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Posted By: Chuckles
Date: 2 October 2005, 1:27 pm

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There is a place between darkness and light
Between what is real and what cannot be
A place where the is and is not come together
Where eyes tell the truth and deceive

When does day turn to night, when does night become day
We watch with our eyes and yet who can say
'Tis the nature of twilight, without hello or goodbye
It carries day or darkness away, walking with such subtle haste

There is a place born of contradiction
With shadow and light and shades in-between
Where facts come to die and myths come to life
And truth makes its home in a dream

When does night turn to day, when does day become night
When what should not be appears in the light
'Tis the nature of men though, without goodbye or hello
To run away from what might, seeing nothing and calling it sight

There is a place where children are taken
Kidnapped and cloned for humanity's sake
A place where the wrong and the right come together
And truth takes the form of a fake

When does dark become light, when does night become day
Now our eyes are so dirty we can no longer say
'Tis the way of the heartless, without care for the helpless
To use children as sculptors use clay, to make Spartans to kill and betray

C.T. Clown