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This Is Our Land-Chapter 2
Posted By: Carson Woo<chinamancarson@yahoo.com.hk>
Date: 25 June 2011, 4:39 pm

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"Eddie Buck is a career Marine that has seen more than his fair share of this war. He has had the dubious honor of participating in many of the wars' most vicious battles; including both the liberation of Harvest and the Fall of Reach. That he has survived through it all speaks volumes. Truly, if he was any better he'd be a Spartan. However, his stubbornness and uncontrolled temper obstructed Buck from promoting until his brave actions in New Mombasa during the Battle Of Earth made him a Captain." 

Halo Reach Firefight Description Of Edward Buck

Chapter 3 - Reunion Tour 
September 8th, 2559, 1538 Hours
Planet Doisac (Brute Home World)

Although the Human - Covenant War was declared finished in 2553 after the destruction of Installation 04B, minor conflicts in the frontier of Human - Elite space sparked between the Covenant and the Human - Elite alliance. These conflicts turned into a minor war that pressed the Brute and Prophets back to Doisac, the Brute Home World. After the lost of High Charity, the Prophets became miserable and the Brute took over without major disagreement through out the Covenant. Although Brutes still treat Prophets as their leader and sometimes will consulted them but Prophets don't have the power to object the Brutes' decision.

"We are now pushing the Brutes back to their last city," Nuka 'Romumee, an Elite Special Operations Major (Lieutenant in Human ranks), pointed at a huge tablet, showing the military situation now on Doisac. Red and Blue arrows pointed out both the Brutes and the Human - Elite alliance's military deployments.

"If we now launch a stealthy strike into that Brute city, we can cut off their supply lines and hopefully, capture the Prophets inside, Captain." the Sanghelli suggested. "However, the Supreme Commanders all agree that human Drop Troopers are the most suitable for this mission. I agree with the commanders..."

"Enough!" Captain Edward Buck slammed the tablet close. "After all, you're just hoping that none of YOUR Elite Special Operations buddies die. And you don't care about US." Edward stood and kicked his chair under the table. "I MUST see your Commander. I'll ask him what do you want. You want those Prophets or you want us die? We gonna have no air support, no heavy weapons. Or do you suppose that a few Submachine-Guns and Assault Rifles can kill a few hundred Brutes and take a Prophet?"

Captain Buck was mad to everyone after he knew that Captain Veronica Dare was shot by a thief back on Reach. Her injuries were quite serious, and her doctor pointed out that maybe Dare's left hand will be disabled. His squad, especially Dutch and Romeo, were always rebuked for minor faults, or even for nothing. The Squad forgave him, though, because everyone was promoted and they knew about Dare's injuries. Vergil followed them into battle, providing support for their equipment. Vergil was once slammed by by Buck for not properly cleaning the bolt of his Sniper Rifle. Vergil was so sad that he leave the Squad and asked for a transfer to another squad, which was accepted. 

For compensation, HIGHCOM send Elite Major 'Romumee to his squad who was even more annoying than Romeo for being arrogant and ignorant to the Squad's suggestions. Luckily, Colonel Howard, his commanding officer, promised him a promotion to Lieutenant Colonel if he survive the battles on Doisac. That means he can order 'Romumee to do whatever he want because, according to the Elite Code Of Honor, if an officer is three steps higher than his subordinates, he can do whatever he want to his men, even sending them to their death. And to Buck's relief, 'Romumee followed the Code and even applied them to Humans.

"No! Captain, we are allies and we shall not fight among ourselves!" 'Romumee growled. "I insist that you followed our arrangements, Captain. If you don't do so, Commander R'tas Vadumee of the Special Operations Division will be more than happy to give you a lecture."

"Great!" Buck smashed his fist into the tablet, breaking the screen with the strength of his new armor. "I've heard of this Vadumee. This coward guy glassed half of Africa and just watched in space when our Spartan-117 was fighter the Flood and the Covenant on the Ark. Bring me to him, you bastard."

To his credit, 'Romumee wasn't angered by Buck. Instead,he smiled and said,"Good! We should go now. You can bring your team to the Shadow Of Intent, the Commander's flagship. Commander Vadumee will be glad to convince you. However, you will probably beg for mercy after seeing the Commander."

"We'll see," Buck snorted, "ODSTs are green and very very mean. We shall not fear anyone."

As the two jogged out, the Squad including Dutch, Romeo, Mickey and the Rookie followed. As Buck ordered secretly over the COM, Mickey brought 15 kg of C-12 and the Rookie brought the ODST Flag with a skull on it. Dutch even took a Rocket Launcher and a brand new Mark II Spartan Laser.

"Corporal Taylor Miles. Dutch. Deaths' head slapped right on his helmet. Heavy weapons specialist. Time on Mars tends to give a man...perspective. Although Gretchen's left leg almost killed 50 Insurrection prisoners, he is still probably the one who is the least annoying and have the least temper in the Squad"
—Edward Buck On Dutch, Halo 3 ODST ViDoc


August 10th, 2559, 1933 Hours (Earth Time/Military Calendar) 
36th Age Of Doubt, 267 Units, 7th Cycle (Covenant Battle Calendar)
093% May, 136278, 2651 Hours (Forerunner Standard Time FST)

"They let me pick. Did I ever tell you that? Choose whichever Spartan I wanted. You know me. I did my research. Watched as you became the soldier we needed you to be. Like the others, you were strong and swift and brave. A natural leader. But you had something they didn't. Something no one saw, but me. Can you guess...? Luck."
—Cortana, Halo 3 Opening Cutscene

Aboard UNSC Forward Unto Dawn, Location = Unknown


"John, wake up!"


'I need you! Please! Wake up John!"

The brain awakens. "Chief!" shouted Cortana. John-117 was inside of his cryo-chamber. His helmet's flashlights activate, and he slightly moves his head back and forth. John, now wide awake, forcibly throws open the cryotube and pushes himself to Cortana's holotank.


"I'm here."

John and Cortana turn to see the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn exploding and collapsing. John stows Cortana's chip in his helmet, and pushes off the holotank to speed down the hallway. Taking advantage of the microgravity, he uses a pair of thrusters on his armor to maneuver through the girders and debris in the imploding hallway. He grabs a floating EMP Blaster Pistol and blasts a piece of debris out of the way, and stops his movement by grabbing a protruding girder. His boots magnetize themselves to the ship's hull. 

Now standing on the edge of the Forward Unto Dawn, John reloads his pistol and stares out into space. The Dawn was being pulled into an enormous iris-like opening in what appears to be a Forerunner machine or spacecraft. John descended into the armory below him, and equipped himself with a MA5C Assault Rifle, a M6D Magnum, a SR23AM Special Application Anti - Material Sniper Rifle and a few grenades.

"Good evening, Chief." Cortana greeted the Spartan. "Today is August 10th, 2559, 7 years after the discovery of Alpha Halo and the death of Captain Keyes."

Although John thought that mentioning Captain Keyes and waking him by saying 'I need you' than talk rubbish was unacceptable, he kept his disapproval to himself and focused on what he's needed for. "Yeah, good evening," John replied. Then he noticed the Forerunner machine. "That's what I'm needed for, isn't it?" 

"Yes, Chief." Cortana said. "That's a Shield World, designed to house Forerunners who escaped form the Halo. However, the Forerunners disappeared, and the Shield World was abandoned."

"Problems?" John asked as he observed the so called 'Shield World'. 

"We're about to be pulled into the opening. Wait, I'm picking up a few signals with no FOF tags." Cortana said.

"Solution?" The Master Chief thrusted himself up a few meters to take a better look. "I can't see anything, Cortana."

"Oh, yes." Cortana answered,"this shield world is surrounded by slipspace, and inside it is a Micro Dyson Sphere, something theorized by Freeman Dyson, a scientist a few hundred years ago. Surely you can't see anything in slipspace."

"I still don't understand. But fine. How can I get inside?" the Chief sensed a field of static inside his HUD. He slowly realized that he was entering the slipspace field. 

"That's the way, Chief," Cortana shouted, "there's gonna be a brief blackout. Hang on!"

John closed his eyes and didn't reply. Soon, he felt that he was teleported through millions of kilometers and he blacked out, unable to enjoy the trip through the Shield World.


"You have been called upon to serve, you will be trained... and you will become the best we can make of you. You will be the protectors of Earth and all her colonies."
—Dr. Catherine Halsey to the SPARTAN-II recruits, Halo: The Fall Of Reach

John opened his eyes, recovering from the black out. "Where am I, Cortana?" he asked. He heard no reply. He turned his head around, and saw Cortana on a holo pad. Relieved, he inquired,"How did you get out of my skull and onto the pad?" 

Cortana smiled. "Turn around. Again." John did as told, and he saw three humanoids in gold armor with a blue trim, and a height of about 10 cm lower than the Chief. He immediately reached for his EMP Blaster Pistol and aimed it at the humanoids.

"Bloody hell!" one of the armored humanoids exclaimed. The three humanoids approached John -117. "You must be a Spartan II," the leader extended his hand. "Welcome to Onyx. I'm Ash."

John ignored the friendly humanoids, because he saw something, or someone, to be precise. He saw three fellow Spartans of his own, and recognized them as SPARTAN -087 and -104. He also caught -058 with his enhanced vision. John holstered his blaster pistol.

"John," said Fred-104 in disbelieve. "Can't believe it." Linda hopped down and joined them. The four Spartans made the 'smile' gesture over their faceplates.

"Welcome to Blue, Spartan," Kelly welcomed John, "But there's a problem, John." Fred frowned under his visor. 

"Yeah," he replied. "Now, Friend Or Foe tags online everyone." 

Linda said, "You'll understand what's the problem.

The golden armored humans and the Spartans did as told. John didn't understand until he saw the FOF tags. It listed the golden armored humans as Ash G-099, Mark G-174 and Olivia G-136, who were Petty Officers Third Class.

 He also saw his name, Master Chief Petty Officer John -117, Petty Officer Second Class Linda and Kelly, but he was surprised to see Fred listed as Lieutenant Junior Grade.

"Okay, I understand," John said. "I'm supposed to be squad leader, but Fred's rank is higher than me." 

"That's a major command problem, Chief." Fred slammed his fists together. "Who will be in command, then?"

Although surprised, John stayed calm. He was about to suggest when Cortana intervened. "According to UNSC protocols," the AI said, "a squad leader have tactical command over the squad. However, the most senior officer present have complete control over all personnel."

"We should follow Cortana's suggestion," Fred said, "I suppose we all agree, do we?" he turned to the Chief. "Do you agree, John?" 

"Yes, I do," the Chief replied. "I think everyone do."

"Yes, I think we'll stick to UNSC protocols." said Kelly. Linda simply nodded.

 "However, who promoted you to Lieutenant?" John inquired. 

"That's a long story," Fred sighed. He patted John's shoulder. "Let's get you up to speed."

John yanked Cortana from the holo pad and inserted the chip into his skull. He felt a cold sensation as the AI slowly filled his head. "Still many room here, Chief." Cortana observed. John ignored the AI and followed his companions.

The Spartans jogged into a wooded base, made by the trees nearby and reinforced with some sort of steel discovered underground, according to Fred. The humans also moved a few portable computers made by the Forerunners that was a portable version of a 'Terminal', according to Cortana, to their base, which was named 'Sparta', after the Spartans who were the main residents.

Fred ordered Ash, the Spartan -III, to walk John around. Ash showed John the armory, or just the weapons storage room. Inside there was a few Sentinel Beams, collected from the ground, and a few Rocket Launchers and other UNSC weapons. John also visited the guard towers, and met two Spartan - IIIs, Tom and Lucy.

Then, Ash led the Chief and his fellow Spartans to the conference room where several Terminal were set up on a long table sitting on the center of the room. 

Doctor Catherine Halsey and Chief Mendez were both working on their own computers. Dr. Halsey was using her notepad computer to work on her calculations of the slipspace field that surrounded Team Katana, a Spartan -III team, while Chief Mendez was playing chess with the computer using a Terminal.

John and Cortana were both surprised to see Doctor Halsey and Chief Mendez. "Doctor Halsey," John greeted the Doctor, "nice to see you." 

"John." Halsey extended her hand. "Welcome to Sparta."

John hesitated a while, then shook her hand. "Chief Mendez," he shook with Chief Mendez too. "Damn good to see you, son," Mendez said, and he saluted.

 "You too, Chief." John returned his salute.

The Master Chief was about to ask why the Doctor and Mendez were here, but the Spartan - III, Ash G-099, interrupted them. "Sir," Ash called, "the Lieutenant wants you at Sector 271, sir." 

John told Halsey and Mendez,"I'll talk to you soon." The Doctor nodded, while Mendez patted his head, or helmet, to be precise. "I'm not a boy, Chief," John reminded his tutor. Mendez simply smiled.

"Lead the way, Petty Officer," The Master Chief said. "This way Chief," Ash replied. John followed the Spartan-III. After a 12 kilometers hike to the sector numbered 271, they finally arrived. Fred and Linda were there, examining three pod like objects, each with the size of a Scorpion MBT.

"Chief, you're here finally," Fred greeted John. "We've found these 15 minutes ago, and we are reading life form signatures inside. However, we are getting no response and signals show that they are in coma. Linda here," Fred pointed to his fellow Spartan and Linda waved back.

"She's getting an infinite range with his sniper rifle's Oracle Scope rangefinder." Fred sighed. "That means, we are not cutting through the pods, or open them with any ways. The people inside are not coming out, too."

The Master Chief observed the pods. The pods were tipped with a pair of thrusters. A mirror on the left side of the pod showed the chief's helmet back at him. "So," John asked,"Why am I needed?" John touched the pod, and he felt a field of static.

Fred was about to reply, when a fourth pod crashed down on a tree and the three Spartans heard faint screams. The fourth pod opened, and John was shot in the face by an alien who appeared out of the pod. Fred and Linda tried to return fire, but were shot too.

The three Spartans was knocked unconscious by the blow in the face. Before the blackout, John saw several human soldiers in a much advanced type of ODST armor. He heard gunfire, and blacked out.