Chris' armor green.

A few days later, Pyro, Destiny, and
Chris came up against a blue guy. They
were are in a mountain region and they seemed to be on a signal transmitting
dish with three antenna, a huge base,
and two U-shaped bases on the opposite side. A bridge connected to the right side of the big structure, the bridge had stairs going upwards
connecting to a second bridge. And a
banshee laid at the edge of this one.
A blue guy charged towards the banshee,
and by the time Pyro had him in his sniper's vision, he had already retreated into the banshee and taken off. "Blast, he's in. And we have no explosions left." Destiny turned around and went running, Chris pulled out a
needler, and Pyro started firing double
plasma rifles. "Stand back, its about to charge!" The banshee starts firing
a stream of blue white-hot plasma.
"Never mind, don't just stand there you
retard, RUN!" Chris fired needles from his weapon while Pyro fired his own trail of blazing hot plasma. The banshee made a quick back flip, but it's
left wing was nearly totaled. It came
back down with vengeance as it fired in
a more direct line. Chris' shield wore
off and blazing hot plasma proved painful as it scorched his body. He fell to the ground in pain. Pyro knew
he was next, so he pulled out his battle rifle and fired continuous bursts of armor piercing lead that made
its job by breaking on wing and critically damaging the other.
But the banshee swooped back down and
was about to make a last assault when
Destiny came shooting through the air
screaming "FOR CHICKEN!!!" And fired
a rocket launcher that blazed through
the sky and blasted the banshee.
Pyro said, "it's so pretty." The fireworks display came short as The blue soldier was lying on the bridge.
Pyro came up to him with a plasma pistol. "You sir, are the weakest link,
good-bye." The charged bolt of green plasma changed the man's armor color into green. "You are now a member of green team, state your name." The
man summons enough strength to say "My name…is…Doom…" Pyro bent over
and gave him an auto-charge. Doom came streaming onto his feet. "Much better,
thanks...are any of your names Destiny, or Chris?" Destiny and Chris stare at each other and raised their hands. "Good," Doom said, "two orange members,
team ALPHA-OMEGA, are on the rise. I just got beaten by one of them...he
said about taking over blue base in Grand canyon II, while the other hunts
down green team members…I came to warn you, but you shot at me, so I
retaliated." Destiny, Chris, and Pyro gasped. "Which one is following us?"
Doom looked down, sighed and looked back up. "His name is OMEGA..."

Metal, Sparks, and Kenny prepared themselves for another assault when
a orange colored man came in the door
with what seemed like an energy sword.
"Hey, Sparks, Metal, is this one of the

Yellow base is simply eating pizza while their two new members, Bob and
Tiles had a tour around the base. "You see this sniper rifle? This is mine, so
hands off." And inside the base, "this my plasma rifle, and magnum, don't touch." And the basement. "These are the team's banshees, don't touch until I
say so." And back outside. "This is my warthog, but you can use the ghost."

Pyro led his newly formed squad into
a seemingly deserted ice cap, bridges and rooms everywhere, and explosives.
But as they walked on, a shadow that had been lurking
finally jumped out of the darkness, everyone looked behind themselves to see nothing…when they continued on…
the invisible creature ignited it's energy sword…

To be continued.