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Into the Death-Stricken Battle
Posted By: Alpha Halo Writer<wsandlin@yahoo.com>
Date: 15 May 2006, 5:43 pm

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It raged.
It puffed.
It swelled.

It spiced.
It gored.
It hurt.

It was indisputable.
It was incomprehensible.
It was in death.

It blew.
It fell.
It died.

It expressed.
It commanded.
It cursed.

It was hot.
It was cold.
It was death warmed over.

It smelled.
It was bad.
It was sad.

It was a series of

It roared.
It groaned.
It protested.

It growled.
It yelled.
It pursued.

It irritated.
It burned.
It exploded.

It toasted.
It hacked.
It cursed.

It killed.
It sored.
It ran.

It fought.
It hurt.
It passed.

It was a death-stricken battle.