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Acts of War
Posted By: Alpha Halo Writer<wsandlin@yahoo.com>
Date: 15 May 2006, 2:51 pm

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The Storm rises!
The Wind blows!
The Rain pours!

These are acts of war.

Storms of fleets.

Winds of troops.

And Rains of fire.

These are acts of war.

A battle cry is heard.
A command is called.
A gun is shot.
A hostile is bleeding.
Your own men are bleeding.

These are acts of war.

The sword is cleaned.
The dagger is sharpened.
The axe is mended.
The arrow is crafted.
The sheild is melted.

Aye, these are acts of war.

Plasma is beamed.
Ballsitic rain is caught.
Rockets are tummled.
Mortars are hurled.

These are acts of war, Amen.

People die.
People risk.
People shoot.
People wound.
People pursue.
People slash.
People hack.
People kill.

These are acts of war.

The Generals yell orders.
The Colonels claim reinforcements.
The Captains call for fire power.
The Lieutenants fight over medics.
The Seargents issue cries.
And the Privates fight to die.

These are acts of war.