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War: A Descriptive Scene, Helljumper, Brutes
Posted By: Chris Scott<motivated5@yahoo.com>
Date: 16 February 2009, 5:32 pm

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A dreary landscape, gore infested, decorated with the broken bodies of men and alien alike. Blackened corpses of tanks, Warthogs, Banshees, litter the plain, as if they are apart of nature, and indeed they are.

A toxic mixture of fuel fumes, gunpowder, chemical gas, ionized flesh, decaying temple, rotting cloth, leather, and wood assaults the lungs of the UNSC Marine. Acid rain cascades down from the polluted heavens, spattering on the weary backs of the Marines below.
Natures' God forsaken combination of dirt and water creates a grotesque form of mud, colored with blood and oil and filled with bodies and limbs. Hornet Fast Attack Aircraft roar by overhead, only to be drowned out by claps of angry thunder. The smell of boiling tar, rusty iron, methane, and sweat, mingles with the smell of burnt hair and rubber, creating a noxious fume that burns the throat, eyes and mouth.
The steady, dull, vibrating of a MA5B Assault rifle is joined by the pop-pop-popping of a BR55SR battle rifle, en masse. Screams, moans, shrieks, shouts, curses, yelling, crying, sobbing, and gasps can all be heard.
Walking surfaces change from the torn and mangled bodies of Marines, Grunts, Elites, Brutes; that crunch under foot, just below the soft layer of muck. The gloopy sucking feeling of shuffling through mud is hard on ones feet. Blisters and trench foot are common ailments.
The sky is a rainbow of faded colors. Red artillery shells streak through the air and when they hit; turn the clouds a pale sickly yellow. Lines of blue plasma hiss and sizzle through the air, transforming the clouds and surrounding area a dusty sapphire.
This is the year 2552.
This is the way the world ends.

He steps into the HEV pod, sits down on the small metal chair, and straps himself in. Chatter and a song called 'Enter Sandman' drift through the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers helmet radio. Even though his armor suit has a climate control feature, sweat creeps down his forehead and into his eyes, causing them to sting. More sweat drips down his back and chills him. The inside of his thighs burns with the slight sting of urine on his scraped up thighs. He hasn't wet his pants, but fear and nervousness grip him. To calm his nerves he asks someone to turn up the music. Through the crashing and slamming of the cymbals, he hears a steady countdown towards the drop. The Marine takes one last deep breath, and the smells of sweat, metal, and the plastic like fragrance of his dark-blue mirrored faceplate, greet his nostrils. The steady countdown reaches the last digits.
He hears the dull thump as his comrades are shot into space from the belly of the UNSC frigate, Charlie Brown. Then the ground slams upwards and sends the Marine tumbling towards the atmosphere of the planet called Himalaya. The marine feels his pod enter the atmosphere with shudders as each layer hits the bottom of the pod. He manages to look down through the porthole and sees only flames and white mountains.
Upon further investigation, he sees about a thousand other ODST HEV pods entering the atmosphere. This is the largest HEV drop in the history of humanity. Each ODST is equipped with enough supplies to feed a large family for a month. Weapons are strapped to backs, grenades stowed in greasy, metallic smelling canvas bags. He, the ODST hears some distant screams through his radio as some pods are shot out of the air by Covenant anti-air cannons.
The ODST can sense that the ground is fast approaching, and steels himself for the turbulence to come.

A sharp pain splits through the ODSTs body. The pod is a slag of shatterd metal. Coughing blood, the ODST manages to push the door open and is greeted with the sight of three Grunts staring at him. He reaches for his Battle Rifle, but it isn't there. He drops his hand to his side and retrives his M6 Magnum. The grunts scream as each one of their bodies cracks and shatters, spraying flourescent blue blood everywhere.

The ODST looks around for more Grunts. Seeing none his searches for his primary objective; a Sniper Rifle.

Upon finding his weapon, the ODST is joined by his spotter, and together they find a Covenant camp. Setting up on a ledge, hidden by a large bush, they start their deadly work. The ODST peered through the scope on his SRS99D-S2 Sniper rifle. The gold armored Brute took in a last breath, exhaled from its nostrils, and then looked down. He held his breath, waited in between heartbeats and then squeezed the trigger. The resulting pop of the sniper rifle was just quite enough to not be heard by the Brute.
The Brute's helmet shattered and bits of blood and brains sprayed on the Grunts sitting at the Brutes feet.
The Grunts at its feet jumped up startled. They rushed around in circles chirping, barking and screaming. He slid back into the bush, camouflaged by his ODST Body Suit. The spotter, also slid back into the bush.