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Halo Alliances: Chapter Two
Posted By: ChibiHalo<ssvaltinson@msn.com>
Date: 10 January 2007, 3:19 am

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(Thank you everyone who read my story! I do my best. If you didn't notice, I favor the Covenant. Sorry if any of this sounds girly, but I trying.)

      The Arbiter pulled out his sword and advanced toward the back of the group. The blue-hot plasma illuminated the corridor and cast ghostly images along the violet metal. His heart thudded in his chest and adrenaline ran through his veins. The whispers of the other Elites echoed like sprits, filled the close quarters and added to the anticipation.
      "Maybe you should reload your weapon?" he told the Spartan who followed behind him.

      The Chief looked down at his Battle Rifle's counter. Three shots left. He reached down to his belt, pulled clip from it and loaded it into his gun. He wished that the Separatist ahead of him would move faster, there was no need to stealthily approach anything that could probably already see you.
      "Stop." The Arbiter ordered.
      The Chief squeezed the gun's hilt so tight, he heard it crack. He absolutely hated the fact that this Elite had just given him and order. "Why did we stop?"
      "Don't you hear that?"
      The Chief listened. The sound of low growls, gurgles, and wheezes began to fill the thick, discolored air. "Everyone, get your weapons out, now!"
      "You don't mean to tell me you want to stay and fight that many of--"
      "Yes I plan to stay," the Chief snapped. "And I don't give I damn if don't want to." He shoved his gun into The Arbiter's face. "I won't hesitate to kill you if you leave, you Covenant scum!"
      The Arbiter growled and shoved his gun away. "I will laugh when I see those things kill you." he hissed.
      "I think it's time to stop fighting each other and start fighting those guys over there." Diz pointed to a herd of Flood forms that were charging toward the group of
Humans and Elites.
      "By the Rings!"
      "Alrighty boys. Playtime!!" Diz yelled. The rest of the Marines responded by cheering and firing the first shots into the Flood as they leaped over head.
      The Chief joined in the fight. He fired six rounds into a combat form's chest. Thick green paste sprayed his visor along with rotting chunks of meat. The Flood fell and died, then he moved onto the next one.
      The Arbiter looked back at his own men who stood around with blank looks on their faces. "Do not just stand around. Fight!"
      The group obeyed and engaged their rotting
once-comrades in battle. Infection and Carrier forms soared through the air and exploded as plasma and bullets cut into their pail skin.
      The Master Chief reached down to his belt to grab another clip but found only grenades. "Damn." He huffed with exhaustion. He looked over at the Arbiter who's sword
began to dim and spark, indicating it was about to give out.
      "What now?" the Arbiter asked at his discarded the sword's hilt.
      "Grab their weapons."
      "We would if they had any ammunition left!" the Elite shouted.
      "Arbiter, we are losing men! We should retreat!" an Elite yelled.
      "I hate to say but he's right. We can't win this battle."
      The Chief looked around. Dead bodies of Flood, Humans, and Elites were beginning to pile up in the passage. "I really hate to say it, but you're right."
      "Now then, every one, fall back!" The Arbiter commanded.
      The Master Chief grabbed a fallen battle rifle that still had twelve rounds in it and aimed it at the Arbiter's head. Just as he was about to squeeze the trigger a golden flash appeared around him and the Arbiter.

      Johnson peered into the hangar ahead of them. Multiple Flood dragged dead bodies into the corners as Infection forms burrowed into their chests. "Alright. There are about twenty of them and about..." He looked over the group. "About fifty of us." He held a shotgun he had found up.
      "Wait." 'Vadumee said calmly and coolly. "We don't always have to rush into
battle." He put his hand on Johnson's gun and lowered it.
      Johnson huffed. "Then what's your plan?"
      "I propose that we find another way around."
      "If we do that to Flood will have taken over this whole ship!"
      The Commander sighed. "Fine. We will do it your way for now."
      Johnson smirked. He slid around the corner and into the bay. Supply boxes stacked high filled the large room along with two Pelicans. He looked over to his right. No
Flood. To his left. No Flood. He tip-toed over to a grouping of boxes and observed the rest of the hangar. More boxes were stacked along the far wall. Dead bodies of Covenant Separatists and Humans were carelessly shoved into corners and piled on top of one another. The doors that lead to the armory had been torn open along with some of the
wall. What ever had done that was big. Very big.
      "Where are they?" 'Vadumee asked.
      Johnson looked around once again. The Flood had literally vanished. "What the hell? Where'd those bastards go?!"
      'Rtas tapped the Human in front of him on the shoulder. As he turned around he pointed up.
      Johnson looked up and say another huge hole had been ripped. This time... it was in the ceiling. "Ah, what the fuck?! How in the hell did they get up there?" He then noticed a large pile of boxes leading up to the ceiling.
      "They must have fled when we were arguing."
      "Okay. I know the Flood can jump high. But that?"
      'Vadumee went up to the boxes and climbed up onto the first one.
      "What are you doin'?"
      "Your plan failed. This will be our alternate route." He continued to climb up half way until he had to wait for Johnson and the rest of his comrades.

      The Master Chief remembered this light and sensation. He had felt it before, when Guilty Spark had transported him into the Library and when the Gravemind had sent him to High Charity. Where ever he was going, he hoped it would lead him closer to Cortana. Closer to the Grave Mind.
      The Arbiter yelled as him and the armored Human were thrown from the rings of golden light and back into "reality". He shook his head and looked around. He could her the soothing hum of the Slipspace Generators and the sweet, metallic scent of coolant. He almost thought that he was back on the Seeker of Truth flagship he had commanded, when he was once a proud Supreme Commander. A memory that was broken by the sudden rotting stench of the Gravemind.

      "Chief! Oh, thank God! Get out of here! The Gravemind! He's pl--!"
      "Cortana! Where are you?!!"
      "N--r mind that! Ju--s--t--out--f--"
      Static was the only thing the Chief heard. "We must be close!"
      "We are." the Arbiter said stiffly.
      "How do you know?"
      "Because... I'm staring right at the damn thing."
      The Chief looked over. The huge, rotting plant-like Gravemind sat before the two. It slowly began to laugh a hollow, cruel laugh.
      "I see... Even if you two have come together amidst the fight... It will not be my blood that flows tonight."