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An Unkept Promise
Posted By: Alpha Halo Writer<wsandlin@yahoo.com>
Date: 15 May 2006, 5:04 pm

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John A. Grant.
A child not more than thriteen included in the project ONI writes to his mother:
Dear Mother,
I miss you, and I love you. I will become the most powerful Spartan ever. One day, I will come back. And live with you. To protect you. I will keep you from death. I promise. I will come back. Don't worry, Mom. I will destroy the entire Human Fleet if I have to. I love you.
Your Son, John.
John 117
later became a role model among the Spartans
He was looked up to
He was cared for

He was a favorite of Dr. Hasley
He was a favorite of Captain Keyes

He was looked up to, amen

One day
Mary F. Grant was sent on a mission to colonize a planet
Vesuvius IV

John 117
asked again and again (and so on) to go too
It was refused

He was a favorite of Dr. Hasley
He was a favorite of Captain Keyes

It was refused, amen

Mary F. Grant was one of the top staff
of the colonazation ship
'Silver Sailer XI'

She used her knowledge and skill to help other people

There was one thing she was missing

John 117

Her son
Whom she hadn't seen for nearly six years

Six long years, amen

The 'Silver Sailer XI'
was attacked by Covenant warships

It exploded

Mary F. Grant was dead

John 117
was sadened deeply
Mainly about the Unkept Promise