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The Best Marines: Special Operations
Posted By: Cberbar 117<barbersmhs@sbcglobal.net>
Date: 11 September 2005, 1:18 am

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The Pelican roared over our heads. Two more flew by, then another five, and seven more. They split up, seven landing on the Covenants left flank, eight on their right. Jones kept firing sniper rounds, slowly weakening the Covenant force. My Com buzzed, and I quickly answered it.
"Lieutenant!" Colonel Klamb called over the Com. "Get to our position ASAP!"
"Roger," I replied. "We're on our way." I turned to Jones. "Here, take Baker. Run full sprint to Colonel Klamb's Pelican. I'll cover you."
"Yes, sir."
He lifted Baker onto his shoulders and ran. He climbed down the cliff edge, with me on his tail. An Elite ran towards him and took aim. Jones drew his pistol and fired a full clip into the Elite, purple blood flying. The Elite fell, and we moved on. Plasma flew past us, missing by mere centimeters. I turned and fired a clip-worth of bullets into the Covenant group. Grunts and Jackals fell under the fire. I turned and sprinted to catch up with Jones, who had reached the Colonel's Pelican. I ran up seconds later, out of breath. The Colonel greeted me and began to get on to our next objective.
"You and your team need to infiltrate the Covenant base," he stopped talking and fired his rifle, killing a Jackal. "Then you are to place this tactical building crusher bomb." He handed the small, flat piece of metal to me. "With the building destroyed, we will have pushed the Covenant into a contained area. At that point, we will have finished off this force here." We watched as three bombers flew overhead and dropped their payloads on the opposite flank of the enemy.
Marines moved forward, forcing the enemy into the center of the battlefield. "Jones!" I ordered. "Come on. We're moving out." Jones grabbed some ammo for his sniper and pistol, and followed me as I ran around the enemy, and slipped inside. Jones was right behind me when we ran into three Elites. They lifted their Plasma Rifles and took aim. Jones fired, killing one. I fired too, killing another. A hot plasma bolt hit me, burning through my armor and stinging my skin. The last Elite died under a hail of bullets.
"Move on," I said. We walked more cautiously through the halls of the base finally comming up on the central command room. There was just one problem. Two Hunters and three Elites stood in the room. They hadn't seen us yet, but it just a matter of minutes. Jones aimed his rifle at the nearest Hunter's orange back. I prepaired to toss a Frag Grenade into the room. I tossed the Grenade. Jones fired half a second later. The Hunter fell over dead, and two of the Elites blew apart. I aimed and fired my Assault Rifle at the last Elite, and Jones fired the last three rounds in his clip at the other Hunter. The Elite died, but the Hunter had blocked the shots with it's shield. It's fuel rod cannon charged and a large green blast flew past us, missing by an inch. Jones and I fired our weapons as fast as we could, hoping to get in a lucky shot.
The Hunter charged at us and swung its shield, hitting me and sending me flying three feet before hitting the wall. I watched through blurry vision as Jones fired two rounds, both hitting the Hunter in the soft, orange skin on its side. As the Hunter fell, I passed out. I woke up minutes later to see Jones standing next to me, trying to wake me up.
"Jones," I said. "I'm awake." I looked down to my side and barked, "Where's the bomb!?"
"I just armed it," Jones said. We have about two minutes to get out of here."
"Alright," I said. "Take point. I'll be right behind you." I stood up and grabbed my rifle. My head hurt, but that was a good thing. It would keep me awake. I ran behind Jones through the gray hallways, finally emerging out of the building. Jones and I flipped into the air and hit the ground, hard. I looked behind us to see the building blow apart, chunks of stone flying everywhere. An Elite walked up to us and I reached for my rifle-- but it was gone. I saw it twenty meters away, too far to reach before I was a pile of ashes. Jones had lost his weapons, too. The Elite aimed at my head. Jones jumped to his feet and charged at the Elite. The red colored warrior turned and fired ten plasma shots at Jones, who fell to the ground, smoke rising from his chest. A Phantom flew overhead and the Elite picked me up. He carried me over to the Phantom and we rose into it. The purple chamber inside the Phantom was dark, and the Elite hit me across the face. Everything went black as I hit the ground.