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Posted By: CoLd BlooDed<broken_lizard12@hotmail.com>
Date: 15 April 2009, 6:06 am

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A whisper in the clouds at night
where concrete stars provide no light
the beauty here will never fade
like dewdrops off the morning blade
An iron maiden in the locks
where pained souls fight, bound in knots
the dust remains in crack and crook
like wooden shelves with highest book
nothing on the surface wrong
but deep beneath I'll always long
to read the letter, break the glass
Optimism in the past.

The drug kicks in with bitter taste
pulling teeth from all who faced
a drowning child in the midst
of badland boulders and clenched fist
Words I've never heard before
reach my ears like an unsound score
no violin or harpsicord
my heart and mind - in two they tore

A whisper in the clouds at night
now change the mood from dark to fright
with galaxies and roaming moons
I hope to speak with the real you
An epiphany of broken youth
my eyes doth yearn to know the truth
I'd cry to see bright light fade first
I'd fight to know who broke this earth
unfettered strands of my perfection
hold on to this hidden pendant
the aid of one who cares will come
to bear the fruit of kingdoms won.

The drug kicks in with bitter taste
on picture torn and lines erased
no colour in the shadowed hill
like faded paint on barnyard mill
oh Angel of this desolation
scripture leaves, in place takes patience
stimulation renders tasteless
the life I lead, no longer faceless.

A whisper in the clouds at night
'cross beds of sand with pillowbite
rubber spirits hang their heads
as loving friends spill red instead
no chain or ball around the heel
our senses on, eyes are peeled
for years to have this sentence served
I'll spread my wings as if a bird
then move your hands into the dark
emerge, embrace, enlarge, embark
you'll look at me though you're above,
our worlds colliding, days soft from love.

© 2009. Kale Beaudry