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Anthem of the Angels
Posted By: AssaultGodzilla<gojiraspartan117@yahoo.com>
Date: 22 July 2010, 6:52 am

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Disclaimer: The title is inspired by a song from Breaking Benjamin of the same name. I neither own that nor Halo.

It's been known from the beginning
That humanity is no stranger to war

It started on the grounds of Earth
Then spread to the stars

Now we face a threat
That can either wipe us out from the sky

Or come down and strike us
While we witness our loved ones die

Humanity now stands united
Against merciless alien foes

Regardless of our actions
Our resolve continues to grow

But no matter how hard we fight
The Covenant continues their onslaught

To every world they come across
Death and destruction is all they brought

We send our best to fight
There isn't much we can tell

But for the ODSTs
It's feet first into hell

Harvest was the first to fall
Then the monsters eventually got Reach

All hope seemed lost
As though Earth was next to be breached

But the UNSC had something in mind
They had special soldiers up their sleeves

They were the best of the best
Enough to send many Covenant to their graves

They were the Spartans
Warriors with various skills

Indeed they're indestructible masters of war
The ultimate soldiers with undying will

They go in and send the enemy back
Until they could take no more

But even these hulking beings
Are still human to the core

They stood their ground
Taking hit after hit

Carrying out their orders
Until the Covenant decides to split

But even they were discriminated
And soon they too met their downfall

There were only a few of them
Who knows if we lost them all

Left and right the soldiers fought
Men and women gave their lives for Earth's safety

But even if they were cornered and caught
They knew to continue their duty

The marines, the ODSTs, the Spartans
For humanity's survival they went all out

Until their last breath
They know we don't deserve to rot

There was one who stood above the others
His name was John-117

This Spartan's actions earned him a nickname by the Covenant
Calling him and his brethren 'Demons'

To the end the Chief never gave up
To the end he kept on fighting

Over time he became humanity's hero
He didn't stop till hope was again rising

He and the brave soldiers who gave their lives
All fought for a common cause

They shall not be forgotten
And their legacy won't be lost

The Master Chief's sacrifice was not in vain
He is a symbol that makes us look to the sky

One thing is for certain
It is that Spartans never die