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343 Guilty Spark (a poem)
Posted By: Anton<johnbarron26@hotmail.com>
Date: 4 July 2006, 9:35 pm

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Running in the swamp,
i follow a trail of blood,
i come upon a bird like creature,
face down in the mud.

I run up a hill,
and to my surprise,
i see Grunts and jackels escaping a building,
with fear in their eyes.

I run into the building,
and i find an elevator,
im hoping to find my friend,
nicknamed "the Termanater".

I descend the elevator,
not knowing what i'll find,
i see a group of covenant,
now im realy in a bind!

I duck behind a piller,
throw a grenade out the side,
i hear them scream and shout,
then watch their blood flow like the sea-side.

I rush past their corpses,
run through the door,
and im happy to see,
Alien bodies on the floor.

"Looks like Chief did them in",
so then i took a pledge,
'to kill all Covie Bastards',
and with that i climbed the ledge.

I went through the corridors,
examining all the broken doors,
and as i bypassed them,
i only found more corridors.

But as i went on,
and went through the last door,
i found a slope,
that led down to the ground floor.

I go down the slope,
and find a decoder,
and to enter the code,
i put the rifle over my shoulder.

i open the door,
the flood stop and look me in the eye,
they start rushing at me,
oh,great...now i'm gonna die!