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(revised) Halo: Alliances: Prologue
Posted By: ChibiHalo<ssvaltinson@msn.com>
Date: 5 May 2007, 8:29 pm

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Summery: An alliance is formed between the UNSC and the Covenant Seperatists. Will this alliance last and what kinds of relations will form?

The Master Chief glanced around. Crowds of Covenant Separatists and UNSC troops scattered the assembly hall and reflected in his golden visor. At least fifty Elite troops
ranging from Special Operations soldiers to Zealots filled the hall along with another fifty human troops. All were armed and kept a watchful eye on the other.

He stood next to Fleet Admiral Sir Terrence Hood, or "Lord Hood" and Sergeant Major Avery Johnson and across from the three of them stood the Arbiter and Special Operations Commander Rtas 'Vadumee (known as "Half-Jaw" to some.) The UNSC had agreed to "join forces" with these Covenant outcasts to finish the fight between the rest of the Covenant and the humans.

So far, the negotiations had taken over three painful hours.

"Do you think this will work?" Johnson asked quietly. "I mean, what if they betray--"

Lord Hood held up his hand to silence him. "Master Chief, what is your opinion?"

John thought for a moment. "I think," he began. "If we don't betray them and they don't betray us, we'll be fine." As soon as he said that, the Spartan felt a chill of regret run down his spine. As if they could coexist-exist together with these monsters.

"'Just fine'?!! What th' hell do you mean fine! They're a bunch of blood-thirsty bastards! You can't trust 'em as--"

Hood held up his hand to silence the Sergeant again. "Enough. We don't need this to fall apart now. Not when we're so close to ending this war." he said calmly. Johnson scoffed and bit down on the end of his cigar angrily.

The Chief cursed inwardly. Johnson was having the same doubts as him.

"What do you presume they are speaking about that is taking so long?" the Arbiter inquired, cocking his helmed head slightly.

"Probably just last minute doubts." the silver-armored Sangheili replied with a hint of amusement. "Do you think it was wise to join with the humans?" he questioned as he
turned to his old friend.

"It is far preferred then having to face them and Truth's mindless pawns."

'Vadumee nodded in agreement. The Arbiter had a point. The Prophet would eagerly send wave after wave of troops to get what he wanted. A fact he should have realized long ago.

The Arbiter released an annoyed breath and crossed his arms over his chest. Of the day's annoyances. . . . The humans had been debating over the terms of agreement for the past hour.

"The decision is final." Hood announced to the crowd after a long pause. "We, the United Nations Space Corporation, will join forces with the Separatists and agree to their terms."

A murmur swept through many of the creatures that filled the assembly hall of War Angel.

"We--" Lord Hood's speech was cut off as the ship's power supply shut off. Shocked whispers ran through the hall and everyone immediatly slid their hands over their weapons.

"Status, Marine!" he ordered.

"The main power supply to the ship has been cut off by an unknown source, sir." he responded with a hint of fear.

"Back-up generators coming online!"

The Arbiter blinked as dull red lights came to life. 'How primitive,' he thought.

"Restoring atmosphere and gravity to normal levels."

"Do you think it's Truth?" the Arbiter asked, his hand barely touching the cool alloy of his sword's hilt.

"No, the Prophet is too much of a coward for such a bold move. I must be. . ." 'Vadumee pulled his plasma sword and activated it. Seconds later the rest of the Elites pulled their own weapons, as did the humans. Something was wrong. And everyone new it.

"Sir! Multiple unknown signals have been detected in the lower levels!"

"How many exactically?" Hood questioned.

"Too many to count. I'd say at least five-hundred."

"The Parasite." Rtas breathed.

"Hm?" came the Arbiter's voice.

"The Flood, you moron!" he yelled rudely.

"What?! How the hell did the Flood get on bored of the ship?!" Johnson yelled as he grabbed an M7/caseless sub-machine gun.

"Were any of your men infected when you came onboard?" the Chief inquired. War Angel was rocked by a second series of explosions and he nearly lost his balance.

"No. They weren't!" The Elite Commander retorted with utter disgust.

"Then how?"

"Perhaps an infection form managed to find its way in?"

"A posibbility, but what are the odds?" Hood added.

"That Flood leader. It can control the others. If it can do that then it probably can relay information to them, too."

"They can. I have learned that first hand!" 'Vadumee half-growled as the ship rocked

"We have to get off this ship and--" Johnson stopped as a large Covenant Assault Cruiser floated into view.

"Is that-- ?!" 'Vadumee started.

"Your cruiser. . . . has been over run by the Flood?" Arbiter pulled out his own sword.

'Vadumee stuttered something. Or, at least tried to. How could this be? Not a unit ago he had left that ship and now it was floating through space like some. . . . some piece of

The Arbiter turned to see his friend's maws agape at the sight of his cruiser drifting absently by. But that was beside the matter. Right now they needed to find a way to
survive this situation.

"Sir, permission to leave?" the Chief asked as Lord Hood began to wave people to their places.

"Granted. With whom are you leaving with?"

"Him." He said flatly as he pointed to the Arbiter.

"What?! Why do you wish to leave with me?" the Elite hissed, his loathing shining in his amber eyes.

"Because you know your way around that place better than I do." The Master Chief almost added a 'Duh!' to the end of his sentence but though the wiser.

The Arbiter sneered and looked away from the green-armored human. 'Disgusting creature,' he seethed to himself. But, in order for this alliance to work, he had to put aside
his feelings of contempt for the Demon, as did he.

"Fine. But only if I can bring a group of my own to Purity of Blood with you."

The Spartan huffed. "Deal, but we also get bring troops along with, too."

"Then it's settled. Master Chief, assemble your squadron. I trust we have your support now?" Lord Hood asked the SpecOps Commander.

"Yes, you do." 'Vadumee replied as he turned to the Arbiter. "Can you manage alone?"

"I can." his old friend replied as he ripped his glare from the human.

"Then may the Gods guide you, Arbiter." 'Vadumee was pained as he took a final glance at his cherished cruiser. He wished desperately to protest, to say that he should go but thought better of it. Time was short and he finally tore his metallic-green eyes from the shining form.

"You five, come with me." the Chief ordered a group of Marines. They quickly obeyed and joined up (rather reluctantly) with their sworn enemies.

"You ready?" John questioned the Elite.

"I think the question is: are you?"

"Heh. Ready as I'll ever be."

"Then let us fight for this alliance together." the Arbiter declared as five more Elites joined the group. 'Ironic,' he thought. 'I am willingly fighting beside the creature that has murdered thousands of my own kind.'

End Prologue

Note: So people, if you actually took the time to read my revised version, then thank you. I hated the original and quit posting a long time ago. Now, I know I haven't gone into detail about the time line or about where they are and what is going on at the time. I will explain that later. I am trying to stay in character and for me that's really hard to do with Chief. I tend to "down-play" him. I am up to chapter four in typing so I should be able to post quickly. For those who read this before, let me know if I have improved. Thank you.