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A Grunts fight : Chapter 1
Posted By: Anton<johnbarron26@hotmail.com>
Date: 2 July 2006, 7:47 pm

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Note:Grammer mistakes in the story are on purpose because Grunts talk like that. So now that thats out of the way,enjoy the story.

Yalap woke up on his cot realizing that his room-mate had hit him on the head "Yalap...Yalap,hey wake up!","Huh, wha,what wrong Galem?","It Manek,he's gone!","So?","SO!" Galem then hit Yalap on the head again and said:"He say yesterday that he go get revenge on Kig-yar that hurt him!" Yalap jumped from his cot and stumbled towards the door "We need find him fast!". Yalap ran down the long hallways which seemed to never end when he finaly made it to the armory. He walked up to the Sangheili Stationed there and asked him:"Hey,have you seen Manek?" "Yes,he came here a few Units ago asking for a new plasma pistol and 3 Plasma Grenades." "oh,no which way he go?!" "Down that way." said the Sangheili who was now pointing towards a Gravity lift on the left side of the Armory."Thanks!" said Yalap as he decended the Gravity lift which stoped in front of another door leading to the food nipel.Yalap ran through the doors and saw Manek siting down on a seat at the left side of the room staring down at his Plasma Pistol.Yalap walked over to Manek and said:"What you doing here Manek?" "Huh,oh...well me can't do this on empty stomach." Yalap sat down next to Manek and said:"Manek you no need kill Kig-yar here...you wait until battle,then kill Kig-yar and say it was accident." Manek looked at Yalap and said:"You right Yalap,you always the smart one" Yalap and Manek each hid a smile behind their masks.
As they were walking back to their quarters Yalap asked Manek:"Hey,Manek why you take 3 Plasma Grenades anyway?"
"Well,cause me already had 1 and 3 would fill my belt."
When they reached the door to the Unggoys quarters Galem ran out and said:"Hey,what took you so long?,Tnaum'ee looking for you!" Yalap,surprised by this left the Unggoys
quarters and raced to Sargent Tnaum'ee's quarters to see what he wanted.
When he reached Tnaum'ee's quarters he had to enter his personal access code to gain access since their was a traitor on the ship.When Yalap put in the last digit he heard a beep coming from inside the room and after a few seconds the door flashed and slid open.Yalap cautiosly entered the room not knowing what Tnaum'ee had in store for him."You-you wanted see me Sargent Tnaum'ee?" just as Yalap had finished Tnaum'ee appeared from behind his desk holding a Holopanel showing statistics of the Desendent Vengence."Yalap as you are aware there is a Traitor on this ship,so i have called you to eradicate him...Understood!" Yalap,now terrified beyond what he thought possable,quickly replied:"Ye-yes Sir!" and beliving he just had a heart-attack,walked out of the room wondering why he called him by his name,and not just 'Unggoy'. As he was walking off,Tnaum'ee came up to Yalap and said:"By the way...you can bring at least 1 other Unggoy with you."And with that said,he dissapered into his quarters.
Yalap ran back to the Unggoys quarters to ask his friend Danel(who just happend to be a 'spec-op') to help him kill the Traitor. As he reached Danel's quarters he saw Danel walking out,so he walked up to Danel and asked:"Hey Danel you want help me kill Traitor?" Danel shrugged his shoulders and said:"Me guess so" and followed Yalap down to the Cargo hold where the Traitor had last been seen.As they desended the large slope leading into the Cargo hold Yalap said:"Me have bad feeling bout this" hearing this,Danel replied:"You always have bad feeling" now angery Yalap replied:"No i don-" before Yalap could finish there was a rumaging sound coming from the weapon crates,Danel took out his needler and ordered:"Yalap steady your weapon,Yalap,hearing this replied:"Hey,you not boss of me!" "Yalap look out!" Yalap turned to see what was wrong when he noticed a bright blue light lunging towards him,Yalap jumped to the side just in time to dodge the lethal blade of the energy sword,Yalap looked up to see that the the Traitor was a Sangheili and that he was now getting ready to strike Danel,Yalap without thinking jumped on top of a supply crate and shouted:"HEY STINK-A-HEILI OVER HERE! the Sangheili turned around ran at Yalap,giving Danel enough time to stick over 20 needles in the Traitor before he exploded.The two Unggoy left the Cargo hold,Danel left for his quarters while Yalap went to Sargent Tnaum'ee's quarters to report that the Traitor had been killed. When Yalap got there he entered his code again and once again he heard the beep and the door flashed then slid open. "Come in Yalap" came the voice of Tnaum'ee from behind his desk,Yalap walked in watching the door close behind him,Yalap turned and saw that Tnaum'ee was getting up from behind his desk "So...i trust the Traitor has been eradicated?" "Yes Sargent,Traitor been killed" hearing this Sargent Tnaum'ee replied:"Excellent,you are promotied to Corpral,you shall aquire you're red armor tomorrow now go get some sleep".Yalap walked out of the Sargent's quarters and was happy that it was all over and now he could get some sleep.