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Bright Shadows
Posted By: CoLd BlooDed<broken_lizard12@hotmail.com>
Date: 28 May 2006, 10:19 pm

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Here I stand, all but stone,
Frozen in place, too alone;
Free me from these blackened chains,
Free me from this inner pain.

The tornado, the storm,
Of crying souls, leaving home;
Left to haunt these lonely halls,
Left to naught but relive their fall.

Corpses lying upon shadowed floor,
Bodies bright from prolonged lore;
Far too many to march over this mess,
Far too many to make second guess.

Leave it to them,
To the monsters condemned;
To leech the life from under your skin,

They come from the dark,
With guttural bark;
Ready to leave with forgotten sin,

Standing in shadows,
Of which are
blindingly bright;
Doing your best to blend in,

Flash of death here,
Scream of lead there;
To the Rotten they hold the win.

Is it fate, or cowardice,
That I stand here alone?
Is it guilt, or regret,
For I have laughed at the moans!

Short hall, but longest walk,
On Death's door, all did knock;
Except this soldier, except me,
Except closed mind, fate be the decree.

A different life arrives ahead,
Leaving me empty, I'm already dead;
What happened to all who dared?
What's to become of the only spared?

Confidence eludes,
All normality fades;
Within my veins, new life prudes,
Strange calling, end of my days.