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A Grunts fight : Chapter 2
Posted By: Anton<johnbarron26@hotmail.com>
Date: 11 July 2006, 10:45 pm

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Note:I am glad some people liked my first Chapter so keep that feedback coming ;).

Decendent Vengence:Unggoys quarters,
5/12/2552-1400 Hours (Military Calander)

Yalap woke up as his bed's 'built in alarm' sounded "Yalap,turn alarm off!" shouted Salaf,"Me sorry,Salaf" then Yalap turned and hit the Alarm with his arm,"OWEY,OWEY,OWEY" Yalap shouted in pain;hearing this,Salaf jumped from his Cot to see what was the matter "Yalap what wrong?" "Owey,ow,ow- me hurt hand bad!" Surprised by this Salaf ran over to Yalap and asked:"Me take look?",Yalap nearly fainted when he heard this "NO,no,me fine,me fine!" Yalap then turned and left his quarters before Salaf could get close enough to see his arm.
Yalap then remembered he had been promoted and he needed to get his new armor from the armory today,Yalap then ran as fast as he could,unfortunatly,he ran too fast and smacked face first into the door as it slid open,out of pain,Yalap started cursing in his native tongue when his realised he had hit the door to the armory,he was in the armory!
Yalap walked inside and asked the Sangheili there for his new armor,the Sangheili then went through a door behind the counter and after a few seconds shouted:"Rank?...",Yalap was surprised,it was not like Sargent Tnaum'ee to not tell this Sangheili about promotions,then Yalap relised he had not answered the question! "Um...Corporal..." a few seconds later the Sangheili came out holding new shiny red armor and a Holopad "input you'r code" the Sangheili said in a bored voice,Yalap entered his code and took the Red armor back to his quarters.
When he got there he went into the Lavatory,took off his armor and put on his new Red armor,then Yalap came out of the Lavatory went over to sleeping Salaf and said:"Hey,wake up Salaf look who got promoted!" Salaf turned over and when he saw the new armor his eyes widend and he jumped out of his cot "How come you got promoted and me did'nt!?" Yalap then happily proclaimed:"Because me kill Traitor and you did'nt!" "You mean me kill Traitor!" Yalap turned around to see who said that,when he saw Danel standing in the doorway,"Hey,you be dead if me not destracted Traitor!", Danel walked in from the doorway and said:"Hey,me could shoot him with needles before he come close-" Danel was cut off as a huge Explosion rocked the Unggoy's quarters! Yalap was thrown to the floor by the force of the explosion "What was that?" Just as Yalap had finished Sargent Tnaum'ee's voice came over the intercomm:"Attention;Human ships are assaulting the Decendent Vengence prepare to board the Human ships!
Yalap,Danel,Salaf,Manek and 10 other Unggoy ran to the boarding crafts.When they got there Yalap,Manek and 4 other Unggoy got in one and Salaf,Danel and 4 other Unggoy got in another.When yalap was in the boarding craft he looked around when he saw Gal'sym,the Kig'yar that Manek wanted to kill "Manek!" Yalap whispered to Manek while pointing to Gal'sym "What?" "Look,it Gal'sym!" Manek nearly jumped when he heard this but he held himself back and forced himself to turn and look instead,"Hey,you right,this my chance!" Manek then started to unholdster his Plasma Pistol but was stoped by somthing,when he turned to see what was holding him back he saw Yalap holding on to his Pistol "What you doing?" Yalap then removed his hand from Manek's Pistol and whispered:"Wait until battle!" Manek was dissapointed "Me wish me could do it now..." then there was a rumbling,the doors opened and the Gravity tube activated Yalap turned to Manek and said "...wish granted!".
As Yalap was about to leave a Blue armored Sangheili at the back of the Craft Announced:"Alright,Unggoy first,Kig'yar second and Sangheili last,now,MOVE!
Yalap was lifted out by the Gravity tube to be greeted by a bullet whizzing past his head and nearly rupturing his methane tank,after a hail of gunfire,Yalap jumped behind a few crates hoping the Humans did'nt see him jump behind them,luckly the Humans did'nt,they were to pre-occupied with killing the Sangheili that were each hiding behind a crate.