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By the Fires of the Night
Posted By: Arthur Wellesley<arthur_wellesly@hotmail.com>
Date: 21 October 2005, 12:55 am

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From the sky rains endless fire
Not from any God's divine ire
But from pure hatred's burning desire
By the fires of the night

It streaks forward brightly, an unstoppable force
Kindled by those who show no remorse
Robbing all beauty and making it coarse
By the fires of the night

Up from the doomed planet rise screams
Civilization torn at the seams
Awaiting a horror beyond any dreams
By the fires of the night

A curious thing, this heavenly flame
Such beauty behold, yet deadly all the same
Almost with regret it consumes its aim
By the fires of the night

In its path clouds boil away
Lakes, streams, and oceans join the fray
The people are next, so filled with dismay
By the fires of the night

To those helplessly watching, Oh, what a sight!
A world destroyed by terrifying might
Against the blackness it burns very bright
By the fires of the night